Stunning Betting System Uses Oddsmaker’s Knowledge Directly Against Them Tonight

The oddsmakers are literally not even putting up a fight! Put up your dukes! 25-11 NBA, 16-4 playoff sides. We went 7-2 yesterday Three more NBA winners.  Sit down. Four Wise Guys led by NL East Runline Game of the Year among six winning picks. That’s 9-0 in two sports.  Get the picks now


Miami-NY Mets UNDER 7.5 (Hernandez-de Grom)

Mets average total this season has been 9. Marlins average total has been 8.5. Tonight’s total is 7.5. In one of the great examples of using oddsmakers knowledge against them, if a total is substantially less than the average of the two teams season-to-date average total, it goes under 1246-867-103 for +210.67 units and 8 ROI. Hernandez has just .224 OBP against this season. De Grom .89 WHIP.

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