Temple-Florida International: Everything Pro Gamblers Know

By Mike Godsey

All but one winner at 8 ET or later.  St. Mary’s on Tuesday, Toronto last night, Joe Duffy’s Picks sweeps Wise Guys  Get Temple vs. Florida International side and total led by Wise Guy. We have three college basketball winners. The first is mid-afternoon. As you know, we don’t give a crap about whether or not a game is televised, but both night winners are on ESPN2. Hint: this winning angle has won us a fortune in multiple sports. Don’t be on the outside looking in. Get the picks now

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Top Football Picks College and NFL Bets

By Mike Godsey

Miami Dolphins vs. Baltimore Ravens, Eastern Michigan vs. Northern Illinois, Toledo vs. Ball State, South Alabama vs. Georgia State, Stanford vs. Oregon State and all clashing on Thursday and OffshoreInsiders.com has both the official betting preview of Thursday Night Football NFL and top sports service picks for each game. NBA is up as well.

Thursday Night Football on NFL Network winning starts where NFL handicapping commences. Joe Duffy always has the strongest bets in the industry. Get NFL winning side, three college football led by a Wise Guy side. Oh, we are 91-58 with all football picks since preseason. Joe Duffy has been publically picking winners since June 1, 1988 on the scorephones. He is the winningest handicapper ever.

Rare bounceback needed in the NBA and it is yours. NBA side for Thursday.

Top small college football and basketball betting expert is out of Reading, PA. You have won with him for years. College Football and Basketball Games of the Month on a stunning 14-1 run. College Football Game of the Month on South Alabama vs. Georgia State side.

No. 1 NFL handicapper for 2017-18 is out of Texas after finishing No. 1 last year. Their Bet the Ranch plays had as good any back-to-back sports seasons as any highest rated play from any handicapper, any year, any sport that the MLL staff has seen since monitoring sports services in 1980.   Bet the Ranch Thursday Night Parlay of the Year on Dolphins vs. Ravens side and total.

An attorney/law professor/pro bettor turned pro bettor/professional handicapper out of Tri Cities, TN is best known for being the greatest SEC handicapper of all-time and the top college basketball and football totals handicapper. Mac Total of the Year goes tonight.

 Now to the top technical handicapper in the business, Stevie Vincent. Stevie Vincent has three Thursday night pro and collegiate winners led by pro football Perfect Play OU. A Perfect Play is when a 100 percent angle involving at least 12 games applies to one side or total. Get all the winners at OffshoreInsiders.com




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NFL Fantasy Football and Sports Betting Info for Week 5; Must See Those Sportsbook Hate Us

By Mike Godsey

Must-see critical bet changing info for today’s portfolio. Don’t dare place another bet without watching.


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NFL Lock Picks Week 3

By Mike Godsey

Top bets are in for week 3 NFL picks. The Grandmaster has had just two Wise Guys the previous seven days. The NL Total of the Year won Tuesday on Atlanta UNDER and yesterday Virginia Tech. We have a Wise Guy among six NFL winners all played in the US at traditional times. Get the picks now

The following are the best, most-reliable, thoroughly vetted online sportsbooks:

MYBookie | Intertops |Betonline | SportsBetting | Bovada

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Expert Picks Against the Spread: College Football Handicapper Computer Picks Info and More

By Mike Godsey

Big betting info for Saturday

Continue the absurd domination as JDP wins again with Utah UNDER last night to go to 39-19 in football. For new clients, get used to this. The last two weeks, we are 10-3 in college football.

Today the Grandmaster has nine college football winners Saturday building on another great, just great season. It is led by a Wise Guy. Get the picks now from Joe Duffy

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Thursday Night Football Betting Inside Info Rams-49ers, Temple vs. USF

By Mike Godsey

Here is gambling intel on the Thursday night college and NFL portfolio. JDP goes 8-3 in college football last week. Actually 8-2-1 for most of you, but we are counting Texas Tech as a loss. The Lions on MNF make us 37-19 going back to preseason.  Thursday NFL and college football picks for another sweep. Get the picks now

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Best Handicapper in History Just Keeps Winning NFL and College Football

By Mike Godsey

And the Grandmaster sweeps the board, going 5-0! JDP is 14-2 in the NFL since preseason and 28-12 with all football. Suckers were all over Atlanta. JDP had Chicago as NFL Game of the Week. Suckers were all over Pittsburgh. The pros had Cleveland. How did you do betting on your own?


Wise Guy

CHICAGO +7 Atlanta

NFL Game of the Week

Super Bowl loser hitting the road is 1-11 against the spread in week 1. Also, teams hit road off great seasons are a 70.4 fade in week 1.

Baltimore-Cincinnati UNDER 42.5

NFL Total of the Week

Early season overreaction on last meeting and last season stats has gone under 83-29.


CLEVELAND +9 Pittsburgh

Teams hit road off great seasons are a 70.4 fade in week 1. Big home underdogs are an 87.5 play in week 1, though 12.5 SU. Again, the best handicapper isolate teams that will cover when they do not win.

DALLAS -4.5 NY Giants

Quality teams from previous season hitting road in week 1 are go-against plays at 54-29.

Carolina-San Francisco UNDER 48

Early season overreaction on last meeting and last season stats has gone under 83-29.



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Official Gambling Preview of Chiefs-Patriots Week 1 NFL odds

By Mike Godsey

Superstar handicapper Joe Duffy has podcast betting preview on the Thursday night football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots on Thursday Night Football.

Duffy is both the best and hottest handicapper in the world. The best NFL handicapper in history, Joe Duffy is 19-5 in NFL preseason and college football. How the hell can you possibly sit on the outside looking in? Time to do what we do better than anyone: win in regular season NFL. We have winner 20-of-25 on Kansas City-New England side. Get the picks now

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News and Notes on Hall of Fame Game

By Mike Godsey

Get everything gamblers must know to win on the Hall of Fame game to start out 2017-18 NFL betting picks.

2017 NFL Preseason Betting Inside Info by OffshoreInsiders.com on Scribd

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Final 4 Men’s Basketball Odds 2017

By Mike Godsey

The Final 4 odds are posted for South Carolina vs. Gonzaga and Oregon  vs. North Carolina from top basketball sports service.

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