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IUPUI +12.5 Milwaukee

Big dogs in revenge of a blowout loss are 226-153-7, with the winning percentage 60.2 since 2021. Big dogs in slump regress towards the mean and are undervalued at 389-269-7. 

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Wise Guy

WISCONSIN -4.5 Indiana

Medium range favorites that won the initial same-series meeting are 243-166-14. 

MASSACHUSETTES -7.5 George Washington  

Medium range favorites that won the initial same-series meeting are 243-166-14.



Big struggling dogs in revenge of a blowout loss is 223-153-7. Big dog in slump over last several games regress towards the mean and is undervalued at 388-269-7. Combo of conference dog and regress towards the mean angles is 108-60. 

VALPARAISO +15.5 Northern Iowa

Big struggling dogs in revenge of a blowout loss is 223-153-7.

SAN JOSE STATE +22.5 San Diego State

Big conference dogs undervalued off a bad ATS game are 477-382-14 including 59.8 percent since 2021, 16-4 last 20. Our top simulator did 10,000 replays of this game and our pick is covering at 67 percent, losing by an average of just 13 points per game. 


Wise Guy

Milwaukee-Charlotte UNDER 220.5

When a math total has a large enough difference to the posted total, we use the oddsmakers knowledge against them. Because we store each over and under differently in each sport, the over and under angles will have different records, but in reality one could combine them for an overall record.  The under version goes under at a rate of 1582-1186-86. Combo of splits and turbo under angle goes under 91-40-6. 


New Orleans-New York UNDER 218.5

When a math total has a large enough difference to the posted total, we use the oddsmakers knowledge against them. Because we store each over and under differently in each sport, the over and under angles will have different records, but in reality one could combine them for an overall record.  The under version goes under at a rate of 1582-1186-86.

Miami-Portland UNDER 213

When a math total has a large enough difference to the posted total, we use the oddsmakers knowledge against them. Because we store each over and under differently in each sport, the over and under angles will have different records, but in reality one could combine them for an overall record.  The under version goes under at a rate of 1582-1186-86.

NEW ORLEANS  -2.5 New York 

When a line is counterintuitive to points per game margin go with what the oddsmakers are telling us is 804-540-28. Anti-splits angle combined with away favorites off a loss is 336-218-5. 

GOLDEN STATE -10.5 Washington

Fade big home dogs if not off a low scoring game and with a substantial amount of rest and neither team has an extreme winning percentage is 791-574-32. 

Prop bets are counted separate from our overall record and are .20 of a Wise Guy. 

Prop bets

Jarrett Allen UNDER 18.5 points (Dal-Cle)

Donovan Mitchell OVER 30.5 points+assists (Dal-Cle)

Draymond Green OVER 12.5 rebounds+assists  (GS-Was)

John Collins OVER 23.5 points+rebounds (Uta-Atl)

Jalen Brunson UNDER 42.5 points+assists+rebounds (NO-NY)

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IUPUI +20 Oakland

You have to be willing to bet on teams nobody else wants to to be a pro bettor. Big struggling dogs in revenge of a blowout loss are 207-148. Big conference dogs are undervalued off a horrible ATS game at 461-377. We have some other regression towards mean angles and going with terrible teams playing on road. 

Odds To Win NBA Championship 2024 Updated For NBA All-Star Break

When NBA teams return from the All-Star break in a week, they will have less than 30 games left to secure or improve their playoff positions. Check out the winning bets at

Comparing the current odds to the preseason, it’s evident that the Thunder, Timberwolves, Knicks, and Cavs have exceeded expectations. On the other hand, the Grizzlies stand out as underachievers, while the Lakers and Warriors have had average performances and are not favored to make the playoffs currently (excluding play-in tourney). See below for the latest NBA Championship, conference, and division odds from SportsBetting. Note that the Atlantic Division is not included due to the Celtics having over a 95% chance of maintaining their lead.

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NBA Championship                   

Boston Celtics                           +275

Denver Nuggets                        +475

Los Angeles Clippers                  +500

Milwaukee Bucks                      +650

Oklahoma City Thunder             +1400

Phoenix Suns                            +1400

Minnesota Timberwolves          +1800

New York Knicks                        +2000

Cleveland Cavaliers                   +2500

Dallas Mavericks                       +2500

Golden State Warriors               +2800

Los Angeles Lakers                    +2800

Miami Heat                               +2800

Philadelphia 76ers                     +2800

New Orleans Pelicans                +5000

Sacramento Kings                     +6000

Indiana Pacers                          +8000

Orlando Magic                          +20000

Atlanta Hawks                           +25000

Chicago Bulls                            +30000

Utah Jazz                                  +50000

Houston Rockets                       +60000

Brooklyn Nets                           +75000

Toronto Raptors                        +100000

Memphis Grizzlies                     +150000

Eastern Conference                  

Boston Celtics                           +125

Milwaukee Bucks                      +260

New York Knicks                        +600

Cleveland Cavaliers                   +800

Miami Heat                               +1100

Philadelphia 76ers                     +1200

Indiana Pacers                          +2800

Orlando Magic                          +6600

Atlanta Hawks                           +10000

Chicago Bulls                            +20000

Brooklyn Nets                           +30000

Toronto Raptors                        +30000

Western Conference                 

Denver Nuggets                        +225

LA Clippers                               +250

Oklahoma City Thunder             +700

Phoenix Suns                            +750

Minnesota Timberwolves          +800

Dallas Mavericks                       +1200

Golden State Warriors               +1600

Los Angeles Lakers                    +2000

New Orleans Pelicans                +2500

Sacramento Kings                     +3300

Utah Jazz                                  +25000

Houston Rockets                       +30000

Memphis Grizzlies                     +75000

Central Division                        

Cleveland Cavaliers                   -275

Milwaukee Bucks                      +185

Indiana Pacers                          +5000

Chicago Bulls                            +50000

Northwest Division                   

Minnesota Timberwolves          +100

Oklahoma City Thunder             +200

Denver Nuggets                        +275

Utah Jazz                                  +30000

Pacific Division             

LA Clippers                   -2000

Phoenix Suns                +1100

Sacramento Kings         +1800

Los Angeles Lakers        +8000

Golden State Warriors   +12500

Southeast Division                    

Miami Heat                   -150

Orlando Magic              +120

Atlanta Hawks               +5000

Southwest Division                   

New Orleans Pelicans    -180

Dallas Mavericks           +135

Houston Rockets           +25000

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SAN JOSE STATE +16.5 Colorado State

Big dogs in a slump are going to be undervalued as nobody wants to bet on such teams. We have a system that says to bet on teams in this situation that is 371-264-7 for 58.4 percent. 

Sherrone Moore Tipped to be the Next Michigan Football Head Coach

According to the oddsmakers and many other sources, Sherrone Moore is expected to succeed Jim Harbaugh as the next head coach of Michigan football. The online sportsbook, SportsBetting  listed Moore as the favorite out of a list of 30 potential candidates, opening with odds of -300. However, after receiving multiple bets in the last two hours, Moore’s odds have shifted to -700, indicating that there is an 87.5% chance that he will secure the position. Although there are several strong candidates on the list, it seems that Moore is the frontrunner. Still, anything can happen, so we’ll have to wait and see. 

Michigan Next Head Coach

Sherrone Moore           1/7                   (-700)

Lance Leipold                6/1                   

Brian Kelly                    7/1                   

P.J. Fleck                       10/1                 

Jesse Minter                 11/1                 

Matt Campbell              12/1                 

Chris Klieman                16/1                 

Mike Hart                     16/1                 

Matt Rhule                   20/1                 

Dabo Swinney               25/1                 

Lane Kiffin                    25/1                 

Mario Cristobal             28/1                 

Billy Napier                   33/1                 

Eliah Drinkwitz              33/1                 

James Franklin              33/1                 

Luke Fickell                   33/1                 

Curt Cignetti                 40/1                 

Jimbo Fisher                 40/1                 

Kirby Smart                   40/1                 

Todd Monken               40/1                 

Dan Lanning                  50/1                 

Mike Macdonald           50/1                 

Dave Clawson               66/1                 

Deion Sanders               66/1                 

Marcus Freeman           66/1                 

Pete Carroll                  100/1               

Ryan Day                      100/1               

Urban Meyer                100/1               

Bill Belichick                  200/1               

Tom Brady                    250/1  

Updated Odds for NFL Head Coach Vacancies – Chargers and Falcons Markets Shut Down

This morning, oddsmakers adjusted and reopened odds for the five remaining NFL head coach vacancies. Although Brian Callahan was reported to have moved to the Titans last night, the markets for the Chargers and Falcons closed within 30 minutes of offering the new odds.

SportsBetting had opened Bill Belichick -300 for the Atlanta job, while Jim Harbaugh had -400 odds for the Chargers position. Both odds jumped to -500, and the sportsbook confirmed that it was still accepting action on both at those numbers.

As of now, the Commanders, Panthers, and Seahawks coaching odds are the only markets remaining. Additionally, there are early Super Bowl LVIV odds available. Surprisingly, the two favorites for this year’s title game are also the favorites for 2025.   

Commanders Next Coach                                              

Ben Johnson                 2/3                   (-150)

Raheem Morris             2/1                   

Dan Quinn                    4/1                   

Bobby Slowik                6/1                   

Eric Bieniemy                6/1                   

Mike Macdonald           9/1                   

Mike Vrabel                  10/1                 

Jim Harbaugh                25/1                 

Steve Wilks                   40/1                 

Aaron Glenn                 50/1                 

Arthur Smith                 50/1                 

Brian Flores                  50/1                 

Frank Smith                  50/1                 

Jim Schwartz                 50/1                 

Kellen Moore                50/1                 

Pete Carroll                  50/1                 

Todd Monken               50/1                 

Panthers Next Coach                                        

Mike Vrabel                  2/1                   

Kellen Moore                3/1                   

Bobby Slowik                4/1                   

Mike Macdonald           5/1                   

Eric Bieniemy                6/1                   

Ejiro Evero                    10/1                 

Frank Smith                  10/1                 

Todd Monken               11/1                 

Raheem Morris             12/1                 

Chris Tabor                   16/1                 

Dave Canales                18/1                 

Dan Quinn                    20/1                 

Jim Harbaugh                25/1                 

Brian Johnson               28/1                 

Jim Caldwell                  33/1                 

Pete Carroll                  33/1                 

Thomas Brown              35/1                 

Brian Flores                  40/1                 

Deion Sanders               100/1               

Lincoln Riley                 100/1               

Nick Saban                    100/1               

Seahawks Next Coach                                       

Dan Quinn                    2/3                   (-150)

Mike Vrabel                  4/1                   

Ejiro Evero                    6/1                   

Patrick Graham             6/1                   

Bobby Slowik                7/1                   

Mike Macdonald           10/1                 

Raheem Morris             10/1                 

Dave Canales                12/1                 

Ben Johnson                 14/1                 

Eric Bieniemy                25/1                 

Jim Harbaugh                25/1                 

Frank Smith                  33/1                 

Kellen Moore                33/1                 

Mike LaFleur                 33/1                 

Todd Monken               33/1                 

Aaron Glenn                 50/1                 

Brian Flores                  50/1                 

Jim Schwartz                 50/1                 

Super Bowl LVIV Odds                                              

San Francisco 49ers       5/1                   

Baltimore Ravens          8/1                   

Kansas City Chiefs         8/1                   

Buffalo Bills                  10/1                 

Cincinnati Bengals         12/1                 

Detroit Lions                 12/1                 

Dallas Cowboys             18/1                 

Miami Dolphins             18/1                 

New York Jets               18/1                 

Philadelphia Eagles       18/1                 

Green Bay Packers        20/1                 

Houston Texans            22/1                 

Atlanta Falcons             28/1                 

Cleveland Browns         28/1                 

Los Angeles Chargers    28/1                 

Jacksonville Jaguars       33/1                 

Los Angeles Rams          33/1                 

Chicago Bears               40/1                 

Indianapolis Colts          40/1     

Minnesota Vikings         50/1                 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers  50/1     

Pittsburgh Steelers        66/1                 

Seattle Seahawks          66/1                 

Arizona Cardinals          75/1                 

Las Vegas Raiders          75/1                 

Denver Broncos            100/1               

New England Patriots    100/1               

New Orleans Saints       100/1               

New York Giants           100/1               

Tennessee Titans          100/1               

Commanders                100/1               

Carolina Panthers          150/1               

Dabo Swinney is Not the Favorite to Be Alabama’s Next Head Coach; Seahawks and Harbaugh Odds Too

Holy cow…what an afternoon.

Just when we had finished processing the shock of Seattle’s announcement that Pete Carrol would not return as head coach next season, the bomb dropped.

Nick Saban is retiring from his post at Alabama.

Goodness gracious, let’s hope we don’t see any Bill Belichick news today or the football coaching chasm might implode.

SportsBetting quickly set odds for both vacancies in the collegiate and NFL ranks. 

There are 22 names on the Seahawks list (although the last two are just for fun), led by former Seahawks defensive coordinator and the mastermind behind the Legion of Boom, Dan Quinn.

A whopping 36 candidates and their respective odds adorn the Alabama next coach list. 

Saban disciples Dan Lanning and Lane Kiffin have the best and third-best odds, respectively,  while former Alabama player and coach Dabo Swinney is second on the board.

Oh, and to get a Harbaugh mention in here it’s worth noting that his odds to leave the NCAA for the NFL continue to improve (NFL opened -150 last week).

If you are able to use this information, please consider citing the source.

Coaching odds are subject to change and will be updated in real-time on these pages: 

Jim Harbaugh Position Week 1 2024 Season                  

NFL                              -230

Michigan                      +175

Not Coaching                +1000

Seahawks Next Coach               

Dan Quinn                    1/1

Mike Vrabel                  4/1

Bobbly Slowik               6/1

Dave Canales                7/1

Ben Johnson                 8/1

Jim Harbaugh                12/1

Mike MacDonald           12/1

Aaron Glenn                 16/1

Brian Callahan               16/1

Todd Monken               16/1

Eric Bieniemy                18/1

Kellen Moore                18/1

Mike LaFleur                 18/1

Bill Belichick                  22/1

Frank Smith                  25/1

Raheem Morris             25/1

Jerod Mayo                   30/1

Brian Flores                  35/1

Arthur Smith                 50/1

Jim Schwartz                 50/1

Marshawn Lynch           100/1

Richard Sherman           100/1

Alabama Next Coach                

Dan Lanning                  3/1

Dabo Swinney               4/1

Lane Kiffin                    5/1

Deion Sanders               6/1

Kalen DeBoer                6/1

Pat Shurmur                 9/1

Urban Meyer                10/1

Billy Napier                   14/1

Derek Dooley                14/1

Mike Norvell                 16/1

Ryan Day                      20/1

DeMeco Ryans              22/1

Marcus Freeman           22/1

James Franklin              25/1

Sherrone Moore           25/1

Mike Shula                    28/1

Steve Sarkisian              35/1

Will Muschamp             40/1

Mario Cristobal             50/1

Mike Vrabel                  50/1

Dan Quinn                    66/1

Brian Daboll                  75/1

Butch Jones                  75/1

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix          75/1

Major Applewhite         75/1

Tommy Rees                 75/1

Bill Belichick                  80/1

Bill O’Brien                   80/1

Pete Carroll                  80/1

Adam Gase                   100/1

Greg McElroy                100/1

Jason Garrett                100/1

Jim Harbaugh                100/1

Jimbo Fisher                 100/1

Ken Whisenhunt           100/1

Kirby Smart                   100/1

First Round NFL PLAYOFF Odds 2024, Plus Conference and Super Bowl Favorites

The Browns-Texans game was the first to open a few hours ago, and Cleveland came out as a 2-point favorite but the spread quickly moved to -2.5. Just a few minutes later, it was back to -2, and currently we’re down to -1.5 with the majority of the early wagering on Houston at SportsBetting

The Eagles-Bucs matchup was next and Philadelphia surfaced as a 2-point favorite with a total of 41.5. The spread has shifted to -2.5, currently, and with nothing but OVER money coming in, the game total has ballooned to 45.

The Packers-Cowboys contest was the third betting line to go up. Dallas was installed as a 7.5-point favorite, but the underdog bettors quickly pounced and moved that numbers to -7. The total went from 48.5 to 49.

Finally, the Rams-Lions (Stafford Bowl) popped on the board with Detroit set as a 2.5-point favorite. The spread has crossed over the key number and is now at -3.5. The game total was bet up quickly from 47 to 51, currently.

Below are the current Wild Card game lines that are available, as well as a Super Bowl odds update, which could adjust based on tonight’s result.

Browns (-2.5) at Texans 

Over/Under 43.5

(Note: Line opened -2, 47)

Eagles (-2.5) at Bucs

Over/Under 45

(Note: Line opened -2, 41.5)

Packers at Cowboys (-7)

Over/Under 49

(Note: Line opened -7.5, 48.5)

Rams at Lions (-3.5)

Over/Under 51

(Note: Line opened -2.5, 47)

Super Bowl LVIII

San Francisco 49ers +220

Baltimore Ravens +320

Dallas Cowboys +750

Buffalo Bills +800

Kansas City Chiefs +950

Miami Dolphins +1300

Philadelphia Eagles +1400

Detroit Lions +1600

Cleveland Browns +3300

Houston Texans +4500

Los Angeles Rams +5000

Green Bay Packers +7500

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +7500

Pittsburgh Steelers +10000


San Francisco 49ers -120

Dallas Cowboys +300

Philadelphia Eagles +700

Detroit Lions +800

Los Angeles Rams +2000

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +4000

Green Bay Packers +4500