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October 31, 2015

Jets vs. Raiders Gambling Info Will Leave You Speechless

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All Joe Duffy’s Picks does is win. The Jets-Raiders preview is demonstrative of why. The best betting previews known to man are below but first, what does the Grandmaster have?

Get picks from the best handicapper ever in the midst of the best betting season in history. Joe Duffy’s Picks says the winning does not stop. We are 66-39 with all Wise Guys. This includes 11 Dandy Dogs as it goes back to MLB regular season. Dandy Dogs are moneyline underdogs of 140 or more. People have been gambling on football for more than a half century. More concerned about just lately? That is 21-7 with Wise Guys including MLB playoff underdogs. Hoops? Oh we have nailed five straight NBA winners there too!

It is very safe to say, no gamblers have ever have and may never have a season like Joe Duffy’s Picks has had in college and NFL. It truly has only begun! AFC North Game of the Year tops five NFL winners but it all starts with the 9:30 AM side and total from London on Chiefs-Lions at

October 30, 2015

Football Locks Ole Miss-Auburn Odds, Predictions

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Auburn-Ole Miss experts only betting preview from the Grandmaster.

Joe Duffy’s Picks is having as great of a season as ever recorded in gambling history. We are 19-4 in football recently, 18-5 college football including 11-1 the last 12. Six college football winners three are Wise Guys led by Pac-12 Network Game of the Year and ACC Game of the Year. Get that plus Breeders Cup picks at

Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine has a clear-cut No. 1 college football service for 2015 has emerged. From the Inland Northwest, College Football Game of the Year Oklahoma State/Texas Tech among three top rated bets. Incredibly a sports service out of the Midwest remains No. 1 in college football based on all-time units won. You have won with their Executive Plays here since 2010! Without question the most sought after bets in college football in the history of MasterLockLine going back to 1980 scorephone 976-LOCK. Three Executive Plays. Get $309 worth of sports service picks for $16 on the MasterLockLine at

College Picks Football Freeplay Stanford vs. Washington State

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Get the ATS preview for Stanford-Washington State from Joe Duffy.

The MasterLockLine has the top plays from the top sports services in their highest ranked sports. Today’s menu has New No. 1 sports service, all sports for 2015, is out of Great Plains. Their top play is a Signature Release. Four Signature Releases but two agree with top rated bets from Biggest Play above

All-time NBA sports service total net units won, one unit per bet due to one of the best runs in history since Feb. 23, 2012 is famed for 100* Locks. They are gunning for their fourth straight Top 6 finish in the NBA including playoffs out of more than 620 services and sources monitored. NBA Game of the Month goes Saturday. All this is at

The professional and collegiate gridiron continues to be sweet to TGO Stevie Vincent. He has three Level 5 winning picks among four collegiate spectacular bets. Get them now. The top angle in each game is 70-9 against the spread at

October 23, 2015

Professional Gamblers Enjoying Among Best Seasons Ever; Still Outside Looking In! STOP Now!

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And we just keep winning. I have been in the business 28 years and have seen many touts come and go. We have had some of the best betting seasons every publically recorded in the history of every sport, college and pro football and baseball counted separately. This is certainly in our Top 10 football.

Before the season started, I did something you never heard from me before. I bragged about how we bought and traded some of the best computer systems on earth. And I just keep effing winning. Yes, the best ever truly got better. Surely you were not on the outside looking in of Joe Duffy’s Picks were you? All clients of Joe Duffy’s Picks at got this:



Wise Guy

SEATTLE -5.5 San Francisco

Teams that are winless in road games and are road favorites in game 6 or later are 19-4 since 2007. Seattle has a deceptively bad record. Seahawks four losses were at St. Louis, at Green Bay, at Cincinnati and at Carolina. Those are losses to 3-of-5 undefeated teams and 2-of-3 teams with six wins.

Over the year first year head coaches on Thursday Night Football have been great fades. This is especially when someone has not been a head coach previously as is the case with Jim Tomsula.

The Niners are all but assured of coming out flat in this one off a rare quality effort.

Georgia Southern-Appalachian State UNDER 62

I especially expect Georgia Southern with their one-dimensional offense to struggle overall to App State. However they are too good of a rushing team to be completely shut down, so I expect them to have long sustained drives that eat up the clock.

GA Southern was shutout by the best defense they faced all season Clemson. Of course App State is not as dominant, but is the second best defense they have faced. They allow just 11.8 points per game to teams averaging 20.3 on 3.2 yards per rushing attempt to 3.5 and 5.9 yards per pass to 6.9. The matchups indicate decent success on the ground but little in the air for Southern as they get a mere 5.7 yards per pass to teams normally allowing 8.



APPALACHIAN STATE -6 Georgia Southern

We have a super strong momentum angle that favors App State that is 666-492-26. Yes I am very aware that Georgia Southern also has momentum, but I ran several queries that asked if their opponent is coming off five straight blowout wins, does it cancel out the angle? Nope, it does not. In fact, most raised the winning percentage, albeit with a substantially smaller sample size.

The Mountaineers lead the conference in total defense, while Latrell Gibbs is tied for the conference lead with five interceptions, including two he returned for touchdowns. Ronald Blair is second in the conference with four sacks.

That is bad news for a Georgia Southern offense that struggles to pass. Appalachian State is the better team because of defense and a more balanced offense. ASU was the favorite to win the conference after showing drastic improvement with young players last season, finishing the year 6-0 straight up. Clearly they are for real and ready to make a statement in a revenge game. But App State is substantially better than when they met last year and playing at home.

GA Southern was shutout by the best defense they faced all season Clemson. Of course App State is not as dominant, but is the second best defense they have faced. They allow just 11.8 points per game to teams averaging 20.3 on 3.2 yards per rushing attempt to 3.5 and 5.9 yards per pass to 6.9. The matchups indicate decent success on the ground but little in the air for Southern as they get a mere 5.7 yards per pass to teams normally allowing 8.


October 11, 2015

Week 5 NFL Locks: Buccaneers vs. Jaguars

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Yes Kansas State made it much more interesting than it needed to be, but holds on as LateInfo now 207-103 including 9-2 in football this year. Oh the last losers was Denver UNDER last week in which most of you had a winner or a push, so many of you are 10-1! Regardless get Seahawks-Bengals side from The biggest outlaw book in the southeast has been such for nearly 30 years. He also is in constant contact with his colleagues from around the nation. Nobody has a better pulse on where outlaw and under-the-radar whale money is going. Get the picks now

Get the Jaguars vs. Buccaneers betting picks preview from Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy.

September 20, 2015

Professional Bettors Demand This and Pro Gamblers Get the Best; Are You Ready?

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Professional gamblers demand the best and pro gamblers get the best from Joe Duffy’s Picks at

The 5-2 record does not tell the story as it includes 2-0 with Wise Guys plus the first of many money line underdogs wins with Washington +145. as Joe Duffy’s Picks has dominated the NFL since the mid-1980s scorephone days more than any handicapper has in any sport.


Wise Guy

TAMPA +10 -115 New Orleans

We are honored to continue getting new clients. Here is one of our secrets to NFL handicapping: we successfully know when to bet on unpredictability. Jameis Winston was drafted No. 1 for a reason. After being completely outplayed by Marcus Mariota in opening week, we look for the resiliency that made Shame Us one of the all-time great college QBs. The tea leaves indicate Mike Evans should return at WR, a huge boost. Still 10 points is too much against a Saints team that lost stud TE Jimmy Graham in a trade.

Not shockingly, underdogs of 4.5 or more off a loss of 28 or more is 123-78-5 for 61.2 percent.

CLEVELAND +1.5 Tennessee

Home Underdog Game of the Year

I am just not buying it at all. Of course Marcus Mariota made one of the most impressive debuts in NFL history. If you think he will not have bouts of inconsistency in his rookie year, especially following up a great game, then bet on the Tits now on the Super Bowl futures. Oh I am definitely betting on him to come down to earth playing his second straight road game.

Here is what I am buying: Johnny Manziel has tried to turn if life around and at least short-term will breathe life into this terrible offense. How is losing Josh McCown, the worst starting QB in the league, a drop off?

Manziel has taken all first-team reps this week. He has been reading his own press clippings and they have not been very good. A talented, humbled, a more mature J Football will seize the opportunity.


CINCINNATI -3 -118 San Diego

Philip Rivers has a long history of following up great games with a thud. In the greatest comeback at home in team history, the Chargers rallied from an 18 point deficit in the first half for a remarkable 33-28 victory over the Detroit Lions. He enters this game with 20 straight completions, but if he has the ability to sustain momentum, he would be a slam-dunk Hall-of-Famer.

Now that he hits the road against a talented defense, he is all but assured of a thud. I am no big fan of Andy Dalton, but he is much less likely to give a game away than Matt Stafford on the road.

BUFFALO +1 New England

Contrary to popular belief, Bill Belichick has not done all that well to young QBs. The theory being his alleged genius is have a lot of film to study, something he does not have with Tyrod Taylor.

In 2013, the Jets lost to the Patriots 13-10 and beat them 30-27, in what were Geno Smith second and seventh career starts. Also in 2013, the Patriots barely beat EJ Manuel and the Bills, winning 23-21 in what was Manuel first career start.

If defense wins, the home dog is a lock because they have the superior defense. Rex Ryan is a great short-term fix. Yes his act wears thin, but that is down the road. The short-term effect of a new coach and a new QB is more than enough for the outright win.

DETROIT +2 Minnesota

Matt Stafford predictably unpredictable hence off 19-30 with 2 int, history says he will rebound with good effort. He already plays well to Nordic Explorers with aTD-INT ration of 14-4 vs. the Vikings.

Teddy Bridgewater goes hunter to hunted. Yes he improved late in season, but second-year QB is perfect candidate to regress.

His worst game in 2014, as measured by passer rating, was at home against the Lions when he was intercepted three times, was sacked eight times and lost a fumble. The Vikings are overvalued overall and Detroit is undervalued in this spot.

PITTSBURGH -6.5 San Francisco

What a tough spot for the Niners off a late MNF traveling 2260 miles and playing at 10 PST. Bet against team off win as home underdogs is 367-270-18.

This is a much better offense that San Francisco beat last week. We will grant you that Pittsburgh perhaps has too much rest off opening up on Thursday. Still the travel, short week, west coast body clock should mean Pittsburgh owns the game late.

WASHINGTON +145 St. Louis

This is on the moneyline. Going against road team off win as home underdogs +117.8 units.

Joe Duffy has been featured on CTV, ESPN, Sporting News Radio, SBR Forum videos, top sports betting podcast, CBC News, AJC syndication, Bleacher Report, Examiner, SportsBlog, Sports Network (now Stats Inc), 976, free, and national toll-free scorephones as well as many high volume websites.

July 31, 2015

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Let’s hope: Perfect storm of events will force sports leagues to reassess their opposition to sports betting


Long ago, Grandmaster Handicapper Joe Duffy spoke of the bipartisan hypocrisy.


July 19, 2015

5 Words a Gamblers Should NEVER Utter

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The most successful bettors don’t utter the phrase, but losing bettors do and the sportsbook is happy they do! Five words a gambler should never say, “I won’t pay for picks.”

Yes the ESPN rainout saved the bookmakers some money, but it was a complete sweep by Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine, Stevie Vincent and Joe Duffy’s Picks. This is what pro gamblers demand. This is what you deserve every day at

Wise Guy plays are your maximum play. Majors are .75 of Wise Guy plays. Game of the Year and Game of the Month plays still involve the same straight betting as above. While we believe all gamblers need only bet our plays we realize some pick and choose selections. Said distinction is for such ala carte players. All units won quoted on systems are based on one unit per bet.

As a college graduate, Joe Duffy apologizes for lack of apostrophes and quotations. There is a compatibility issue with Word and php updates that cause issues.



MILWAUKEE (JUNGMANN -115) Pittsburgh (Locke)

Though Jeff Locke has a home ERA of 2.58 but hits the road where it is 7.28. Taylor Jungmann 2.15 and a WHIP of 1.000. His last four he has given up four runs in 27 IP. Milwaukee is 12-4 overall.

NY METS (NIESE +125) St. Louis (Cooney)

Going against quality favories off a win under specific circumstances is a stunning +198.4 units. Yes the angle has been in a slump lately but it is one of those angles below .500 but makes a fortune because we are always betting on an underdog.

SAN FRANCISCO (BUMGARNER -125) Arizona (Corbin)

It is an outsourced pick, previous called a competitor consensus, but renamed to more accurately reflect the parameters. If we have a lean one way and one of the few sports services or sources we respect has a big pick on a certain side or if we are neutral on a pick, but at least two elite sources or contacts have a bet sans any conflicting bets from said sources, it is a bet for us as an outsourced pick.

LA ANGELS (SANTIAGO -123) Boston (Rodriquez)

The Halos are 14-3 the last 17. Boston has lost more in a row than the Angels last 17, dropping four straight. In their last five games the Halos have a .126 OBP edge.

Stevie Vincent
Stevie Vincent BetOnSports360 Premium Report.  Football and basketball picks and records are against the spread.  Of course that is unless we specify totals.  The pick is in BOLD over their opponent.

Example: NEW YORK over Chicago means the pick is on New York against the spread.

A Perfect Play means an angle that is a 100 percent angle with a minimum of 12 games. However, not all 12-0 or better stats automatically qualify as a Perfect Play depending on counter information and the time period the perfect stat applies. The Great One Stevie Vincent top play is Level 5.


>>>LEVEL 5 PLAY is on Los Angeles Dodgers/Washington UNDER

Private Collection O/U of the Decade

Forensic team and pitching information on this game; last five appearances (minimum of three if pitcher has less than five starts) ERA followed by WHIP: Greinke 0.00, .53, Scherzer 2.56. .54

>>>LEVEL 4 PLAY is on CHICAGO CUBS over Atlanta

Forensic team and pitching information on this game; last five appearances (minimum of three if pitcher has less than five starts) ERA followed by WHIP: Arrieta 1.13, .63, Miller 3.41, 1.52


MasterLockLine locked and loaded menu for Sunday, July 19, 2015

**Biggest Play**

Service out of Miami has been tracked since scorephone days is No. 2 all-time in MLB and No. 4 all sports combined. ESPN Game of the Year on Red Sox/Angels *****The premium pick is Los Angeles Angels

**Hottest Handicapper**

MasterLockLine exclusive: The famed Pan-Asian syndicate picks about 95 percent totals and five-percent sides but both win at an absurd rate. We have their plays exclusively here. They are literally the most sought after source for totals in all sports in the world! 8-1 run with MLB totals. Top total of the day goes on ESPN *****The premium pick is Boston UNDER

New No. 1 handicapper for 2015 is out of the Lower Atlantic states. Their Black Card picks are hitting above 70 percent through more than 100 selections, almost unheard of by any service in any sport. Black Card Game of the Week goes after 2 ET *****The premium pick is Kansas City

Winning percentage: self explanatory, minimum of 50 plays in quoted category to quality for rankings

We rate handicappers by each sport, combined college and pro (example NFL, college, and NFL/college football combined), overall and also by varying time periods (this season, last five years). Hence there will be more than for example 10 services considered Top 10. Parlay picks are counted as individual plays for accurate comparison


July 8, 2015

Bettors Were Ready to Quick Baseball Gambling; Then This Happened Changing Lives

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Stevie Vincent told you that one of the strongest pro baseball underdog parlays in world history presented itself Wednesday. He hits it going 2-1 and 21-6 overall. Stevie is sick what he is accomplishing yet again this season at


All were underdogs at time of release but are highly subject to move. The Great One Stevie Vincent continues to be more influential as more whales discover his greatness. This is why all pros get long-term pick packs to access before line moves.

>>>LEVEL 5 PLAY is on NEW YORK METS over San Francisco

Dog Day Parlay of the Last 2 Centuries

Forensic team and pitching information on this game; last five appearances (minimum of three if pitcher has less than five starts) ERA followed by WHIP: deGrom 2.08, .92, Peavy 6.43, 1.64

>>>LEVEL 5 PLAY is on DETROIT over Seattle

Dog Day Parlay of the Last 2 Centuries

Forensic team and pitching information on this game; last five appearances (minimum of three if pitcher has less than five starts) ERA followed by WHIP: Sanchez 2.61, .87, Happ 5.47, 1.56

>>>LEVEL 4 PLAY is on MIAMI over Boston

Forensic team and pitching information on this game; last five appearances (minimum of three if pitcher has less than five starts) ERA followed by WHIP: Koehler 2.67, 1.07, Porcello 9.12, 1.78


June 16, 2015

Professional Gamblers Demand This; The Secret is Out

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This is what pro gamblers demand. How many of you believe you are entitled to the best? If you are ready to live the high life, Joe Duffy’s Picks has this for you year ‘round at



GOLDEN STATE -4 Cleveland

The Warriors depth has clearly worn down Cleveland. They are playing at their pace. One guy cannot win it on his own. Even in the Sunday game with two days rest, Golden State clearly had the fresher legs. Now with just one day rest it gets ugly.


Wise Guy

Seattle-San Francisco OVER 7

IL Total of the Month

Both pitchers are coming back down to earth. JA Happ has 1.88 home ERA but now he is on the road where it is 7.48. His batting average against is .351 on the road to .283 at home. His day batting average against is .388 to just .273 at night.

Streaky Tim Lincecum has a 6.40 ERA his last four starts with a 1.60 WHIP.

ATLANTA (TEHERAN +150) Boston (Miley)

Day IL Game of the Month

Boston has lost seven straight -8.4 units. Atlanta is +2.3 units their last seven games. Julio Teheran last three starts has .984 WHIP. Wade Miley has 7.05 ERA and 1.761 WHIP.


MIAMI (PHELPS +105) NY Yankees (Eovaldi)

This is a sharp versus square, which is when our Vegas, offshore, and outlaw contacts tell us the majority of sharp money is betting one team, the square money the other. We go with the smart money as contrarian betting is used by many professional gamblers.

We have reduced the number of such picks after refining the metrics to raise the winning percentage. In short we have more sources that must validate it is widely authenticated.

KANSAS CITY (YOUNG -110) Milwaukee (Garza)

Royals are 5-2 the last seven. Milwaukee has dropped three in a row. In 52 IP Chris Young has a 2.25 ERA and .942 WHIP. At night he is 4-1 personally with a team mark of 5-1. On the other hand Matt Garza is 0-6 at night with a 7.41 ERA and 1.699 WHIP. His team record at night is 1-6 -5.2 units. Garza is 3-6 to KC.


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