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Best Bet NBA Free Pick; Best Teams to Bet Against College Basketball Sweat Barometer

Tonight’s free winning bet comes from Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy, whose premium picks have hit 12 straight in the NBA. 

CHICAGO -6 Charlotte

Home favorites that have gone way under last three games cumulatively are 321-293-16. Big favorites in same season revenge of blowout loss are 856-702-42. Frankly, it is not a premium bet because the latter system has not been good the last two seasons. However, when both apply it is 26-15-2 including 9-3 lately. 

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First, thank you to our loyal clients for your patience. Automation, once with a 99.5 percent success rate, had (notice past tense) been wonky for the past couple of months. After consulting with PayPal’s technical department and our programmers, we realized that it as a result of deprecated code from an outdated program written nearly 20 years ago. We basically threw it in the dumpster and built one from scratch. 

All testing proved successful and every sale we made since we went live Wednesday at about 11 AM ET has worked like a charm as of this writing. Both as a thank you for bearing with us and to further test drive our expensive new program, ALL SALES UP TO ONE WEEK, WILL BE DOUBLED on Thursday, February 2, 2023. 

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With about half the states legalizing sports betting, we have more competition than ever. Most is from three and four-letter networks and other multi-million-dollar companies. remains basically a mom-and-pop shop, with the product substantially better than the big boys and bottomless marketing budgets. Thank you for choosing a winning company that traces its proud roots back to the scorephone days of the 1980s. 

And again, after a major investment, we are confident those headaches with too many automation failures are a distant memory. You will be able to access all bets almost immediately upon purchase. Oh, and for those who have not yet experienced the best sports picks in the industry, what an opportunity to commence the rest of your gambling life. 

Today’s Free Pick, Plus Sweat Barometer

Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy with a free sports pick on the Charlotte Hornets vs. Milwaukee Bucks. Milwaukee is laying -11 at home with a total, a staggering 244. 

MILWAUKEE -11 Charlotte

These teams met earlier in the season and Charlotte humiliated Milwaukee 138-109. Ah, but big underdogs in revenge of a same-season blowout loss is 855-700-2. Since 2012, the winning percentage is even higher at 57.9 at 324-236-17. Double-digit favorites versus opponent off consecutive wins as an underdog are 94-70-3.

💰💰💰Top expert pick: Your Grandmaster is up with five college basketball Tuesday winners. NBA Eastern Conference Total of the Month plus a side. Yes, seven winners in all at 

Top teams to bet on in college basketball ranked by margin of cover will have the chance to play with skycrown casino.

 Margin of cover is a long-time tool of original cappers used to measure the reliability of the often deceptive ATS and OU records. It is much like margin of victory, except it measures margin relative to the point spread or OU. With over-under, “overs” are listed first. Some Johnny-Come-Lately handicappers call this the sweat barometer. 

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Dallas Cowboys Next Head Coach Revealed; Saquon Barkley Destination, Brett Maher Odds

Jerry Jones immediately backed Mike McCarthy after last night’s loss, but Jerry has been known to change his mind on occasion. 

If McCarthy is ultimately removed as head coach of the Cowboys, the oddsmakers at SportsBetting  only see three realistic options as his replacement. 

The favorite would be a “Prodigal Son” story, with Sean Payton coming back to Big D where he led the offense for three seasons.

Of course, Payton looks to be the favorite to fill the opening in Denver (head coach vacancy odds will be updated on this page later today or early Tuesday), so it makes sense that coordinators Dan Quinn and Kellen Moore are second and third, respectively, on the Cowboys coach list.

Additionally, Brett Maher is a solid favorite to be back with the ‘Boys next season, and the team is favored to reach the playoffs again. 

In other NFC East news, Saquon Barkley heads into the offseason as a UFA. If he doesn’t end up being “a Giant for life,” then the Ravens and Bills are frontrunners for his services, according to the numbers below.

Cowboys head coach in Week 1            

Sean Payton                  +140

Dan Quinn                    +175

Kellen Moore                +210

Jim Harbaugh                +1400

Shane Steichen             +2500

Saquon Barkley next team                    

Baltimore Ravens          +400

Buffalo Bills                  +425

Denver Broncos            +500

New York Jets               +600

New England Patriots    +700

Dallas Cowboys             +750

Kansas City Chiefs         +800

Carolina Panthers          +900

New Orleans Saints       +900

Chicago Bears               +1000

Seattle Seahawks          +1000

Arizona Cardinals          +1400

Will Brett Maher be on Cowboys roster in Week 1                    

Yes                   -300

No                    +200

Will the Cowboys make the playoffs next season?                     

Yes                   -200

No                    +150

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Basketball Betting Splits: NBA Public Bets, College Basketball Picks; Line Moves

Wednesday, January 11 betting splits. 

Tonight’s NBA basketball betting breakdown.

🏀 Biggest bets in terms of percentage of wagers: Milwaukee, Minnesota; Phoenix OVER 

🏀 Biggest bets based on percentage of money: Washington; New York UNDER

🏀 Biggest splits. Teams listed have a highest percent of cash compared to bets: Detroit, Washington; Atlanta UNDER

🏀 Largest line moves, opener to current: Milwaukee -1 to -5

Tonight’s college basketball betting breakdown.

🏀 Biggest bets in terms of percentage of wagers: Monmouth, USC Upstate, Furman

🏀 Biggest bets based on percentage of money: Central Florida, Colgate, Chicago State, MTSU 

🏀 Biggest splits. Teams listed have a highest percent of cash compared to bets: Hampton 

🏀 Largest line moves, opener to current: none 

Best College Basketball Handicapper 

🖥 7 ET LateInfo is the single greatest source for winners based on ROI in gambling history since it debuted as 2-Minute Warning on scorephones last century. 18-4 lately. College basketball side, yes it is a high profile game you will find on TV. Get the picks now 

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There is a belief that contrarian betting is one of the strongest tools of professional gamblers. The books win more often than lose and fading the public is what many sharps exploit as a weapon. Most contrarian handicapper love to fade based on percentage of bets, believing the squarest intel comes from the smallest wagers. Others believe percentage of money is the most effective tool, because they are rooting for the same bets as the always profitable sportsbooks. The above link shows the most successful professional gamblers have a sliding scale. 

The theory is to bet against the public. However, some use the splits and bet on the teams that have a significantly higher percentage of money than bets. 

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NBA Sweat Barometer, Best Teams to Bet on and Against Plus Free Sports Pick

Free NBA pick from Joe Duffy’s picks of and it comes from the NBA. Duffy is the top sports handicapper on earth and has been since 1988 on the scorephones. 

San Antonio-Memphis OVER 238

When a math total has a large enough difference to the posted total, we use the oddsmakers knowledge against them. Because we store each over and under differently in each sport, the over and under angles will have different records, but in reality one could combine them for an overall record.  The over version goes over at a rate of 1615-1233-124. Another based on offensive numbers of each team goes over 565-427. 

Top expert pick is from Joe Duffy’s Picks. Big day fellow gamblers. Wise Guy bets (sides) in both college and NBA. Five college, two NBA in all. Simply put, I have been winning for more than 34 years publicly. If you want the best, you will hop on board at

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First the best teams to bet on based on margin of cover. 

Team       ATS Record                                           ATS margin
Oklahoma City 25-163.4
New Orleans 21-202.6

Notes: OKC and Indiana tied for best spread record based on winning percentage. 

Now the best teams to fade based on ATS margin.

Team       ATS Record                                           ATS margin
Golden State18-22-1-3.6
Milwaukee 21-17-2.6
Dallas 14-26-2-2.5

Notes: that is not a typo. Milwaukee is four games above .500 ATS but has the second worst sweat barometer in the NBA. Dallas has the worst spread record based on winning percentage followed by Atlanta, Miami, and Houston.  

Margin of cover is a long-time tool of original cappers used to measure the reliability of the often-deceptive ATS and OU records. It is much like margin of victory, except it measures margin relative to the point spread or OU. With over-under, “overs” are listed first. Some Johnny-Come-Lately handicappers call this the sweat barometer. 

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Jim Harbaugh Likely Gone From TTUN Say Oddsmakers; Likely Destination Revealed

There are currently five coaching vacancies in the NFL, and one polarizing college coach who could finally make his return to the league.

Jim Harbaugh, not Jeff Saturday, is favored to be coaching Indianapolis in Week 1 next season. Of course, Harbaugh spent much of his pro playing career with the Colts.

Remaining with Michigan is a close second on Harb’s job list, while the Rams and Broncos are also very close in terms of the numbers.

SportsBetting  also has odds for the next Broncos, Cardinals, Panthers and Texans head coaches. 

There are at least 15 names on each list, candidates will be added and removed daily and the odds will be volatile so check back for the latest updates.

NFL head coach are updated daily on SportsBetting. Best sports picks are on     

Jim Harbaugh Team in Week 1 of 2023              

Colts                             +200

Michigan Wolverines     +225

Rams                            +250

Broncos                        +275

Panthers                       +900

Cardinals                      +1000

Any Other NCAA Team  +1200

Texans                          +2000

Broncos Next Head Coach                     

Dan Quinn                    +200

Jim Harbaugh                +275

Sean Payton                  +300

DeMeco Ryans              +750

Raheem Morris             +1000

Darrell Bevell                +1200

Shane Steichen             +1400

Ben Johnson                 +2000

Eljiro Evero                   +2000

Frank Reich                   +2000

Jonathan Gannon          +2200

Leslie Frazier                 +2500

Brian Flores                  +3300

Eric Bieniemy                +3300

Kellen Moore                +3300

Byron Leftwich              +4000

Jim Caldwell                  +5000

Gary Kubiak                  +10000

Bill Cowher                   +12500

Peyton Manning           +12500

John Elway                    +15000

Shannon Sharpe            +15000

Mike Shanahan             +25000

Pete Carroll                  +25000

Cardinals Next Head Coach                   

Sean Payton                  +250

Vance Joseph                +700

Shane Steichen             +750

Demeco Ryans              +1000

Jim Harbaugh                +1000

Ben Johnson                 +1200

Byron Leftwich              +1200

Dan Quinn                    +1200

Eric Bieniemy                +1200

Brian Johnson               +1600

Jonathan Gannon          +2000

Kellen Moore                +2000

Ken Dorsey                   +2000

Aaron Glenn                 +2200

Raheem Morris             +2200

Darrell Bevell                +2500

Leslie Frazier                 +2500

Mike Kafka                   +2500

Frank Reich                   +2800

Jason Garrett                +3300

Kurt Warner                 +10000

Larry Fitzgerald             +15000

JJ Watt                         +20000

Colts Next Head Coach              

Jim Harbaugh                +200

Dan Quinn                    +600

Kellen Moore                +800

Aaron Glenn                 +900

Ben Johnson                 +900

Sean Payton                  +900

Leslie Frazier                 +1000

DeMeco Ryans              +1200

Jeff Saturday                 +1200

Raheem Morris             +1200

Shane Steichen             +1200

Eric Bieniemy                +2000

Mike Kafka                   +2000

Brian Flores                  +2500

Darrell Bevell                +2500

Byron Leftwich              +3300

Peyton Manning           +5000

Panthers Next Head Coach                    

Ben Johnson                 +500

Steve Wilks                   +525

Shane Steichen             +550

Jim Caldwell                  +700

Frank Reich                   +800

Ken Dorsey                   +800

Dan Quinn                    +900

Jim Harbaugh                +900

Brian Flores                  +1400

DeMeco Ryans              +1400

Leslie Frazier                 +1600

Darrell Bevell                +2000

Eric Bieniemy                +2000

Sean Payton                  +2000

Bill O’Brien                   +2500

Byron Leftwich              +2500

Kellen Moore                +2500

Raheem Morris             +3300

Texans Next Head Coach                       

Kliff Kingsbury               +400

Eric Bieniemy                +500

Jerod Mayo                   +500

Shane Steichen             +700

Demeco Ryans              +750

Brian Schottenheimer   +900

Frank Reich                   +1000

Joe Brady                      +1000

Jonathan Gannon          +1000

Raheem Morris             +1400

Dan Quinn                    +1600

Jim Harbaugh                +2000

Leslie Frazier                 +2000

Sean Payton                  +2000

Byron Leftwich              +2500

Jim Caldwell                  +2500

JJ Watt                         +10000

Georgia Favorite to Win National Title…Next Year; Wow Look How Far Clemson Has Fallen

Georgia and TCU will play for this season’s college football championship tonight, but the Horned Frogs aren’t considered one of the favorites to get back to this spot next year.

SportsBetting opened up early 2024 CFP Championship odds Monday. The usual suspects lead the pack, then there is a sizable gap between those three and the rest of the teams.

TCU is well down the list at 25-1. Don’t forget, the Frogs started this season with 250-1 odds.

2024 CFP Championship odds will be updated in real-time on this page:

Best college football handicappers are on     

2024 CFP Championship

Georgia            3-1

Alabama           4-1

Ohio State        6-1

Michigan          12-1

Notre Dame      14-1

Penn State        18-1

Texas                18-1

Clemson           25-1

TCU                  25-1

Utah                 28-1

USC                  33-1

Kansas State     40-1

LSU                  40-1

Oklahoma         40-1

Miami              50-1

Oregon             50-1

Oregon State    50-1

Tennessee        50-1

Texas A&M       50-1

UCLA                50-1

Wisconsin         50-1

Florida State     60-1

NC State           60-1

Washington      66-1

Florida              75-1

Auburn             100-1

Iowa                 100-1

Kentucky          100-1

Mississippi State100-1

Missouri           100-1

North Carolina  100-1

Oklahoma State 100-1

Ole Miss           100-1

Purdue             100-1

South Carolina  100-1

Tulane              100-1

Arkansas           150-1

Michigan State  150-1

Illinois              200-1

Indiana             200-1

Minnesota        200-1

Updated Super Bowl Odds, Aaron Rodgers Next Move; Top Pick in NFL Draft 2023

The scenes from Lambeau last night painted a picture that Aaron Rodgers could’ve played his last game as a member of the Green Bay Packers.

If Rodgers doesn’t retire, as some think he will, where might he end up next season?

SportsBetting  re-opened odds for Rodgers next team, if not the Packers. Additionally, the odds of him retiring have flipped from very likely to the underdog.

Updated odds for the Jets and Raiders next quarterbacks, as well as Derek Carr’s next club, are available below.

The Houston Texans cost themselves the No. 1 overall pick in this summer’s NFL Draft, so there are updated odds on who the Chicago Bears might select, or if they’ll trade out of the top spot.

Finally, this year’s Super Bowl odds are tighter than any we’ve seen in the last few years with four teams with better than 6-1 odds. You can find those, the conference odds and an early Super Bowl LVII spread below.

For NFL playoff winners, you must bet with the Grandmaster, Joe Duffy at     

Will Aaron Rodgers announce retirement before Week 1 of next season?

Yes +170

No -250

Aaron Rodgers Next Team                    

Raiders             4-1

Colts                 5-1

Jets                  5-1

Panthers           7-1

Patriots            7-1

49ers                8-1

Saints               9-1

Commanders    9-1

Falcons             10-1

Buccaneers       12-1

Titans               14-1

Giants              33-1

Lions                33-1

Texans              33-1

Cardinals          50-1

Derek Carr Next Team              

Jets                  5-2

Colts                 3-1

Commanders    9-1

Packers             9-1

Saints               9-1

Bucs                 10-1

Panthers           10-1

Titans               10-1

Falcons             11-1

Patriots            16-1

Texans              16-1

Cardinals                      33-1

Jets Starting QB Week 1                        

Derek Carr                    3-1

Jimmy Garoppolo          4-1

Aaron Rodgers              5-1

Mike White                   5-1

Lamar Jackson              7-1

Zach Wilson                  10-1

Bryce Young                  16-1

CJ Stroud                      16-1

Will Levis                      16-1

Tom Brady                    20-1

Baker Mayfield             33-1

Joe Flacco                     50-1

Raiders Starting QB Week 1                  

Tom Brady                    3-1

Jimmy Garoppolo          4-1

Aaron Rodgers              6-1

Anthony Richardson      9-1

CJ Stroud                      10-1

Jarrett Stidham             10-1

Will Levis                      10-1

Bryce Young                  11-1

Lamar Jackson              12-1

Matt Ryan                    12-1

Baker Mayfield             14-1

Early Super Bowl Spread

AFC -3

NFC +3

Super Bowl LVII            

Kansas City Chiefs                     +340

Buffalo Bills                              +410

San Francisco 49ers                   +475

Philadelphia Eagles                   +550

Cincinnati Bengals                     +750

Dallas Cowboys                         +1400

Tampa Bay Buccaneers              +2000

Los Angeles Chargers                +2200

Minnesota Vikings                     +3300

Baltimore Ravens                      +4000

Jacksonville Jaguars                   +4000

Miami Dolphins                         +5000

New York Giants                       +6000

Seattle Seahawks                      +6600


Kansas City Chiefs                     +175

Buffalo Bills                              +210

Cincinnati Bengals                     +425

Los Angeles Chargers                +1000

Jacksonville Jaguars                   +1800

Baltimore Ravens                      +2000

Miami Dolphins                         +2500


San Francisco 49ers                   +165

Philadelphia Eagles                   +175

Dallas Cowboys                         +650

Tampa Bay Buccaneers              +900

Minnesota Vikings                     +1400

New York Giants                       +2800

Seattle Seahawks                      +2800

Will the Chicago Bears trade top pick?

Yes +200

No -300

No. 1 Overall Draft Pick

Will Anderson               +140

Bryce Young                  +150

Jalen Carter                  +550

CJ Stroud                      +600

Will Levis                      +1000

Top Sportsbook Releases Massive Prop Opportunities For Georgia vs. TCU

Stetson Bennett is favored to become the first back-to-back National Championship MVP during the CFP’s brief nine-year history. 

SportsBetting has released a litany of props for Monday’s title game, ranging from largest lead to margin of victory to 50-burgers to the MVP.

National Championship Offensive MVP             

Stetson Bennett            -150

Kenny McIntosh            +500

Max Duggan                 +550

Quentin Johnston         +1000

Daijun Edwards             +1200

Emari Demarcado         +1200

Jalen Carter                  +1200

Ladd McConkey            +1200

Brock Bowers                +1600

Kendall Milton              +1600

Kendre Miller                +1800

Derius Davis                  +3300

Kearis Jackson               +3300

M. Rosemy-Jacksaint     +3300

Taye Barber                  +3300

Length of National Anthem

Over/Under 110 seconds

Will both QBs throw for 300+ yards?

Yes +500

No -900

Will someone other than QB throw a pass?

Yes +700

No -2000

Will both teams have a 100-yard receiver?

Yes +200

No -300

Will either team have a 100-yard rusher?

Yes +150

No -200

Will either team score 50 or more points?

Yes +400

No -700

Largest lead of the game

Over/Under 21.5 points

Longest TD of the game

Over/Under 47.5 yards

Margin of Victory                     

Georgia by 1 to 6 Pts                 +450

Georgia by 13 to 18 Pts             +475

Georgia by 7 to 12 Pts               +500

Georgia by 19 to 24 Pts             +600

TCU by 1 to 6 Pts                       +700

Georgia by 25 to 30 Pts             +800

Georgia by 31 to 36 Pts             +1100

Georgia by 43 Pts or More         +1100

TCU by 7 to 12 Pts                     +1400

Georgia by 37 to 42 Pts             +1600

TCU by 13 to 18 Pts                   +2200

TCU by 19 to 24 Pts                   +4000

TCU by 25 to 30 Pts                   +6600

TCU by 31 to 36 Pts                   +8000

TCU by 37 to 42 Pts                   +10000

TCU by 43 Pts or More              +10000

First Half Margin of Victory                   

Georgia by 13 Pts or More         +135

Georgia by 7 to 12 Pts               +400

Georgia by 1 to 6 Pts                 +500

TCU by 1 to 6 Pts                       +650

TCU by 7 to 12 Pts                     +750

Tied                                          +1100

TCU by 13 Pts or More              +1200

First score of the game             

Georgia Touchdown      -105

TCU Touchdown            +185

Georgia Field Goal         +550

TCU Field Goal              +600

Georgia Safety              +5000

TCU Safety                    +5000

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