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Huge momentum angle based on teams off rout wins. Yes, Tech also off 28-point win, but that’s a bit short of our threshold and it is even better if team we are betting on is a big home favorite. Plus, though if Clemson runs the table, they are still very likely in the playoffs, it’s too early to assume. Clemson already in style points territory. 

Look for Clemson to leave offensive starters in a long time after scoring just three in their only game against Power 5 team. Tech lost to Northern Illinois. Of course Clemson lost a ton from last year on offense, but they are infinitely better and have reasons to run it up. 

NFL Week 2 Podcast For Professional Sports Gamblers

Joe Duffy, the leader in betting analytics breaks down ATS trends for many games including Chiefs-Ravens, Rams-Colts, 49ers-Eagles, Titans-Seahawks, Raiders-Steelers, Bills-Dolphins, Patriots-Jets, Cowboys-Chargers, Saints-Panthers, are among the big games for week 2 NFL picks. 

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NFL Prop Bets: Take Major Advantage of Oddsmaker Overreaction Now

Week 1 of the NFL regular season is in the books, but plenty of storylines emerged from the action on the field. 

SportsBetting  has rolled out a host of prop bets to accompany some of the hottest topics circulating in the league. If you have any odds requests, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Will Patrick Mahomes lose a game in September?

Yes -120

No -120

(Mahomes is 11-0 in 11 September starts during his career.)

Will Patrick Mahomes throw an INT in September?

Yes -150

No +110

(Mahomes has never thrown an INT during the month of September.)

Will Chandler Jones break Michael Strahan’s sack record?

Yes +700

No -2000

(Jones recorded 5 sacks in Week 1. Strahan’s record is 22.5. Odds imply 12.5% chance record is broken.)

Will Trevor Lawrence break Peyton Manning’s rookie INT record

Yes +1000

No -4000

(Lawrence threw 3 INTs in Week 1, putting him on pace to throw 51 in 17 games. Manning’s record is 28 INTs. Odds imply 9.1% chance record is broken.)

Will Trevor Lawrence lead the league in INTs?

Yes +500

No -900

(Odds imply 16.7% chance Lawrence leads the league in INTs.)

Trevor Lawrence total INTs during reg. season

Over 18.5

Under 18.5

Which player will start a game first?

Justin Fields -300

Trey Lance +200

Who will have a higher QB rating at end of season?

Jalen Hurts -140

Carson Wentz +100

First Head Coach Fired

Urban Meyer              7-2

Matt Nagy                   4-1

Mike Zimmer              9-2

Joe Judge                    9-1

Vic Fangio                   12-1

Kliff Kingsbury             14-1

Mike McCarthy           14-1

Zac Taylor                   14-1

Frank Reich                 20-1

Dan Campbell             25-1

Jon Gruden                 25-1

Mike Tomlin                25-1

Mike Vrabel                25-1

Ron Rivera                   25-1

David Culley                28-1

Matt Rhule                  40-1

Sean Payton                40-1

Arthur Smith               50-1

John Harbaugh            50-1

Matt LaFleur               50-1

Robert Saleh               50-1

Brian Flores                 66-1

Kyle Shanahan            66-1

Nick Sirianni                66-1

Pete Carroll                 66-1

Brandon Staley           80-1

Sean McVay                80-1

Bill Belichick                100-1

Kevin Stefanski            100-1

Sean McDermott        100-1

Andy Reid                    200-1

Bruce Arians                200-1

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Saints Rout Leads List of overreaction to Week 1 Results; Updated SUper Bowl Odds

Aaron Rodgers wasn’t telling Packers fans to “relax” after Sunday’s dismal performance against New Orleans, and the oddsmakers mildly took notice of the man who may not be fully committed to playing out this season.

The Super Bowl odds board at SportsBetting  remained top heavy with many of the favorites (Chiefs, Bucs, Rams, 49ers) pulling out victories in Week 1, but there was some shakeup in the second tier of contenders.

Green Bay slid out of the favorites and into that second tier with 18-1 odds. The Steelers, Seahawks and Saints greatly improved their Super Bowl odds positions with quality Week 1 victories.

Below are the notable movements, as well as the current championship odds. Other teams’ odds moved very little or not at all.

Packers: 11-1 to 18-1

Saints: 35-1 to 20-1

Steelers: 40-1 to 28-1

Seahawks: 24-1 to 18-1

Eagles: 125-1 to 66-1

Super Bowl LVI

Kansas City Chiefs                   5-1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers           11-2

Los Angeles Rams                   12-1

San Francisco 49ers                12-1

Buffalo Bills                             14-1

Baltimore Ravens                    16-1

Cleveland Browns                   16-1

Green Bay Packers                  18-1

Seattle Seahawks                    18-1

New Orleans Saints                 20-1

Los Angeles Chargers              28-1

Pittsburgh Steelers                 28-1

Arizona Cardinals                    33-1

Tennessee Titans                    33-1

Dallas Cowboys                       35-1

New England Patriots             35-1

Denver Broncos                      40-1

Miami Dolphins                      40-1

Indianapolis Colts                   45-1

Minnesota Vikings                  50-1

Philadelphia Eagles                 66-1

Washington Football Team    66-1

Carolina Panthers                   80-1

Chicago Bears                         80-1

Las Vegas Raiders                   80-1

Atlanta Falcons                       100-1

Cincinnati Bengals                  100-1

New York Giants                     100-1

Houston Texans                      200-1

Jacksonville Jaguars                200-1

New York Jets                         200-1

Detroit Lions                           250-1

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Ohio State, Clemson Losses Cause Seismic Shift from Preseason Title Odds

While Alabama and Georgia have separated themselves from the rest of the country in terms of CFP Championship odds, there’s been a ton of volatility below the top two through two weeks of the regular season. 

SportsBetting reset its college football title odds Sunday morning. The Tide and Bulldogs are the overwhelming favorites, but take a look at some of the early-season movement for the rest of the contenders.

Title Odds Changes After Week 1

Georgia 8-1 to 4-1

Clemson 4-1 to 7-1

Notre Dame 20-1 to 50-1

Oklahoma 7-1 to 8-1

Ohio State 9-1 to 6-1

Penn State 100-1 to 50-1

LSU 30-1 to 50-1

Title Odds Changes After Week 2

Ohio State 6-1 to 10-1

Oregon 40-1 to 12-1

Texas A&M 15-1 to 20-1

Iowa State 25-1 to 80-1

Iowa 100-1 to 50-1

Penn State 50-1 to 40-1

USC 50-1 to 150-1

Texas 50-1 to 100-1

Arkansas 500-1 to 300-1

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James Kaprielian 3.65 ERA, 1.185 WHIP. 

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New NFL ROY Favorite; Cam Newton’s Like Next Team Revealed

Mac Jones is now the NFL Rookie of the Year favorite. 

Jones landed the top spot on SportsBetting odds board this morning after Cam Newton was cut by the Patriots. Jones had 6-1 odds but is now the favorite at 5-2, or +250.

Here are the Top 5 Offensive ROY odds and you can see the full list at the bottom of this page:

Top 5 ROY Odds

Mac Jones  5-2  (+250)

Trevor Lawrence  4-1  (+400)

Zach Wilson  9-2  (+450)

Justin Fields  7-1  (+700)

Trey Lance  8-1  (+800)

Regarding the Patriots’ futures odds, the move from Newton to Jones did not impact them in any way. New England still has 25-1 odds for the Super Bowl, 12-1 odds for the AFC and +325 odds for the AFC East. also has posted a ton of QB-specific props for the season, including:

– Which quarterback will be benched first

– Which rookie will earn the most victories

– Which weeks the rookies will start 

– 49ers and Saints starting QBs for next season

– Cam Newton next team

– Injuries, INTs, retirements and more

First QB to be benched during 2021 regular season (non-injury related)

Andy Dalton +175

Teddy Bridgewater +300

Jimmy Garoppolo +500

Jameis Winston +600

Mac Jones +700

Jalen Hurts +900

Derek Carr +1200

Ryan Fitzpatrick +1200

Which QB will have most starts during 2021 regular season?

Justin Fields +190

Trey Lance +200

Mac Jones +350

Drew Lock +350

Taysom Hill +600

Taylor Heinicke +1200

Joe Flacco +1200

Which rookie QB will win the most games?

Mac Jones +125

Trevor Lawrence +225

Zach Wilson +225

Justin Fields +700

Trey Lance +700

Which week will Trey Lance start?

Weeks 2-5 (+215)

Weeks 6-12 (+225)

Weeks 13-18 (+250)

Does not start (+175)

Which week will Justin Fields start?

Weeks 2-5 (+225)

Weeks 6-12 (+175)

Weeks 13-18 (+350)

Does not start (+175)

Which week will Taysom Hill start?

Weeks 2-5 (+350)

Weeks 6-12 (+300)

Weeks 13-18 (+240)

Does not start (+100)

Which week will Joe Flacco start?

Weeks 2-5 (+500)

Weeks 6-12 (+500)

Weeks 13-18 (+175)

Does not start (-125)

Which week will Drew Lock start?

Weeks 2-5 (+290)

Weeks 6-12 (+290)

Weeks 13-18 (+290)

Does not start (+100)

Saints starting QB in Week 1 of 2022 reg. season?

Jameis Winston +190

Taysom Hill +200

Any other QB -110

49ers starting QB in Week 1 of 2022 reg. season?

Trey Lance -175

Jimmy Garoppolo +135

Any other QB +600

Cam Newton’s next team

Steelers           +550

Colts                +600

Cowboys         +600

Washington    +600

Panthers          +750

Ravens            +750

Texans             +750

Cardinals         +1000

Jets                  +1000

Lions                +1000

Vikings             +1000

Bengals           +1400

Seahawks        +1400

Titans              +1400

Rams               +1600

Chiefs              +3300

Bucs                +5000

Will Cam Newton start for any team in Week 1 of 2022 reg. season?

Yes +170

No -250

Will Andy Dalton start for any team in Week 1 of 2022 reg. season?

Yes +135

No -175

Will Bridgewater or Lock start for Broncos in Week 1 of 2022 reg. season?

Yes -120

No -120

Will Aaron Rodgers start for Packers in Week 1 of 2022 reg. season?

Yes +200

No -300

Will Tom Brady retire after this season?

Yes +600

No -1500

Will Ben Roethlisberger retire after this season?

Yes -300

No +200

Will Ben Roethlisberger miss a full game due to injury?

Yes +135

No -175

Will Dak Prescott miss a full game due to injury?

Yes -120

No -120

Will Kyler Murray miss a full game due to injury?

Yes +170

No -250

Will Lamar Jackson miss a full game due to injury?

Yes +170

No -250

Will Jameis Winston throw an INT in Week 1?

Yes -250

No +170

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