Who Turned on Trump? Oddsmakers Have a Good Idea; Bet on it

It’s no secret that Dana White is a friend and strong supporter of former president Donald Trump.

This week, there has been much speculation surrounding the mole who tipped off the FBI, which ultimately led to the raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

Some have pointed toward Jared Kushner while others suspect Mark Meadows. But could it have been Uncle Dana?

White’s odds from SportsBetting  are rather long (125-1) so the book believes it’s unlikely, but, hey, we’ve seen crazier things happen.

The only other name associated with sports on the list of 45 potential moles below is Jack Nicklaus. 

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Mar-a-Lago Mole Odds

Tom Barrack               +250

Mark Meadows           +325

Jared Kushner             +400

Jim Jordan                   +1400

Matt Gaetz                  +1400

Rudy Giuliani               +1400

Steve Bannon              +1400

John Eastman              +2800

Ivanka Trump              +3500

Michael Flynn Sr.        +3500

Christopher Miller      +4000

Kash Patel                   +4000

Kelly-Anne Conway     +5000

Mike Lindell                +5000

Paul Manafort             +5000

Tiffany Trump             +6500

Stormy Daniels            +6900

Kayleigh McEneny      +7500

Melania Trump           +7500

Benjamin Netanyahu  +10000

Elon Musk                   +10000

Roger Stone                +10000

Sidney Powell             +10000

Dana White                +12500

Marco Rubio               +12500

Alex Jones                   +15000

Corey Lewandoswki    +15000

Donald Trump Jr.        +15000

Eric Trump                  +15000

Ghislaine Maxwell      +15000

Kanye West                 +15000

Kid Rock                      +15000

Lara Trump                 +15000

Mike Pence                 +15000

Nigel Farage                +15000

Jon Voight                   +20000

Kevin McCarthy          +20000

Rand Paul                    +20000

Ron DeSantis               +20000

Scott Baio                    +20000

Ted Nugent                 +20000

Vladimir Putin             +20000

Billy Bush                    +25000

Jack Nicklaus               +25000

Joe Rogan                    +25000

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