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January 20, 2020

First Wave of Super Bowl 54 Props Released Niners-Chiefs

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The first of the Super Bowl props have been released by 5 Dimes, vetted sportsbook and home of the high roller. 

San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs – Super Bowl LIV – Propositions – Hard Rock Stadium – Miami Gardens, FL

Sun 2/2                      115 SF scores first                   +100                             

6:30PM                      116 KC scores first                  -120                              

Sun 2/2                      117 SF scores last                   -105                              

6:30PM                      118 KC scores last                   -115                              

Sun 2/2                      135 Game goes to overtime               +975                             

6:30PM                      136 No overtime                     -1475                           

Sun 2/2                      139 First score a TD                -175                              

6:30PM                      140 First score not a TD                      +155                             

Sun 2/2                      351 SF wins coin toss              -101                              

6:30PM                      352 KC wins coin toss             -101                              

Sun 2/2                      353 Coin toss lands tails                     -101                              

6:30PM                      354 Coin toss lands heads                  -101                              

Sun 2/2                      357 Player to call coin toss is correct             -101                              

6:30PM                      358 Player to call coin toss is wrong              -101                              

San Francisco 49ers win first half & San Francisco 49ers win in regulation

Sun 2/2                      2001 SF HT & SF FT                 +238                             

6:30PM                      2002 Any other result             -278                              

San Francisco 49ers win first half & Kansas City Chiefs win in regulation

Sun 2/2                      2003 SF HT & KC FT                 +590                             

6:30PM                      2004 Any other result             -880                              

San Francisco 49ers win first half & game goes to overtime

Sun 2/2                      2005 SF HT & goes OT            +2500                           

6:30PM                      2006 Any other result             -4000                           

Game tied at half & San Francisco 49ers win in regulation

Sun 2/2                      2007 Tied at Half & SF FT        +1850                           

6:30PM                      2008 Any other result             -2850                           

Game tied at half & game goes to overtime

Sun 2/2                      2009 Tied at Half & goes OT   +4500                           

6:30PM                      2010 Any other result             -8000                           

Game tied at half & Kansas City Chiefs win in regulation

Sun 2/2                      2011 Tied at Half & KC FT       +1850                           

6:30PM                      2012 Any other result             -2850                           

Kansas City Chiefs win first half & game goes to overtime

Sun 2/2                      2013 KC HT & goes OT            +2500                           

6:30PM                      2014 Any other result             -4000                           

Kansas City Chiefs win first half & San Francisco 49ers win in regulation

Sun 2/2                      2015 KC HT & SF FT                 +705                             

6:30PM                      2016 Any other result             -1105                           

Kansas City Chiefs win first half & Kansas City Chiefs win in regulation

Sun 2/2                      2017 KC HT & KC FT                +169                             

6:30PM                      2018 Any other result             -212                              

Sun 2/2                      2019 SF wins 1st half & wins game                +205                              

6:30PM                      2020 Any other result                                    -245                               

Sun 2/2                      2021 SF wins 1st half & loses game               +584                             

6:30PM                      2022 Any other result                                    -867                               

Sun 2/2                      2023 1st half a tie & SF wins game                 +1525                           

6:30PM                      2024 Any other result                                    -2350                             

Sun 2/2                      2025 1st half a tie & KC wins game                +1547                           

6:30PM                      2026 Any other result                                     -2393                           

Sun 2/2                      2027 KC wins 1st half & wins game                +158                             

6:30PM                      2028 Any other result                                    -190                               

Sun 2/2                      2029 KC wins 1st half & loses game               +650                             

6:30PM                      2030 Any other result                                     -1000

Best Super Bowl bets from the top handicappers at  

Free Premium NBA Pick For Martin Luther King Holiday 2020

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MLK Day 2020 happens to produce the strongest portfolio of the season. With a full-slate, that’s not really a big shock. With so many winners, today’s free pick is a premium pick from Joe Duffy of    

ORLANDO -4.5 Charlotte

Road favorites in losing streak under specific circumstances that apply today are 251-153-11. Another about road favorites off a loss is 707-547-22.

5 Dimes lives up to their name. Many of my highest rollers bet substantial amounts of money there and always get paid. They are also the #1 book for added rotation games, niche and obscure betting as well. 5 Dimes is fully vetted. The official book of high rollers!

January 19, 2020

Super Bowl XLIX Odds: Chiefs Slight Favorites, Very High Total

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Kansas City is a scant favorite over San Francisco in Super Bowl LIV, and some think this spread could flip. 

“Despite the AFC being the perceived superior conference this season, you can’t ignore how balanced this 49ers team really is,” said SportsBetting lines manager Robert Cooper. “It’s not out of the question that over the next two weeks we could see this line reverse where San Francisco is favored.”

The online sportsbook set the Super Bowl initial line at Chiefs -1.5 with an over/under of 52.5. 

Before the 49ers-Packers game, the early line for a 49ers vs. Chiefs Super Bowl matchup was Kansas City -3. However, when the Niners opened up a 34-7 lead Sunday night the line had dropped to Chiefs -1. 

Previously, there have only been three occasions where the Super Bowl spread was 1.5 points or fewer. The last time was Super Bowl XLIX where the Seahawks and Patriots game went off as a pick ’em. Prior to that, the 49ers were a 1-point favorite in Super Bowl XVI (1981 season) against Cincinnati and the Dolphins were a 1-point favorite versus Washington in Super Bowl VII (1972 season). 

As far as the over/under, the 52.5 marks one of the 10 highest totals in Super Bowl history. 

Some prop bets for the big game have already been released, and hundreds more will be sent out Tuesday. 

Some early betting patterns have evolved. off another sweep in the conference championships, is the place to go for winning picks and vetted sportsbooks. 

NBA Free Pick, Plus Where to Get Niners-Packers, Titans-Chiefs Bets

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Big day for Joe Duffy clients! Yep another splendid football season that starting with a bang in preseason, winds down with a side sweep. Both Conference Championship Game sides plus night college basketball. Nobody has dominated any sport the way Joe Duffy has the NFL for decades.  Get the picks now

Free NBA pick:

SAN ANTONIO +1 Miami at MYBookie

This is a great example of using the oddsmaker’s knowledge against them. Miami is 29-12 SU, while San Antonio is 17-23. Miami should be substantial road favorites, right? As I have said many times, the single most deceptive stat when handicapping games ATS is the straight up record. 

Home favorite or small underdog despite significantly inferior record are 271-173-6. 

January 18, 2020

Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone Prop Odds

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We’re still a few weeks away from the Super Bowl, but there are plenty of prop bets available for the megafight between Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone. 

On Thursday, SportsBetting unveiled a host of props for Saturday’s highly-anticipated bout headlining UFC 246. People can also wager on Friday’s weigh-in. 

Some of the prop bets include country flags, pay-per-view buys, blood, cuss words, patriotism and who McGregor will call out should he win.  

As far as the fight odds, McGregor is currently a -350 favorite while Cerrone is a +285 underdog. 

Complete list of crazy and standard prop bets are here: 

Conor McGregor weight

Over 168

Under 168

Donald Cerrone weight

Over 169

Under 169

Who will Conor McGregor call out at UFC 246?

Khabib Nurmagomedov +110

Jorge Masvidal +200

Kamaru Usman +600

Floyd Mayweather +800

Nate Diaz +1200

Mann Pacquiao +1500

Total f-bombs Conor McGregor says after fight 

Over 1.5

Under 1.5

Will Conor McGregor wear official UFC/Reebok walkout t-shirt?

Yes -1000

No +500

Total PPV buys

Over 2.2 million 

Under 2.2 million

Will Conor McGregor bring an Irish flag into the cage?

Yes -5000

No +2000

Will Donald Cerrone bring an American flag into the cage?

Yes -120

No -120

First fighter to visibly bleed

Conor McGregor +200

Donald Cerrone -260

First fighter to touch the mat with body part besides feet

Conor McGregor -120

Donald Cerrone -120

Will either fighter lose consciousness?

Yes +500

No -1000

Will the fight go the distance?

Yes +450

No -600

Time of Bruce Buffer intro to fight

Over 2 min 40 seconds

Under 2 min 40 seconds

Total Rounds

Over 1.5

Under 1.5

When will the fight end?

1st Round +100

2nd Round +325

3rd Round +700

4th Round +1000

5th Round +1400

Goes the distance +450 

Round Betting

Conor McGregor wins in 1st Round +170

Conor McGregor wins in 2nd Round +325

Conor McGregor wins in 3rd Round +700

Conor McGregor wins in 4th Round +1200

Conor McGregor wins in 5th Round +2200

Donald Cerrone wins in 1st Round +1200

Donald Cerrone wins in 2nd Round +1200

Donald Cerrone wins in 3rd Round +1600

Donald Cerrone wins in 4th Round +1600

Donald Cerrone wins in 5th Round +2000

Draw +5000 

Method of Victory

Conor McGregor by KO, TKO, DQ, Submission -225

Donald Cerrone by KO, TKO, DQ, Submission +350

Conor McGregor by Decision or Technical Decision +700 

Donald Cerrone by Decision or Technical Decision +900

Draw +5000

Vetted books and handicappers at    

January 15, 2020

Free College Basketball Picks, Critical NBA Injuries For Thursday

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Critical injuries to beat the NBA odds. Want info like this free every day? The kind used by services at Set up an account at MYBookie as the sponsor this great info.  

Suns at Knicks

  • Phoenix Ricky Rubio is back after missing a game for personal reasons 
  • Kelly Oubre Jr. out for Suns
    • Averaging 18.3 points per game and 6.3 rebounds 
    • Cameron Johnson and Mikal Bridges get added playing time
  • Knicks G Reggie Bullock probable 
    • Averaging 9.9 points 1.6 steals in nine appearances 
  • Knicks Frank Ntilikina questionable as missed three straight games
    • 6.2 points and 2.2 rebounds
  • Dennis Smith Jr will miss his 11th straight game for New York 
    • Just 5.2 points and 2.7 assists over 21 
  • Knicks Marcus Morris missed five straight games with sore neck
    • 19.1 points per game, 5.5 rebounds 

Jazz at Pelicans

  • JJ Redick is questionable for New Orleans 
    • 15.7 points per game 
    • Five games this month, the shooting guard is averaging 18.2 points, 3.2 rebounds and 2.4 assists in 28.6 minutes.
    • Missed last two games
    • Josh Hart would get start 
  • Pels reserve forward Kenrich Williams will miss fourth straight game
    • 5.1 rebounds 
  • Pels Jahlil Okafor is probable 
    • 8.5 points and 4.6 rebounds in 24 appearances 
  • Jrue Holiday out for Pels 
    • 19.6 points per game, 4.9 rebounds, 6.5 assists 
    • Lonzo Ball will do most of ball-handling 
  • Pelicans Derrick Favors should return after missing two games
    • Nine previous, he was averaging 11.2 points, 12.4 rebounds, 2.3 assists and 1.7 blocks
  • Brandon Ingram probable as he missed Monday
    • This month, he’s averaging 24.3 points, 6.0 assists, 5.5 rebounds, 1.0 steal and 1.0 block.

5 Dimes lives up to their name. Many of my highest rollers bet substantial amounts of money there and always get paid. They are also the #1 book for added rotation games, niche and obscure betting as well. 5 Dimes is fully vetted. The official book of high rollers!

Oregon-Washington State

  • Oregon’s CJ Walker could return
    • 5.7 points per game, 3.1 rebounds 
    • 6 starts in place of Shakur Juiston,
    • 6-of-18 from three-point land
  • Ducks got Juiston back
    • 8.8 points per game, 7.3 rebounds

The pick: Oregon -10


  • MTSU 4-10 -6.8
  • FAU 7-7 +0.6
  • Regression to the mean based on ats margin is 956-781-28 (MTSU)
  • MTSU is traveling 754 miles to the game

The pick: Middle Tennessee +10

January 14, 2020

Free NBA Pick, Proven Computer System

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Joe Duffy is the best ever and has been winning publicly since 1988 on the scorephones. Top college and NBA picks as second NBA pick added. Three basketball in all for tonight. Get the picks now See how to get 20 days free above

Free NBA winner:

DALLAS -8 Golden State

Road favorites or small underdogs on a massive high scoring streak are 633-499-14.

Bet it at Alert! Alert! Alert! MyBookie is now a 50 percent sign-up bonus. They always pay on time.  

2020-21 College Football National Championship Odds, Heisman Faves Revealed

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Another college football season is in the books, but it’s never too early to take a look at the early favorites for next year’s championship and Heisman. 

Despite losing the national championship game last night, Clemson is the early favorite to capture a third title over the last five seasons, according to SportsBetting 

LSU is fourth on the odds board while Alabama is second and Ohio State is third.

In terms of Heisman odds, the sportsbook has made the obvious choice, Trevor Lawrence, the favorite, but he is followed closely by Justin Fields. USC quarterback Kedon Slovis is the only other player with better than 10/1 odds. 

Real-time championship and Heisman odds that will update throughout the offseason at SportsBetting

Championship Odds
Ohio State9/2
Notre Dame25/1
Penn State33/1
Texas A&M40/1
Florida State50/1
Iowa State100/1
Miami FL100/1
Oklahoma State150/1
Heisman Odds
Trevor Lawrence – Clemson QB7/2
Justin Fields – Ohio State QB4/1
Kedon Slovis – USC QB9/1
Chuba Hubbard – Oklahoma State RB10/1
Mac Jones – Alabama QB10/1
Sam Ehlinger – Texas QB10/1
Spencer Rattler – Oklahoma QB10/1
Tanner Morgan – Minnesota QB10/1
Derek Stingley Jr – LSU CB/WR16/1
Kenneth Gainwell – Memphis RB16/1
Kyle Trask – Florida QB16/1
Myles Brennan – LSU QB16/1
Sam Howell – North Carolina QB16/1
Ja’Marr Chase – LSU WR20/1
Justin Jefferson – LSU WR20/1
Bo Nix – Auburn QB33/1
Brock Purdy – Iowa State QB33/1
Chatarius Atwell – Louisville WR33/1
Ian Book – Notre Dame QB33/1
Javian Hawkins – Louisville RB33/1
Jaylen Waddle – Alabama WR33/1
Rondale Moore – Purdue WR33/1
Trey Sanders – Alabama RB33/1
Zamir White – Georgia RB33/1
D’Eriq King – Houston QB50/1
Dillon Gabriel – UCF QB50/1
Jaret Patterson – Buffalo RB50/1
Journey Brown – Penn State RB50/1
Michael Penix Jr. – Indiana QB50/1
Sean Clifford – Penn State QB50/1
Spencer Sanders – Oklahoma State QB50/1
Tylan Wallace – Oklahoma State WR50/1
Tyler Huntley – Utah QB50/1

Where are the winning sports picks on a daily basis as well as all vetted sportsbooks? It’s all on

January 13, 2020

History Against LSU Covering Versus Clemson

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Favorites and Heisman Trophy winners historically haven’t fared well in college football championship games. 

During the College Football Playoff era, favorites in the national championship are 0-5 against the spread. 

Additionally, the last 12 Heisman winners playing in the title game are just 5-7 overall and 3-9 against the spread, according to data from SportsBetting

LSU was installed as a 4.5-point favorite more than two weeks ago when the CFP line was set. Since then, the majority of the spread bets have been on the favorite. 

“It’s hard to recall a championship football game that was so one-sided in terms of spread bets,” said lines manager Robert Cooper. “Both the public bettors and professional bettors are on LSU so we’ll take a bath if they cover the spread.”

The spread moved to as high as -5.5 last week, but it dropped to -5 this morning as Clemson bettors took the points. The total has dropped two full points today as well after being 69.5 the last two weeks. And the mass majority of people betting the moneyline are taking a shot with the underdog

Here are the current CFP championship odds and percentages from SportsBetting:

Spread% of BetsMoneyline% of BetsOver/Under% of Bets

Finally, there are nearly 100 prop bets available for Monday’s game. 

You can bet on just about anything such as player stats, first touchdown, margin of victory, broadcast sayings, President Trump and alumni sightings. Here are some of the prop bets available at SportsBetting

January 12, 2020

Uncut Gems: Another Winning Free Sports Pick From #1 NBA Capper

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Another in decades uncut gems from Joe Duffy. The Grandmaster has a free NBA winner on:

UTAH -8.5 Washington

Road favorites or small underdogs on a massive high scoring streak are 630-497-14. A similar concept, but with much tighter parameters is 166-91-5 for 64.6 percent. I get at MYBookie, which has a 50 percent signup bonus right now. 

Top expert pick on today’s card is from Joe Duffy. Entire card at 3:30 ET or later. All but one winner 6 ET or later.  A weird day yesterday where only four bets rose to the level of premium, but we nail three of them, not even including FCS winner, to go to 4-1 overall, Sunday, two NFL Majors, the side and total in Seattle-Green Bay. Wise Guy among three NBA winners.  Get the picks now  

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