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Winningest Football Handicapper Ever Hits Another Game of the Year

Florida humiliating Cincinnati was no surprise for the smartest bettors as the winning sports service of all-time GodsTips said before the game, betting the Gators was literally getting free money.

For the 15th time in 17 years and 20th time in 24 years, wise guy sports bettors are domination the bookmakers, bet it Vegas, local, or offshore sportsbooks.  Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy nailed the Florida Gators and the one and only Bowl Game of the Year, fresh on the heels of the biggest non-BCS bet of the postseason hitting the ESPN Bowl Game of the Year on Virginia Tech over Tennessee.  It made suffering through the Sugar Bowl halftime show worthwhile.

Florida -12.5 at BetUs Sportsbook  over Cincinnati was the Bowl Game of the Year. 

This is one of our examples of listening to what the oddsmakers are telling you. An undefeated team is a huge underdog. The bookmakers know what they are doing. True, it did apply to Alabama last year—but if one were to believe it was because the Crimson Tide approached it as a consolation game, the same cannot be said here.

It’s superstar Tim Tebow’s last game and the guy is a leader and a winner. Secondly, the Urban Meyer sabbatical is still enough to win one for the Urban. Also Alabama’s loss last year is a wake-up call for the Gators.

The burden of high expectations really caught up to the Bearcats. Three of their last four wins were by a combined six points and the one exception they beat a mediocre Illinois team at home by 13.

The Bearcats have been able to keep Tony Pike upright this year, but this is the fastest and most athletic defense they’ve seen all year. DE Carlos Dunlap returns for the Gators. Remember that he missed their only straight up loss. He is a projected first-round NFL draft pick.

CBs Joe Haden and Janoris Jackson will bring Cincy WR Mardy Gilyard down to earth.

Cincinnati does not have a lot of talent on defense. Florida will dominate the line of scrimmage and Tebow will exploit the Cats being overmatched by getting them to bite on play action.

We will admit that the Brian Kelley situation is overrated, but all in all his leaving is not a plus for them.

Of course, this was on the heels of Virginia Tech -6 Tennessee at SportsBook as ESPN Postseason Game of the Year. Here was the analysis that professional sports bettors got on this one.  

Virginia Tech has been masterful at using the center to double team dominant DT. The Hokies will use that technique to minimize the Vols top DL Dan Williams.

Tennessee QB Jonathan Crompton is not very good and against a defense that allows just 5.7 yards per pass to teams normally getting 7.1, Tennessee is just too one-dimensional. Hokies defensive coordinator Bud Foster will bring pressure from everywhere.

Tech’s offense gets 4.7 yards per rush against teams normally allowing 3.7 and 9.4 yards per pass to 6.7. They have few weaknesses for Lane Kiffin to exploit.

In fact, Tech’s defense is fast, but undersized. That is exactly the type of unit that benefits from the time off to reenergize.