Saints Rout Leads List of overreaction to Week 1 Results; Updated SUper Bowl Odds

Aaron Rodgers wasn’t telling Packers fans to “relax” after Sunday’s dismal performance against New Orleans, and the oddsmakers mildly took notice of the man who may not be fully committed to playing out this season.

The Super Bowl odds board at SportsBetting  remained top heavy with many of the favorites (Chiefs, Bucs, Rams, 49ers) pulling out victories in Week 1, but there was some shakeup in the second tier of contenders.

Green Bay slid out of the favorites and into that second tier with 18-1 odds. The Steelers, Seahawks and Saints greatly improved their Super Bowl odds positions with quality Week 1 victories.

Below are the notable movements, as well as the current championship odds. Other teams’ odds moved very little or not at all.

Packers: 11-1 to 18-1

Saints: 35-1 to 20-1

Steelers: 40-1 to 28-1

Seahawks: 24-1 to 18-1

Eagles: 125-1 to 66-1

Super Bowl LVI

Kansas City Chiefs                   5-1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers           11-2

Los Angeles Rams                   12-1

San Francisco 49ers                12-1

Buffalo Bills                             14-1

Baltimore Ravens                    16-1

Cleveland Browns                   16-1

Green Bay Packers                  18-1

Seattle Seahawks                    18-1

New Orleans Saints                 20-1

Los Angeles Chargers              28-1

Pittsburgh Steelers                 28-1

Arizona Cardinals                    33-1

Tennessee Titans                    33-1

Dallas Cowboys                       35-1

New England Patriots             35-1

Denver Broncos                      40-1

Miami Dolphins                      40-1

Indianapolis Colts                   45-1

Minnesota Vikings                  50-1

Philadelphia Eagles                 66-1

Washington Football Team    66-1

Carolina Panthers                   80-1

Chicago Bears                         80-1

Las Vegas Raiders                   80-1

Atlanta Falcons                       100-1

Cincinnati Bengals                  100-1

New York Giants                     100-1

Houston Texans                      200-1

Jacksonville Jaguars                200-1

New York Jets                         200-1

Detroit Lions                           250-1

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