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February 25, 2017

Official System Review of Trabeplom Betting System

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Is Trabeplom betting system a scam or for real? Get a slideshow breakdown.

Trabeplom system review from Joe Duffy

For actual winning picks however, this is your every day stop

January 27, 2017 Officially in Midst of Best Run in Handicapping History

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To say the least, our loyal clients and we are head over heels over the history we are in the middle of with the cumulative services. The Bet It Trinity and LateInfo are amid a combined 28-1 run. traces our roots back to 1980 on the scorephones and we have never seen any entity go on a run like this.

Admittedly, that means even our most loyal clients are not likely to experience a winning percentage of this magnitude over nearly 30 games again but the streak is indicative of our putting the product first and building everything else around winning at

Congrats on the winnings and enjoy the ride. We’ll be winning more than any website for decades to come.

December 9, 2016

Football Betting Podcasts Bowl Picks Preview 2016-17

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From Stitcher get all gamblers must know about this bowl betting season courtesy of

September 19, 2016

Fantasy Football Odds and Prop Lines For MNF

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Fantasy football odds are up for Monday Night Football, the Bears-Eagles. has all the picks for the MNF side, total, and MLB winners.   

Mon, Sep 19, 2016 EST

Rot# Carson Wentz (Eagles) Total Completions Moneyline
701 Over  20  Completions -115
702 Under  20  Completions -115
Rot# Carson Wentz (Eagles) Total Passing Yards Moneyline
703 Over  235½  Passing Yards -115
704 Under  235½  Passing Yards -115
Rot# Ryan Mathews (Eagles) Total Rushing Yards Moneyline
705 Over  70½  Rushing Yards -115
706 Under  70½  Rushing Yards -115
Rot# Darren Sproles (Eagles) Total Rushing + Receiving Yards Moneyline
707 Over  37½  Rushing + Receiving -115
708 Under  37½  Rushing + Receiving -115
Rot# Darren Sproles (Eagles) Total Receptions Moneyline
709 Over  3  Receptions -115
710 Under  3  Receptions -115
Rot# Jordan Matthews (Eagles) Total Receptions Moneyline
711 Over  5½  Receptions -115
712 Under  5½  Receptions -115
Rot# Jordan Matthews (Eagles) Total Receiving Yards Moneyline
713 Over  74½  Receiving Yards -115
714 Under  74½  Receiving Yards -115
Rot# Nelson Agholor (Eagles) Total Receptions Moneyline
715 Over  3½  Receptions +135
716 Under  3½  Receptions -165
Rot# Jay Cutler (Bears) Total Completions Moneyline
801 Over  19½  Completions -115
802 Under  19½  Completions -115
Rot# Jay Cutler (Bears) Total Passing Yards Moneyline
803 Over  245½  Passing Yards -115
804 Under  245½  Passing Yards -115
Rot# Jay Cutler (Bears) Total Touchdown Passes+Interceptions Thrown Moneyline
805 Over  2½  TD + Interceptions +110
806 Under  2½  TD + Interceptions -140
Rot# Jay Cutler (Bears) Longest Completion Moneyline
807 Over  39½  Completion -115
808 Under  39½  Completion -115
Rot# -Jeremy Langford (Bears) Total Rushing Yards Moneyline
809 Over  64½  Rushing Yards -115
810 Under  64½  Rushing Yards -115
Rot# Jeremy Langford (Bears) Total Receiving Yards Moneyline
811 Over  18½  Receiving Yards -115
812 Under  18½  Receiving Yards -115
Rot# Alshon Jeffery (Bears) Total Receptions Moneyline
813 Over  5½  Receptions -130
814 Under  5½  Receptions +100
Rot# Alshon Jeffery (Bears) Total Receiving Yards Moneyline
815 Over  87½  Receiving Yards -115
816 Under  87½  Receiving Yards -115


September 18, 2016

NFL Betting Locks, Week 2 Top Sport Services Check in

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All sports service Week 2 picks

Week 2 Picks NFL, Every Major Sports Service Monitored by on Scribd

September 11, 2016

Opening Week NFL Locks

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Best opening NFL week picks.

Week 1 nfl picks of top handicappers from Joe Duffy

September 3, 2016

NCAA Football Handicappers Best Bet Report

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So far, the UNDER on Boston College and Georgia Tech is looking very good for the MasterLockLine, already 16-3. Here are the rest of the bets needed.

September 1, 2016

Sportsbook and Pay Per Head Consensus Bets Up

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The low-limits are lifted and real betting for Week 1 NFL picks has taken place. Though promotional and very low-limit lines were posted during the summer, a lot has taken place injury wise. The Minnesota Vikings lost their starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, ditto for the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo, plus deflategate finally caught up to the Patriots Tom Brady, who will be watching from the sidelines.

In addition, the World Champion Denver Broncos traded Brock Osweiler, the presumed successor behind center to Peyton Manning, to the Houston Texans. As a result, 75 percent of the public is betting on the Carolina Panthers to get revenge on the opening Thursday night traditional Super Bowl rematch to Denver. However, the strongest consensus is with another road favorite, as 80 of bets are on the Green Bay Packers laying four-points at the allegedly improved Jacksonville Jaguars.

Various sportsbooks and price per head also have the Cincinnati Bengals at 72 percent playing on the road to the New York Jets. As Cy McCormick of the MasterLockLine informs, “The public betting road favorites, especially early in the year, is very much expected.”

The top total public bet is Buffalo and Baltimore over the total with 80 percent of the tickets written on a high scoring game projected. Green Bay and Jacksonville also over is next at 76 percent. The final game of the week, Los Angeles at San Francisco is the most popular under bet, with 70 percent anticipating little scoring.

August 31, 2016

Best Free Pick for College Football Podcast South Carolina-Vanderbilt

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JDP IS 4-0 with football Wise Guy plays this year! Get the first Wise Guy of college football season as well the first total as both are for Thursday. As long as you have a package that includes Thursday, you can now access. Five Thursday NFL winners are up, led by two Wise Guys. Will Joe Duffy finish the season 100 percent with Wise Guys? Likely. Again. Get the picks now

June 13, 2016

2017 College Football National Title Contenders

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Check out the favorites and top contenders as well as the big long shots to win the NCAA Football National Championship game.

2017 college football national championship odds, contenders, favorites from Joe Duffy
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