Who Will Get the Dem And GOP V.P. Nominations

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Evan Bayh and Tim Kaine are the co-favorites in the Barack
Obama Democratic veepstakes, while Mitt Romney is the odds on favorite to join
John McCain on the Republican side according to the political betting odds.

The moderate Indiana
senator is 3/2 to “Bayh” pass other alternatives, but that is the same odds
assigned to the Virginia’s first
citizen Kaine to be the choice. Once Democratic frontrunner, not to mention
initial Vice Presidential nominee chalk, Hillary Clinton has dropped to 12/1.
In fact, Kathleen Sebelius is the favorite filly at 8/1.

Clinton also
trails Christopher Dodd at 10/1. While most of the names at the top of the list
are moderates and generally considered non-partisan, liberal attack dog Joe
Biden is just 15/2.

With the popularity of noted philanderers John Kennedy and
Bill Clinton, skirt chasing John Edwards is 16/1 to continue the tradition. That
is the same Vice Presidential betting line facing Chuck Hagel.

Military expert Sam Nunn is 20/1 to re-enter the political
circus. Odds are also posted on Al Gore, Bill Richardson, Ed Rendell, Janet
Napolitano, Jim Webb, Mark Warner, Michael Bloomberg, Ron Paul, Ted Strickland
and Wesley Clarke.

Who are the longest shots on the Democratic side? Ted
Kennedy and Oprah Winfrey each check in at 500/1.

Several relative unknowns follow Romney among the GOP
possibilities. The potential of Tim Pawlenty is
aplenty at 3/1. Sarah Palin and Charlie Crist are next at 7/1. Rounding out those
given more than a 10 percent chance includes Rob Portman at 8/1.

Two early favorites, Bobby Jindal
and Mike Huckabee, have dropped to 10/1. While Condoleeza Rice would probably get the nod for the asking,
her presumed disinterest keeps her at 12/1 alongside Chris Cox.

While the much rumored crossover ticket of John Kerry and
McCain never materialized four years ago, Democratic turned independent Joe
Lieberman is 15/1. However, it’s actually party crosser Michael Bloomberg who
is on both lists. His Honor is 30/1 on the Republican side compared to 50/1 to
be the Dems’ choice.

The GOP answer to Hillary Clinton, in the mighty have
fallen department, Rudolph Giuliani is 40/1. Conservative traitor
Bill Frist
is 35/1.

Also in the running are Colin Powell, Fred Smith, Haley
Barbour, John Kasich, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Lindsay Graham, Mark Sanford, Mel
Martinez, and Tom Coburn.

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