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February 25, 2017

Official System Review of Trabeplom Betting System

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Is Trabeplom betting system a scam or for real? Get a slideshow breakdown.

Trabeplom system review from Joe Duffy

For actual winning picks however, this is your every day stop

May 22, 2015

This is Why Elite Gamblers Win Year and and Year Out in Every Sport

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Big day Thursday off a fantastic portfolio Wednesday. Approaching our 27th anniversary with Joe Duffy’s best public, Joe Duffy’s Picks is 10-4 the last 14 including the Game of the Month at +163 on Texas. So, do you still want to be on the outside looking on or are you sick and tired of settling?


Wise Guy

CLEVELAND +2 Atlanta

It looks like DeMarre Carroll will play. If anything, I was worried that Atlanta would rally around the injury and pull out a win. Truthfully if Carroll is ruled out and the line swings to -2 the other way, I will middle the game. So grab Cleveland at the widely available +2.

Cavs are easily the better team and the run Atlanta made at the end masked it. It is only a matter of whether or not a nice middle opportunity comes up.


Wise Guy

TEXAS (LEWIS +163) NY Yankees (Pineda)

AL Game of the Month

The Yankees are 1-7 the last eight. They have has a slugging percentage of just .300 the last seven. Colby Lewis has an ERA of 3.06 and a WHIP Of 1.120 for the season. On the road it is a staggering 2.55 and 1.216.

Texas has a slugging percentage edge of .152 higher in their last five games. Texas is 11-1 road versus an opponent with a winning home record.



TAMPA -130 NY Rangers

Tampa has taken control of the series and now Henrik Lundqvist has gone from the rock of the team to sieve. NY has no answer for the Lightening top line. We may see a multiple goal win here.

May 21, 2015

Yet Another Miserable and Hot Summer For Bookmakers

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Oops, we did it again. Joe Duffy’s Picks 8-3 the last two days. It will be such a long and hot summer for the bookmakers. Again. Too bad. This is what you pay us to do!



HOUSTON +10.5 Golden State

Truthfully I wish overrated Dwight Howard was out and the line adjusted. He is overrated, though from a straight up standpoint, of course they are better with him. Big playoff underdogs off a loss have been a great bet.

The Warriors got their win, so there is not a sense of urgency for a blowout. The Rockets clearly have been resilient. This game goes down to the wire.


Wise Guy

LA ANGELS (SHOEMAKER +101) Toronto (Dickey)

The Angels are 10-4 the last 14. Toronto is 2-9 the last 11. The road team is 6-1 in Shoemaker starts and Toronto is 12-1 with him on the road since last year. Toronto is 2-6 with RA Dickey. Dickey has been lit up for 13 ER in 11 IP. Dickey has a 7.34 ERA in his last five starts.

Going back to last year, Angels are 54-24 in their last 78 vs. a team with a losing record.

Philadelphia-Colorado OVER 9.5 (Williams-De La Rosa)

Day Total of the Month

One of those teams or both could put the game over the total themselves. Jorge De La Rosa has a home ERA and WHIP of 11.45 and 2.455. Jerome Williams road numbers are 8.16 and 1.954. But of course playing at Coors Field will be the cure, right? Philly has an OPS of .819 their last seven games.


TAMPA (COLOME -109) Oakland (Chavez)

This is a sharp versus square, which is when our Vegas, offshore, and outlaw contacts tell us the majority of sharp money is betting one team, the square money the other. We go with the smart money as contrarian betting is used by many professional gamblers.

We have reduced the number of such picks after refining the metrics to raise the winning percentage. In short we have more sources that must validate it is widely authenticated.



January 1, 2015

New Year’s Day Bowls and College Football Playoff Previews ATS

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Of course the world is fired up about FSU-Oregon, Ohio State-Alabama, but sharp bettors will be making a ton of money before that with Wisconsin-Auburn, Baylor-Michigan State, Missouri-Minnesota.

Critical breaking news! Jan. 1 is the best day of the bowl season for bettors. To say the least this is major breaking news. Get the College Football Moneyline Game of the Year and College Bowl Total of the Year among far and away a season high of five bowl Wise Guys plus a Major. Yes this is every bit as strong as our NFL Money Line GOY in the NFL on Oakland +230 to Buffalo. We now have both playoff sides (or is one of the sides the Money line GOY) and both totals, all as Wise Guys. Once you read the analysis, you will see this is not mere hype. The intel will flat out leave your jaws on the floor.

NBA is 9-1 last ten including a 6-0 run. We will look fully at basketball and may add some! Joe Duffy’s Picks at



October 7, 2013

Greatest Ever NFL Season Well Under Way

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At the beginning of the year we promised best ever football season for very specific reason. Our specialty, the NFL has exceeded it.

On Thursday, we gave pro bettors this from Joe Duffy’s Picks:


CLEVELAND -4 Buffalo

Cleveland 2-0 straight up and against the spread since QB change to Brian Hoyer, 0-2 before that.  When analyzing home field advantage, too many people forget, the home crowd has to have something to root for in order to be that so-called 12th man. For the first time in a long, long time, the Dog Pound has reasons for optimism.  Now playing a marquee Thursday night game, look for as big of a home field edge as has been seen in Cleveland since the pre-Ravens days.

True we do generally state that rookie QBs, which Buffalo of course has, can be underrated against the spread. But the home team is 4-0 against the spread in Buffalo contests and the young Bills will be playing just their second road game of the year in what we do expect to pretty raucous.

Also rookie Cleveland TE Jordan Cameron quietly having spectacular season and he and Hoyer clicking big time. Bills did very well without top three DBs but can they do it again on a short-turnaround? Cleveland is holding teams to a full yard below their normal average. Though not a blowout, the Browns get the green by seven.

Just as Buffalo developed some life in their running game, each of their two top backs CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson got banged up and now must work on a short week.

We came back Sunday with:



Wise Guy

OAKLAND +4.5 San Diego

Terrelle Pryor has given Oakland life. His status fluctuated last week before he was finally scratched and replaced with the poor man version of Scott Mitchell, Matt Flynn who had one good game in his life, a meaningless win when the Packers rested Aaron Rodgers a few years ago.

Philip Rivers is a long-time predictably unpredictable QB. Off a big win last week, look for him to come out with a disaster as he often has off big wins. Oakland is banged up, which is why they are getting so many points. But no way they should be getting 4.5 at home from a grossly overrated QB.

Denver-Dallas OVER 56

You may have heard that Denver is scoring a lot of points and given up a few too. Their games are averaging 67.4 points per game. Nobody has ever had to twist the arm of Cowboys coach Jason Garrett to abandon the running game. A game plan of keep away is extremely unlikely.

They are averaging 33.5 points per game at home. We also expect Dallas to keep the game closer than the Broncos first four foes, so Denver will not have the luxury of scheming against the pass every play. Denver is getting an outlandish 9.3 yards per pass but also giving up a pretty generous 7.3.

It is just not in the nature of Jason Garrett to slow things down and he has some weapons at his disposal. High total? Nope, not with the Broncos and Dallas only corroborates it.

Philadelphia-NY Giants OVER 53

When the Eagles offense played on a short week, the Sunday to Thursday turnaround, the game went under. All three other games with normal rest have produced overs by eight, 12, and 14.5.

While some keep speculating that Chip Kelly will refine his offense and slow things down, it will not happen this week. The Giants will be without Aaron Ross (back) and Jayron Hosley (hamstring), and starting cornerback Corey Webster (groin) is doubtful. That leaves them with just Prince Amukamara, Trumaine McBride and Terrell Thomas. Amukamara and McBride likely will start on the outside

We use efficiency rankings and rating ahead of the raw numbers. Chip Kelly and Eagles have lost three straight and are a classic good offense, lousy defense team of contrasts. Philly passing game ranks in the top 10 in just about all the key indicators, but its pass defense ranks No. 27 or worse in those same categories.

Eli Manning has been a huge bust this year, but his arm is strong and this is the perfect team to take out some frustrations on.


NY GIANTS -2.5 Philadelphia

Both of these teams have been awful, but the Eagles are genuinely bad. The Giants bounce back begins this week. Home field advantage is worth three points, so this line actually implies Philadelphia is the better team.  They are not.

As horrible as the Giants have looked, three of the losses were on the road, the other to Denver, which is a complete freight train right now.  Just ask the Eagles, who were castrated by them last Sunday?

Chip Kelly had the largest salary cap in college football at Oregon, thanks to Phil Knight. He could recruit three-deep and rotate fresh bodies in and out over an 11 or 12 game schedule. As we knew it would not, it has not worked in the NFL.

Remember in both of the Eli Manning/Tom Coughlin Super Bowl winning years, they were counted out during the regular season. They are in the NFC Least. They certainly can make the playoffs in this joke of a division. Three of their four losses were outside the division and this is their first divisional home game.

The Giants have a clear upside as their key numbers show they are much better than the 0-4 start suggests. They are actually getting 5.8 yards per play to teams normally permitting 5.7 and allowing 3.9 yards per rushing attempt to teams earning an average 4.2. 6.5 yards per pass to 7.0 and 5.4 yards per play to 5.7.

The Eagles chuck and duck offense has a point of diminishing return. It is no surprise they won their first game, lost their second by three, third by 10, and fourth by 32. Okay, that pattern will not continue perfectly as they will lose by less than 32. But they lose by double-digits.

While the schedule maker finally gives the Giants their second home game, this is the second of three straight road games for the clueless Eagles. Maybe they do lose by more than 32.

DALLAS +8.5 Denver

Yes Denver is a machine, but they beat four teams that may not even make the playoffs. We told you when we swept with Denver and the over on opening night, the Ravens will probably get better as the year went on, but the perfect time to play the rebuilt squad was opening week. The other three teams they beat are the Giants, Oakland, and Philadelphia. Because the NFL Least is horrible of historic proportions, in theory New York or Philly could make the postseason, but neither even comes close to playoff caliber.

Finally, Denver is playing just their second road game of the season. Dallas fits well into our predictably unpredictable angle. They look great one week, horrid the next. When you least expect it, well you know the rest. So they followed up a close win with a close loss, followed by a blowout win and semi-blowout loss. The home team is 4-0 straight up in their contests. This game will be much closer than the oddsmakers think.

Detroit-Green Bay UNDER 54.5

Green Bay is very clearly committed to running much more and passing a bit less.  Yes Matt Stafford is on top of his game right now. And that is when time and time again he comes up with a dud. As soon as he seems to turn the corner, start fading.  A dome team, their offensive numbers are much less at home.

Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley match up well against Green Bay and their rebuilt offensive line. Look for them to slow down the pack.


This is a sharp versus square, which is when our Vegas, offshore, and outlaw contacts tell us the majority of sharp money is betting one team, the square money the other. We go with the smart money as contrarian betting is used by many professional gamblers.

Oh and Monday:

Wise Guy

NY JETS +10 Atlanta

Remember, last year Atlanta had seven wins of three points or fewer. This season their only win was to St. Louis by a touchdown. They have had their share of good fortune and rarely blow teams out.

Geno Smith has 17 completions of 20+ yards are the most by a Jets QB in the first four games of a season since Joe Namath’s 17 in 1972. Again, rookie QBs are generally undervalued. That is why the Jets are 3-1 against the spread.

Absolutely he has been very sloppy. But a rookie who showed talent, but bad decision making certainly has a huge upside, especially against a suspect defense. Atlanta allows 7.7 yards per pass versus squads that usually get 6.6 and 6.3 yards per play to 5.5 as they are not good at stopping the run either. They allow 4.0 yards per rushing attempt to 3.6.

Smith has faced some good defenses and Jets get 7.1 yards per pass to teams normally allowing just 6.2. If Atlanta loses the turnover battle, they may lose outright. We cannot see them covering the huge spread.

Jets outright as a Wise Guy makes us 32-16 in the NFL since week 3 of the preseason. We go 8-1 in the NFL last week. We hit all four Wise Guys Giants OVER, Cowboys OVER, Raiders, and Jets. We have two NFL and a college football up for this weekend. Get at least the weekly Joe Duffy’s Picks or Bet it Trinity pass to access now. Get the picks now


June 4, 2013

Winningest Sports Handicapper Begins Unstoppable Tear Again

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Yesterday, you were told, “There are so many stunning angles that make tonight one of the strongest cards of any in 2013.” Promises made, promises delivered goes 5-1 with Houston +163 winning, plus underdog Oakland as the MLB Game of the Month winning 10-2. Oh, we hit the only play Sunday, also Oakland as a Wise Guy, hence make us 6-1 the last two days.

In MLB we are 15-9 with Wise Guys but the biggest juice we laid on a loser was (-109). Along the way we have had winners of +132, +177, and the previously alluded to +163.

Here is an example of the kind of insight you get every day:


Wise Guy

MIAMI -7 Indiana

We will grant you, we have had many better NBA postseasons. However, that super bounce back angle continues to thrive in betting home faves in the playoffs off off a double-digit road loss is now 66-41 covering for you and me the last four.

Also, with the back to the wall, look for one of the most talented teams in history to respond in big fashion.


Indiana-Miami UNDER 180.5

This is a competitor consensus. If we have a lean one way and one of the few sports services or sources we respect has a big pick on a certain side, we pass along as a competitor consensus.


Wise Guy

HOUSTON (BEDARD +163) LA Angels (Blanton)

Houston is sizzling, winning five in a row +10.5 units. LA has lost three straight and 5-of-7. The Halos are hitting just .239 with an OBP of .291 their last seven games. Erik Bedard has not exactly been Cy Young, but he has gone four straight starts giving up two runs or less, including unearned.

LA is 2-9 with fat Joe Blanton -8.8 units. This includes 1-4 at home -4 units and his ERA is 7.39 with a 2.143 WHIP in Anaheim. The Astros are 6-3 +8.9 unit in the series meetings this season.  Houston is +6.6 units on the road.  Cal is hitting .218 and scoring seven runs in losing the first three games of this series.

The Angels are 2-11 versus an opponent that is outscored by at least one run per game for -16.2 units. Last five games Houston has a slugging percentage .060 higher than the big chalks.

Houston 5-0 versus a starter with a WHIP greater than 1.30. Anaheim is 3-13 versus an opponent with a winning percentage of .400 or less.

OAKLAND (MILONE +105) Milwaukee (Estrada)

MLB Game of the Month

Oakland is a stunning 14-2 the last 16. Athletics are 21-5 in their last 26 road games vs. a team with a losing home record. Milwaukee is 7-23 overall and 0-11 as favorites of 150 or less.

Oakland has won three straight with Milone. Marco Estrada has a substantially worse numbers at home than on the road. While his road ERA is an okay 3.48, at home it is a rancid 7.18. His home WHIP is 1.56, which is .40 higher than on the road.


MIAMI (KOEHLER +170) Philadelphia (Kendrick)

Kyle Kendrick is regressing to his mean. The journeyman got off to a fine start, but has a 1.824 WHIP in his last three starts. Miami has won three straight +4.3 units.  The Phils have dropped 3-of-4.

Going with a team winning percentage of .380 or less, underdogs of 125-175 off a win as an underdog to a divisional team

SEATTLE (SAUNDERS -113) White Sox (Danks)

Talk about compelling splits, the home team is 9-2 in Joe Saunders starts.  His home ERA and WHIP are 2.41 and 1.040. Compare this to his road numbers of 9.00 and 2.06.  Wowzy. He is allowing an OBP against of .265 at home, yet .422 on the road.

Seattle has a slugging percentage of .146 higher over the last five games and .113 their last 10 games.

Chicago has lost six in a row.

The top sports betting Twitter feed has so many packages for pro bettors to win with up now.

February 8, 2013

Top Sports Handicapper off All-Time Latest 3-0 Sweep

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It’s been a banner year for Center of the Handicapping Universe GodsTips, anchor of This season has been more of a meticulous dissembling of the bookies than that one big run. We are beating the books almost every week. Here was last night’s sweep that made us 26-14 with Wise Guys, 7-2 CBB Wise Guys, 5-0 with NBA Wise Guys. Get the picks now for the rest of your betting life from GodsTips.

The latest example of returning to our roots paying off big time:

Wise Guy…


Sunbelt Interdivisional Game of the Year

North Texas’ run of injuries that head coach Tony Benford had already described as the most devastating he has seen in his coaching career became even worse Monday.

Senior forwards Jacob Holmen and Justin Patton, a pair of players who were expected to be major parts of UNT’s rotation at the beginning of the season, both elected over the weekend to end their college careers due to injuries.

UNT (8-16) has now lost four players to season-ending injuries. Brandan Walton broke his right foot in a season-opening loss to Creighton on Nov. 9, while Jones broke his right foot in a loss to Western Kentucky on Jan. 29.

UNT also is without Marquette transfer T.J. Taylor. The team’s coaching staff thought Taylor would be eligible this season but found out beforehand that he would have to sit out as a transfer.


ILLINOIS +7 Indiana

Indiana will be fat and happy following our Game of the Year winner when they beat Michigan. But they will be a bit fat and happy and vulnerable for a letdown. Illinois has grossly underachieved but so often playing their biggest home game of the year is something to rally around. They also got a much needed wakeup call. Against Wisconsin on Sunday, Groce benched leading scorer Brandon Paul as a starter in place of Joseph Bertrand. The lineup for Indiana had not been decided as of early Wednesday afternoon, Groce said, but the starters and rotation would be decided on graded games and practices.

The Hoosiers haven’t played very well during their last several trips to Champaign, either. Indiana has dropped three straight and nine of 10 at Illinois, with its lone win coming 83-79 in double-overtime Feb. 7, 2008. Underachieving Illini have the perfect game to rally around against a team in a letdown situation.

OAKLAND +4.5 North Dakota State

Oakland had a brutal early season schedule, but it is paying off big time now! They have won and covered three straight and are finally playing a normal schedule after a whirlwind tour after playing 15 true road games in an 18-game span, many against quality competition. OU has won four of its last five league games are are 7-1 at home this season. The Golden Grizzlies are 39-4 over their last 43 league games inside the O’rena.

Oakland has been dominant in the month of February over the last five years. The Golden Grizzlies are 26-2 in February league games and are riding a 17-game home court league winning streak in this month.


January 25, 2013

Another 4-0 Sweep From Top College Basketball Handicapper in World

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Another 4-0 sweep last night from GodsTips, anchor of

Wise Guy plays are your maximum play. Majors are .75 of Wise Guy plays. We always urge line shopping to compliment the sharpest plays in the world and release plays as early as possible to ensure more success. Often our plays are released before most sportsbooks have lines up. If we released plays later in the day, it would allow us to shop for better lines than we are able to post. But we are more concerned about YOU being able to shop for better lines.

Be aware that in many cases better lines will be available than the ones we post. Game of the Year and Game of the Month plays still involve the same straight betting as above. While we believe all gamblers need only bet our plays we realize some pick and choose selections. Said distinction is for such ala carte players. All units won quoted on systems are based on one unit per bet.


Wise Guy…

LOUISIANA TECH -7 San Jose State

For the past three games, SJSU has been without their leading scorer James Kinney who leads the conference with 20.6 points per game. The first game, they were able to rally around adversity—sort of. They covered in a loss. But the two games since they were blown out by 36 and 17.

They miss him because their new No. 1 option averages about half as many points. LA Tech counters the depleted Spartans offensive attack with the highest scoring offense in the WAC, averaging 73.5 points per game.


PEPPERDINE +5 Loyola Marymount

Loyola is struggling without their best player Chase Flint. They are 1-4 ATS without him including three straight spread losses.

Due to the Lions’ short bench, players have been asked to step-in for the Lions. Alex Osborne has made 10 starts since filling in for Godwin Okonji when he had his emergency surgery. He is averaging 4.2 points and 4.5 rebounds while ranking 13th in the league in steals with 25 (1.32 spg). Bruce English earned his fifth start of his career against USF and his best game as a Lions, going for career-best with 12 points and eight rebounds. He is averaging 5.8 ppg and 1.5 rpg. Walk-on Taylor Walker has provided big minutes at the point for the Lions.

Pepperdine enters this game much more rested and will pull the mild upset against a Marymount team that is headed in the wrong direction for sure.

OAKLAND -13 iupui

It is as close as Oakland will have to a break in the schedule. It is just Oakland’s fifth home game, but third in a row. IUPUI has been decimated by injuries, leaving just seven healthy scholarship players at his disposal. All three freshmen are sitting out the season and expected to redshirt while top returning scorer Ian Chiles is shelved for the year due to injury. Like Chiles, sophomore swingman Marcellus Barksdale is lost for the year with an injury and the road got even tougher in early January when John Hart was declared ineligible at the start of the spring semester.

Oakland won the first meeting between the two schools, 84-62 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Dec. 29. Now they have a rare home game laying just 13.

PURDUE +16 Michigan

This is a competitor consensus. If we have a lean one way and one of the few sports services or sources we respect has a big pick on a certain side, we pass along as a competitor consensus.



October 23, 2012

The Worm Has Turned! GodsTips Bizarre NFL Slump Over

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Finally, a break in the NFL as Detroit gets a backdoor to Chicago. Rest assured at GodsTips, we never have nor ever will make one pick based on superstition. But after an unprecedented season of heartbreak in the NFL-wrong side of outlandish Seattle-Green Bay ending, wrong side of declined safety, the historic Monday meltdown of San Diego to Denver…the list goes on, we not only will take the win, but history says we should embrace it.

Though the winning streaks always have outnumbered the losing streaks, since our scorephone days of the 1980s, I’ve had my share of slumps. Much like that broken bat single was turned the worm for many a slumping Major Leaguer, it is uncanny how a backdoor cover time and time again has buoyed our comebacks. To the point that I actually wanted a late cover rather than a blowout, so I can see the familiar sign that the karma has changed.

Forget about all the money you’ve made with our college football picks. You pay us to win in the NFL as well. The good news is we have all the time in the world to win it back and a quarter century of winning says we certainly have the ability.

Enjoy a spectacular rest of the NFL season at anchor Joe Duffy’s GodsTips. We will continue the winning college gridiron picks as well.


June 12, 2012

Definitive Book on Sports Betting Released

Filed under: Press Releases | — Administrator @ 12:17 PM

In what is the most important book written on sports handicapping theory, a brand new sports betting eBook has been published, “Sports Betting Secrets, Handicapping Myths, Wagering Tips,” available on Amazon or directly through the author’s website home page

Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy, CEO of shares the sports handicapping secrets, betting tips, while debunking sports betting myths that he has learned from more than a quarter of a century as a professional sports handicapper.

This eBook, “Sports Betting Secrets, Handicapping Myths, Wagering Tips,” is in many respects a compilation of articles written over the last two centuries. Many originally appeared in high volume print and web publications.

The author has been a full-time handicapper since the 1980s scorephone days. Find out what the most overrated stats are in sports handicapping. Why those who claim “just pick the team that wins outright and you will pick the team that covers” and “if you like the over, bet the favorite; if you like the under, bet the underdog,” are among the biggest square player urban legends.

Duffy also explains how won-loss straight up record is extremely overrated. He shares his insight on what pro bettors exploit as key indicators for the betting spread outcome.

What mistake do most gamblers make in college bowl games, conference tournament NCAA contests, and the NCAA Tournament? What are the secrets to betting preseason football? This book is the Snopes for sports bettors.

What are some of the indisputable Golden Rules of Gambling? How can bettors literally use the oddsmakers knowledge against them?

How important are power ratings and where does one get the best ones? What are specific differences in betting small college and powerhouse conference games?

This is a must-read for all those who bet on sports. Duffy’s book is available directly on the home page of and on Amazon.

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