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Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy has frequent podcasts on sports betting. Truly go “inside the lines” as Joe Duffy goes behind the bets.

Best Free Pick for College Football Podcast South Carolina-Vanderbilt

JDP IS 4-0 with football Wise Guy plays this year! Get the first Wise Guy of college football season as well the first total as both are for Thursday. As long as you have a package that includes Thursday, you can now access. Five Thursday NFL winners are up, led by two Wise Guys. Will Joe Duffy finish the season 100 percent with Wise Guys? Likely. Again. Get the picks now

ESPN’s Outside the Lines and Top Handicapper Exposes DFS and Sports Betting Hypocrisy

ESPN’s Outside the Lines dips into sports betting podcast territory by exposing the hypocrisy and political expediency of the professional sports leagues.

Meanwhile, Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy destroys any and all arguments about whether or not DFS is gambling and if sports betting is skilled based.

Duffy is CEO of the top sports picks website.

Best NFL Podcasts: Cowboys-Giants NFL Odds Preview Week 1 2012

The 2012 NFL betting season is here. Grandmaster NFL handicapper Joe Duffy, CEO of has a news and notes gambling preview of the opening game on NBC NFL TV schedule, the Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants for Thursday.

Much like the uber popular trends reports you heard on the scorephones, but without any insane babbling informercial from OC Dooley, then known as Chris Jordan.

Click to hear the podcast

NFL Podcast: Football Picks Bengals vs. Saints

It’s the Cincinnati Bengals at Atlanta Falcons with Atlanta a four-point favorite and a total of 38. The Great One Stevie Vincent has a huge bet on this game, both the side and total on 

But just as important is the NFL podcast on sports betting preview of this game from a betting standpoint.

Click here to listen to the podcast

Rams vs. Cardinals Picks Supersede Olympic Closing Ceremony Say Gamblers


The Olympic Closing Ceremony starts at 4 ET, though won’t be televised in the United States on NBC until hours later. For American NFL predictions to spread in Las Vegas, it’s the Rams vs. Colts as has the biggest service plays on the side and total.

At press time, the men’s basketball gold medal results have Spain well on their way to a cover, if not an outright win. That would be an upset, but what is not surprising as how well of a start top NFL handicappers have already had in 2012.

We start with the NFL betting specialists at GodsTips. We have had eight plays in the NFL this preseason. Seven won, the other lost by a hook. Get another winner in yet another typical winning season. The Sunday afternoon football side is up.

Again, we allow the quality of the card to determine how many picks we have. Yesterday, we had just one—the Washington Nationals and it won for our fourth straight winning day. Today we have five four our fifth straight winning day. Have you gotten on our full-season pass (all sports or football only options) yet? Enjoy the Sunday sweep from the anchor of

The best bet on the total is from Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine.

A recent in-depth and exhaustive study extrapolated that focusing on long-term proven No. 1 services (see national ranked explanation below) has ratified our winning percentage will rise by 1.1 percent. Any gambler knows this is substantial. With said data, Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine for focus even more on proven winners.

Luther Wade is ranked No. 1 in all sports since the turn of the century. NFL Preseason Underdog of the Year covers by 16 as Houston rocks Carolina on Aug 11. Now Preseason Total of the Year Rams/Colts

Service out of the Sun Belt is No. 2 this year in MLB based on units won. 2012 Major League Game of the Year goes in the 2 o’clock ET hour!

All the above picks go for $155 if you bought them separately, but you get them all for $16.

The wunderkinds nail Houston/Carolina over 35.5 points as NFL Totals Best Bet of Month. Now Sunday Total of the Month. Friday it was NFC Best Bet of the Week on San Francisco. The Sunday NFL total is the next on the named plays domination. It is among three winners as two pro baseball cash in.

The best bet in baseball comes from Matt Rivers. I have banked right around 800,000* of profit in the last two days and will push it to more than 1.3 million stars in the last three days. One play on the diamond and one monster winner. 500,000* for all of the marbles in an absolute mortal lock. One AL play and one AL winner, period!

There is the famed Key POD. The POD has exceeded even the most unrealistic expectations this baseball season. If you are not overjoyed with the season you are having, you just don’t like winning. The more recent streak is 3-1 the last four. Get another POD winning side on baseball.

Now to the biggest total. Get a Level 5 pro baseball over/under is as at the top of the ticket today. The King of Offshore Stevie Vincent is the top pitching expert in sports betting history. That screams out big time with the Level 5. Click now to purchase



Phil Steele’s Preseason Publication: Worth For Sports Gamblers

How important are preseason publications such as Phil Steele’s? They have very good handicapping value, but Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy, CEO of warns that an hour of regular season research is worth several hours of preseason.

He also reminds us of the difference between power ratings and predictions. What are the pros and cons of all the preseason publications? Click on the podcast for the definitive answer.