Miss State-Kentucky Free Preview

It’s early, but Joe Duffy already has a big weekend portfolio up at OffshoreInsiders.com


If you listen to VSIN no doubt you’ve heard them rightfully tout a “short road dog” angle. We know the software they use, BetLabs. Rest assured, it’s good software as many of my top systems originated there. But I perfect on a database that not only goes back much further, but also has enormous versatility. Using  with a Boolean algebra, I can eliminate times there are conflicting systems. Because college football has more systems pointing to home favorites than any other sport, this feature is invaluable. Actually, BetLabs also has this, but I still love the versatility elsewhere. Regardless, my turbo-enhanced version is 921-693-44. A subsystem takes it to 58 percent with a large sample size of 660-477-32.

One of our simulations gives Miss State 53.5-44.4 percent chance of covering at +2. Another a tiny edge to Miss State. Best power ratings have MSU winning by one. Granted, none of the simulations emphatically say the Bulldogs, but the fact all three at least lean that way is significant, which is why the line dropped.

Miss State wins at LSU +14.5, then loses home to Arkansas -16.5. Mike Leach is predictably unpredictable, so off a home loss, hitting the road, is when they will play best. Star RB Kylin Hill, who can also catch out of backfield. He was hurt early in loss last week.

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