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Football Odds Preview East Carolina vs. Navy With @SBR_Meg

Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy has a huge Saturday portfolio led by a Wise Guy side in college football. Get five sides and three totals on the collegiate gridiron. The intel is going to blow your mind. Well actually many have been with us for decades and should come to expect it. So when are you ready to raise the bar. Get eight college football winners now.

Detroit wins as yet another named play Wise Guy. Despite mostly underdogs in MLB, we go to 28-13 with Wise Guy plays and we go 2-1 overall Friday. Raise the damn bar, would you? Get the picks now

Also get East Carolina-Navy preview

Oregon-Michigan State Tops @SBR_Meg and Top CFB Handicapper Previews

Wow, we have 11 college football winners for Saturday, with three being Wise Guy plays!  Get the picks now

It was a great honor to commence college football betting previews with rising superstar Megan Rochester of SBR Forum. The sportsbook previews included:


The Bearcats are 6.5-7 point favorites at home with a posted total of 55, up after opening up at 55.


Texas is laying 14.5 at home to their in-state rivals with a posted total of 48.5, down from 52. We reveal how teams do as substantial favorites off big losses.

Oregon-Michigan State

In what is the marquee game of the weekend, Michigan State is in revenge and a 3-point favorite with 15 cents juice and a total of 64.5. Check out our key injury update for MSU.

Kentucky-South Carolina

Both the talented host and Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy are from Georgia, the heart of SEC country. South Carolina is laying 8 with a total of 55-55.5.

North Texas-SMU

SMU is a 5.5 point favorite, up for an opener of -3. Is the “right angle” the winning angle? The total is 55, down 3.5 from the opener.

Joe Duffy’s Picks enters this weekend 17-5 with all football picks. Get the best bets from the highest rated handicapper and gambler of all-time at OffshoreInsiders.com