MLB Betting Picks Builds Bankroll For College Football Winners

JDP goes 5-1 with baseball Wise Guys, 6-2 in baseball overall! Yes, FCS records kept separately but we did cash in with only football bet on Central Arkansas. Total on South Alabama-Southern Miss, plus three NBA sides and totals. With three and four-letter networks hiring entry-level writers to spew square info with gullible sheep, the sharp-square chasm is larger than ever. This is great for us gambling masters.

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ARIZONA (WEAVER +255) LA Dodgers (Kershaw) at Bovada

The Dodgers are the much better team. They are the much hotter team and Arizona is particularly rancid on the road. This means the Dodgers are a great play, right? No.

Road teams going against hot streaking teams are +138.21 units for 22.2 ROI. An overreaction and anti-splits angle is +86.06 and 23 ROI.

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