What Happened to Brandon Lang?

By JoeDuffy.net Administrator

We see that a site has had yet another falling out with a handicapper, this time their marquee name, Brandon Lang. Not as unequivocal as when other handicappers left, but there is still an implication he is not returning for lack of success in beating he Vegas odds

That same site lost their winningest handicapper Matt Rivers when he was wooed away by the premier sports handicappers website OffshoreInsiders.com

It brings up why OffshoreInsiders.com is the No. 1 site for sports service picks. OffshoreInsiders.com vets all handicappers long before they appear on the site, so there is no need to “fire” handicappers for bad performance. Such lesser touts will never make it on the source for free sports pick an premium pick information, OffshoreInsiders.com

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