Free Weekly Football Pick Contest, Weekly Big Money Prizes

The most anticipated month of sports betting: SEPTEMBER has arrived.
WagerWeb NFL contest in ON.  It’s free for all active users.  There are 10 weekly winners throughout the season.

WagerWeb Football Contest

Here is how it works. Each week you will pick the team you feel will win from the 20 games available. You get 1 point for each win. The player or players who have the best weekly record will receive a $500 Free Play (maximum payout per week $2,500).

We have a special prize of $1,000 for the player with a perfect record.

This FREE Contest will be based on the 2020 NFL season.

(An Active Player is any player who has made at least 20 plays since July 8th, 2020 or has made a deposit after August 25th, 2020. All other players are ineligible).

 Weekly Contest Prizes

1st Place $500
2nd Place $450
3rd Place $400
4th Place $350
5th Place $250
6th Place $200
7th Place $150
8th Place $100
9th Place $50
10th Place $50

PLUS WagerWeb is offering some crazy promotions. 
Customers can choose bonuses from 10% -100% in Free Play form or in CASH!

100% CASH Or 100% Free Play Bonus – You Decide! 

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