NBA Free Betting Tips Bulls vs. Thunder

Steam added at 12:04 ET! Thanks to the biggest acquisition ever of super systems, balanced by the two best simulation models, and an avalanche of bad beats a distant memory, America’s only Grandmaster Sports Handicapper is back to normal. 47-31 for 60 percent in the NBA this calendar year. Seven NBA winners led by Wise Guy continues our clockwork winning. Both of our side angles qualify as “use the oddsmaker’s knowledge against them” and would qualify as counterintuitive. We explain in the analysis. Get the picks now 

Free pick from Joe Duffy is 

CHICAGO +1 Oklahoma City 

The Bulls have lost three straight on long road trip. But road teams off three straight road losses are 323-244-18. Road teams on road trip yet much more rested are 246-180-9. When one team is more rested, happens with home team almost exactly twice as much as road team. With two days more rest, it favors the home team by just short of a three-game margin. So when the road team has at two more days rest, no wonder they cover at 53.5 percent rate. 

Our second best simulator gives Chicago a 56.3 percent chance of covering. Our top model a modest edge to Bulls. Darius Bazley, solid PF for OKC is questionable. He averages double-digit scoring. Bulls star Lauri Markkanen is probable. Ryan Arcidiacono likely too. 

Favorite For Every NFL Head Coaching opening Revealed

There is a different favorite for each of the half dozen head coaching vacancies remaining.

SportsBetting has posted fresh odds for who will take over duties for the Chargers, Eagles, Falcons, Jets, Lions and Texans. 

The Jaguars were not included due to reports that Urban Meyer will be hired today. 

Arthur Smith is the only candidate on the lists to be the odds-on favorite, meaning he has lower than 1/1 odds to be hired. Smith is the only coach on every list, but he’s the odds-on favorite in Atlanta. 

Odds are brought to you by SportsBetting and current odds can be found here:  

Chargers next head coach 
Matt Eberflus 7/2 (10/1 odds last week)
Brandon Staley 4/2 
Brian Daboll 9/2 
Robert Saleh 5/1 
Joe Brady 7/1 
Eric Bieniemy 8/1 
Arthur Smith 9/1 
Dennis Allen 10/1 
Jason Garrett 15/1 

Eagles next head coach 
Joe Brady 5/2 (6/1 odds last week)
Lincoln Riley 3/1 
Robert Saleh 5/1 
Arthur Smith 7/1 
Eric Bieniemy 9/1 
Duce Staley 10/1 
Kellen Moore 10/1 
Todd Bowles 12/1 
Jerod Mayo 12/1 
Mike Kafka 12/1 
Brandon Staley 15/1 
Ryan Day 20/1 

Falcons next head coach 
Arthur Smith 4/5 (6/1 odds last week)
Joe Brady 3/1 
Eric Bieniemy 3/1 
Nathaniel Hackett 7/1 
Brandon Staley 9/1 
Raheem Morris 10/1 
Robert Saleh 10/1 
Todd Bowles 12/1 

Jets next head coach 
Robert Saleh 2/1 (8/1 odds last week)
Doug Pederson 5/2 
Brian Daboll 5/1 
Arthur Smith 5/1 
Brandon Staley 7/1 
Eric Bieniemy 8/1 
Joe Brady 9/1 
Aaron Glenn 10/1 
Matt Eberflus 12/1 
Marvin Lewis 15/1 

Lions next head coach 
Eric Bieniemy 5/2 (4/1 odds last week)
Robert Saleh 3/1 
Arthur Smith 7/2 
Dan Campbell 5/1 
Marvin Lewis 8/1 
Todd Bowles 10/1 
Darrell Bevell 10/1 

Texans next head coach 
Jim Caldwell 5/2 (10/1 odds last week)
Eric Bieniemy 3/1 
Marvin Lewis 4/1 
Joe Brady 4/1 
Leslie Frazier 7/1 
Brandon Staley 8/1 
Arthur Smith 10/1 
David Culley 10/1 
Josh McDaniels 15/1 

NBA Betting Systems Point Strongly To One Side on Mavericks vs. Hornets

Some spectacular NBA systems on both sides and totals including famed anti-splits angle that wins in every pro sport. A rare case where our top two computer simulators have very highly rated bets on the same college hoop side. Hint: public dogs die and our offshore and inland index says there is a big contrarian bet favoring us. NBA Wise Guy, four NBA Majors, college basketball Major. Get the picks now 

Free winner on 

DALLAS -4 Charlotte 

Road favorites that shoot substantially more three-pointers than league average are 1316-1073-54. Charlotte has won and covered four straight. We use the oddsmakers knowledge against them. Fading hot underdogs 448-324-22. Fade home underdogs off win under specific situations are 61-23-1. Road favorites or small underdogs on a massive high scoring streak are 682-544-19. 

So why not a premium pick? Though this is premium level intel insofar as super systems, our top simulation software likes the home underdog. You have seen my with outsourced picks from the short-list of very entrusted experts. One of the better and one who can sway bet on Charlotte. But yet he used flawed logic expressing surprise that a team that won 118-99 at Dallas as an eight-point underdog would be such a large underdog at home here. 

Away favorites of -3.5 or more in same season revenge of a 19 point or more loss are 33-16-1 for 67.3 percent. I bet at Bovada  

Betting Model, Computer system agree on bet in NBA

JDP’s new wave of super systems has been a goldmine. We are 41-25 NBA in 2021. Wise Guy among four NBA, plus a college basketball winner. Joe Duffy’s exclusive proprietary information continues to lap the industry. Get the picks now 

Free NBA pick:

Cleveland-Utah OVER 205

The Cavs are the top UNDER team in the name going under 9-2 by an average of -13.2 points per game. Utah is under 6-4 by -4.2 points per game. Under bet, right? Nope. Two cumulative under teams regress to the mean and go over at a rate of 769-556-25. One of our top simulators has this going over 67 percent of the time. 

NBA System that Weaponizes The Oddsmakers’ Knowledge Against Them

I will repeat, it is impossible to not be superstitious. After restart, I had a lifetime of bad beats. But once 2021 came along, everything is back to normal. Joe Duffy’s Picks is 32-13 NBA in the New Year. An influx of new systems and the addition of the two best computer simulation models in the word have raised the bar even higher.

Seven NBA led by two Wise Guys. Lawd, you have heard me scream “use the oddsmakers’ knowledge against them.” We have screaming examples on both Wise Guys and I explain precisely why. Get ready to be amazed. Get ready to sweep. Get the picks now 

Brooklyn-Memphis UNDER 219

Three times in the last five games, the Nets have had totals in the 240s. The lowest was 222.5. Yet this is at 219. Remember I preach use the oddsmakers knowledge against them? Or listen to what they are telling you. Yeah, we do have an angle that says when there is an unusually low total compared to recent ones, it goes under 178-85-6.  That’s 67.6 percent. Yes, Nets will be without Durant and Irving and there very often extenuating circumstances. But computer says the oddsmakers have not adjusted enough. 

Teams off win as an underdog under specific situations that apply in this game a big under bet at 216-125-12 as Brooklyn beat the Sixers. A computer simulator that takes into consideration starting line-ups, as it’s also used for fantasy sports and does a projected boxscore, updated with injuries, has it going under, though admittedly a slight lean. We bet at Bovada

#1 Ranked NBA Handicapper and World’s Hottest Sports Service with Free Bet

MasterLockLine went 3-2 yesterday. 60 percent. It was one of the worst days of the season. LOL! Laughing all the way to the bank, the best start by any entity, any year, ever in gambling is now 64-23 NCABB. Oh a terrible 20-11 NBA. LOL. Winning since 1980 on scorephones, check out a big day on    

Free NBA pick on:

LA LAKERS -5.5 San Antonio

Exploiting outlier games is a very profitable tool in gambling. Going with a team off a game in which their free throw points was much less than normal average is 48-16. Fading teams off win as an away underdog when they benefitted from few fouls being called are 171-129-9. 

Fading teams off road win as a dog while going with and attempted many more three point shots than usual is 19-0. I bet at Bovada

Free Pick NBA Total; Regression to Mean Betting Formula

Tough not to be a little superstitious as a bizarre 2020 has given way to a return to normalcy. Grandmaster Joe Duffy is 22-8 this calendar year in NBA off a 3-0 sweep last night. We are 29-16 overall.

Eleven NBA winners led by four Wise Guys including NBA Central Total of the Year. Never, ever jump off the bandwagon of the greatest capper in history. Why do you think I’ve been a full-time handicapper since 1988?

Free pick: 

New Orleans-Oklahoma City OVER 212

New Orleans has gone under 5-2, going under by an average of 13.6 points per game, making them the No. 2 under team in the NBA. Oklahoma City has gone under 4-2 by 5.5 points per game. So bet under, right? Well Joeybagofdonuts will if he sees those stats. Two cumulative under teams go over 763-552-25. Regression to the mean wins with sides and totals and with low total is the case here. I bet at Bovada

Duffy Sweep NBA Again! Everything is Back to Normal in 2020; See Intel

Tough not to be a little superstitious as a bizarre 2020 has given way to a return to normalcy. Grandmaster Joe Duffy is 22-8 this calendar year in NBA off a 3-0 sweep last night. We are 29-16 overall. Prepurchase the winners

Wise Guy plays are your maximum play. Majors are .75 of Wise Guy plays. Game of the Year and Game of the Month plays still involve the same straight betting as above. While we believe all gamblers need only bet our plays we realize some pick and choose selections. Said distinction is for such ala carte players. All units won quoted on systems are based on one unit per bet. 


Wise Guy

LA Lakers-Memphis UNDER 218

Total based on recent form and current total goes under 1600-1103-69. When a math total has a large enough difference to the posted total, we use the oddsmakers knowledge against them. Because we store each over and under differently in each sport, the over and under angles will have different records, but in reality one could combine them for an overall record.  The under version goes under at a rate of 1485-1136-50. When both apply, it goes under 210-125-13.  


SAN ANTONIO +8.5 LA Clippers

Road underdogs under .500 on ATS losing streak versus an unrested team on pointspread winning streak are 821-765-36. It is a classic regression to the mean where squares love hotter and better team, sharps know colder and worse team gets great value. When combined with a similar angle, it goes over 328-211-11. 

MINNESOTA +11 Denver

Road underdogs under .500 on ATS losing streak versus an unrested team on pointspread winning streak are 821-765-36. It is a classic regression to the mean where squares love hotter and better team, sharps know colder and worse team gets great value. Fade teams off a win in which they gave up a lot of assists is 664-519-21.

NBA Free Bet Jazz vs. Nets

Literally the entire Bet it Trinity is one fire! MasterLockLine’s college basketball is off to the best start of any entity in any sport in gambling history. Stevie Vincent’s pro basketball run is historic and he’s widely accepted as one of the two best pro basketball services ever. Duffy doing as well on 2021 just like he has in his entire career. It’s all at    

Free pick is from Joe Duffy’s Picks on:

UTAH -5 Brooklyn

Road favorites that shoot substantially more three-pointers than league average are 1312-1068-54. I will be the first to admit, the explanation isn’t as obvious as many of our systems. However, one can see how a superior team (obviously an away chalk is better, though in this case because of Duran quarantine) that shoots a lot of three-pointers is a likely blowout. We bet at GTBets   

NBA Free Pick: Regression to the Mean Plays Out Tonight

The Grandmaster is a stunning 16-4 in NBA in 2021 and 22-11 overall. Four NBA Wise Guys led by NBA Game of the Week. Three NBA and a college basketball Major. Our college basketball is a famed outsourced as we have a super sharp loving a lower-profile game and it just so happens to be a strong bet from our #1 simulator. I exploit the top computer systems program (with formulas procured from other ones), bar none the top two simulators, and the elite power ratings. This means essentially thousands of man-hours evaluate every game and you get the best of best. Get the picks now   

Free NBA pick:

CHARLOTTE +8.5 Philadelphia 

At 5-1 SU and 4-2 ATS the Sixers have been better and hotter than the Hornets are 2-4 both outright and in the back pocket. Charlotte is off consecutive 15-point losses, while Philadelphia’s three game spread streak includes 25 and 15 points wins in their last two. The public salivates over hotter and better teams and oddsmakers know that, plus well, again regression. Regression to the mean based on overall record and spread streak saying go with inferior and colder team is 702-539-28. 

Fading teams that had gave up lot of assists in their last game is 664-517-21. Bet at GTBets  

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