College Football Sharp Versus Square Report Week 1 Odds

College football week 1 fade the public, sportsbook betting percentages report on latest betting odds

Biggest public consensus in term of percentage of bets: Louisville 80, Texas State 79; Kansas UNDER 97

Most lopsided bets in term of percentage of money and biggest sportsbook liabilities: Florida State 95, Texas 91; Western Kentucky OVER 99, Army UNDER 99

Biggest line moves with opening odds followed by current odds: Army -16 now -21, North Carolina -19 now -23

There are several theories on how to use this information. Percentage of bets counts a $5 bet the same as a $5,000 wager. Many of those who believe in betting against the public assert the most valuable fades are from the person betting $10 on a seven-team parlay.

Some sharps declare that the bookies always win, so root for the same games they are hoping win. Thus, fading the liabilities wins most long-term. The top sports handicapper Joe Duffy explains how the sharpest gamblers exploit contrarian betting, weighing information accordingly.

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