Football Betting Services

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Football betting season begins shortly with the first
preseason game, the Colts and Redskins. That means the Johnny Demarco come
lately handicappers pop out of the woodwork.

We’ve seen services that go by the names of Harry Wins,
Days Best Bet, Dinero Gaming, Smart Betters (sic), SportsDr. (I think there have been
dozens), Wager4Profit, Bankroll Picks, Locksville, A.
J. Brady, Les Barry, Brian King, the Best Bet on Sports, Bookie Basher Sports,
Sports America Sports Service, Gamble2Retire and more.

It’s like the Barry Manilow
song, “The people, they all look the same. Only the names have been changed,”
and the lyrics so appropriately add, “just the names.” It’s a true blue
spectacle for sure.

Even the major sites are adding handicappers named David
Chan, Mike Scalleat and Alex Smart.

Soon we will find out who the doppelgangers of Jonathan
Stone, Bobby Ventura and the like will be.

Literally one out of about 400 will prove to be a
legitimate world class sports betting service. Of course, the which traces their
roots back to the scorephone Super Lock days will have their plays.

You can purchase plays of one of the above services before
they change their name or go with a handicapping service that has been around
since the 1980s such as Joe Duffy of GodsTips. You remember him as JD of the
ACC on the Amazing Cadillac Club when scorephones were king.

For endless and consistent winners this football season,
the one and only choice remains

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