Suns-Pelicans, Heat-Hawks, Bucks-Bulls Betting Intel, Free MLB Bet

Super sharp market report NBA betting for Friday, April 22.  The Suns-Pelicans, Heat-Hawks, Bucks-Bulls all have small road favorites and all have about 67 percent of the public betting the chalk. Phoenix is the only substantial money bet with 86 percent of the cash on them. There are no compelling betting splits to speak of insofar as side. 

The Suns OVER has 77 percent of wagers yet just 14 percent of money for overwhelming splits. Many pros would argue that makes New Orleans UNDER a very sharp bet. But that is not even the most overwhelming sportsbook liability as a jaw-dropping 97 percent of handle is on Heat-Hawks OVER. 

Free pick MLB:

MIAMI (RODGERS +130) Atlanta (Wright)

Taking recent lines and comparing to the current line, weaponizing the odds against them is +840.1 units. 

Top expert pick is from Joe Duffy. I went 3-1 in MLB. Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy has all three NBA sides, all three totals, two are Wise Guys. MLB side is a later night start and a fantastic example of using oddsmakers knowledge against them. I explain inside! Get the picks now

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