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Week 8 NFL Picks Chargers vs. Ravens

Free picks SBR Videos features the San Diego Chargers vs. Baltimore Ravens in week 8 NFL odds. Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy breaks it down. But first here is what the Grandmaster has:

Get picks from the best handicapper ever in the midst of the best betting season in history. Joe Duffy’s Picks says the winning does not stop. We are 66-39 with all Wise Guys. This includes 11 Dandy Dogs as it goes back to MLB regular season. Dandy Dogs are moneyline underdogs of 140 or more. People have been gambling on football for more than a half century. More concerned about just lately? That is 21-7 with Wise Guys including MLB playoff underdogs. Hoops? Oh we have nailed five straight NBA winners there too!

It is very safe to say, no gamblers have ever have and may never have a season like Joe Duffy’s Picks has had in college and NFL. It truly has only begun! AFC North Game of the Year tops five NFL winners but it all starts with the 9:30 AM side and total from London on Chiefs-Lions at OffshoreInsiders.com

NFL Handicapper Winning Picks Raiders-Chiefs Picks

Bam! Bam! Bam! Here. We. Go! Again. (Game pending. Check OffshoreInsiders.com for updated records and bets) Joe Duffy’s Picks is 8-2 the last three days and we have so much winning ahead. We are going to make you a fortune on Sunday so get ready to win and win big! We have four NFL winning picks led by two Wise Guys. One is a side, the other is the Interconference Total of the Year. OffshoreInsiders.com

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Washington Redskins Picks Against Spread

Sports betting computer NFL picks. Get the gambling odds preview on Buccaneers-Redskins NFL picks 2014.

Joe Duffy’s Picks has dominated the NFL since the mid-1980s scorephone days more than any handicapper has in any sport. Measuring success by the year and decade, we have six winning picks up now. We have sharp versus square, an outsourced pick, and good old fashion proven handicapping led by Performance Gap Analysis. Get out the broom as we continue to rise back to the top. The portfolio is at OffshoreInsiders.com

NFL Picks and Predictions Vikings vs. Bills Vegas Odds

Thanks to Performance Gap Analysis picks, the DNA of Handicapping, this is easily the biggest Sunday for NFL picks this season, maybe in years not just for Joe Duffy’s Picks but the entire betting industry! We have four Wise Guys up in the NFL including the NFC Total of the Year and the NFC East Game of the Year. Performance Gap Analysis will change your life. We have three Majors plays. So it is quality and quantity, sides and totals. Get three Major plays as well. That is seven winners from the experienced proven superstar. Get them all at OffshoreInsiders.com

Also a Sunday a Perfect Play side is on the New York Giants vs. Dallas from The Great One Stevie Vincent. Perfect Play, which means an angle that is 100 percent and involves a minimum of 12 games. We always unlock the angle inside the play. This is one of the most feared bets in Las Vegas! It is at OffshoreInsiders.com