LSU vs. Alabama Free Sports Picks Preview

By Mike Godsey

Official gambling preview of LSU vs. Alabama from America’s only Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy with the bright and beautiful SBR Megan.

(Records quoted entering Friday night) Just a few of the numbers: Joe Duffy’s Picks is 70-42 all sports Wise Guys with 11 Dandy Dogs (moneyline +140 or more) winning! We are 24-8 in college football with Western Michigan destroying the spread last night. We are 26-10 with all football. We are 44-22 with all picks. NHL is the only sport we are not way ahead and (for now) those who have not bet NHL are 42-18 including many MLB underdogs both among winners and juice free losers.

Saturday is the Big Ten Intradivisional Game of the Year among three college football Wise Guys for Saturday as the other two are totals. But the pick party is not over as we have six college Majors as well. Yes now 9-0 for Saturday college football. Get all the winners now at

The Saturday football portfolio is complete but NBA in the morning.


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Week 6 NFL Picks Texans vs. Jaguars

By Mike Godsey

More coming. So visit us back. and SBR Forum reviews the Texans and Jaguars from a betting standpoint.

Sunday Joe Duffy’s Picks has six NFL winners led by two Wise Guys. One of the angles that applied in our Game of the Year winner rout in the Saints applies to one of the Wise Guys Sunday. Bam!

We are 12-5 this weekend including big underdog the KC Royals yesterday. Two losers were by a combined 1.5 points. Did somebody mention Games of the Year? Thursday Night Interdivision Game of the Year in the NFL wins on the Saints. But it is clearly the best Thursday night of football season as we nailed the Pac-12 Game of the Year on Stanford. Friday, the only Wise Guy was Utah State. Saturday the Big Ten Game of the Year was on Iowa. They were all routs. Now the Sunday sweep. Get it all at

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Top Ten Sports Handicappers Picks UNLV vs. BYU

By Mike Godsey

They were the staple of the scorephones long before the internet, get the against the spread trends reports which have evolved into a podcast, a far cry from the carbon phone days! Much better than ever in so many ways.

Joe Duffy’s Picks Six college football winners are up for Saturday. Four are Wise Guys led by the SEC Game of the Year and the SEC West Game of the Year in the same day. Yes long-time clients will have a very accurate idea of some of our bets because slumps notwithstanding, we have won substantially more than we have lost with these angles, theories, and systems over the decades. Oh and in addition to the six college football winners, we have two college basketball. We did deep, have trusted sources and make sure the winning streaks will always outnumber and outlast the losing ones at

While Jason Jordan and Blowout Picks blare promises out of your radio, get them delivered at

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