College Basketball, NBA, NFL Super Sharp Intel for Monday

Super sharp moves for Monday. We have decided to combine all sports into one report:

🏀Biggest public consensus in term of percentage of bets: Citadel, Phoenix Suns, Chicago Bulls, LA Rams

🏀Most lopsided bets in term of percentage of money and biggest sportsbook liabilities: Citadel, Sacramento Kings, Liberty, Manhattan, Miami Heat

🏀Sharp versus square metrics AKA pros versus Joes: Miami Heat, Bowling Green. 

🏀Biggest line moves with opening odds followed by current odds: Presbyterian +1 now -3, Eastern Illinois -1 to +3; Dallas Mavericks -4 to -5.5.

Yes, the historic runs will be sustained as founder Tom Abernathy explains off yesterday’s sweep! Overall the longest sustained run in gambling history is at 1722-1043. Current seasons: 125-72 football, 38-9 NBA, 13-2 start to collegiate basketball. 

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