College Football Betting: Sportsbook Says USC Team to Beat

The kickoff of the 2008 season still is weeks away but
there are at least a couple of good reasons why college football betting should
be near the top of your wagering playbook right now.

For starters, it’s never too early to begin
researching the upcoming gridiron campaign, which begins with 14 games on
Thursday, Aug. 28. More importantly, sportsbooks already have future book lines
posted, asking gamblers to wager on which university will be crowned the Bowl
Champion Series (BCS) national titleholder in Miami,
8, 2009

Sure, some future book lists are drenched with vigorish, but savvy bettors understand that a swig of
bitter juice this summer may be worth the discomfort if you can taste the fruit
at the end of the vine come January. That’s because while betting an individual
team may have some value in and of itself, the real advantage is in holding a ticket
on a live team for the BCS title game.

In that regard, bettors need not pick the winner of
the BCS game, just one of the two participants. If you have the favorite in
futures, then you can assure yourself a solid payday by betting the underdog in
the championship game. You can take the points and possibly win twice-if your
future book favorite wins but does not cover-or opt for the dog on the money
line, where you’ll only win once, but the return on the underdog will be

If you hold a future book ducat on the BCS underdog,
then a profit can be assured by betting the favorite on the money line.

Of course, before any of this college football
betting manipulation can take place, you have to identify a likely candidate
(or three) for the BCS title game. Like last year, it’s unlikely that the
championship game will feature an undefeated team and, as was the case last
season, even a team with two defeats could play for the title.

With that in mind, let’s look at some early
contenders (future book odds in parentheses):

Southern Cal (3/1): The Trojans
have some huge holes to fill (seven players were drafted in the first two
rounds) but Coach Pete Carroll has shown an ability to quickly reload and this
year should be no different.  What’s more, USC gets all its toughest foes—Ohio
, Oregon
, Cal,
Arizona State
and Notre Dame—at home, where they’re 35-1, straight up, since 2001.

Sixteen returning starters, including Heisman Trophy
winning quarterback Tim Tebow auger well for the
Gators making a strong rn at their second national
title in three years.  The schedule is favorable with top opponents LSU
and South Carolina forced to
visit The Swamp and Georgia on a neutral field in Jacksonville
Still, getting through the SEC minefield unscathed won’t be easy.

Ohio State (8/1): The
Buckeyes return 19 starters from last year’s BCS runner-up, the most of any
team in the top 25.  Their defense is rock solid but Ohio
a September trip to USC that could derail their title aspirations, if only

Oklahoma (10/1): Sam
Bradford, the NCAA’s most efficient quarterback last
season, returns, as do a doszen other starters, and the Sooners meet all their most challenging
opponents including Texas Tech, Nebraska
and Kansas, at home.  Missouri
is ot on this year’s
schedule and, as usual, the game against Texas
in Dallas, Oct. 11, will go a long
way in deciding each team’s future.

Georgia (10/1): The good
news is that the Bulldogs, who finished ranked second nationally a season ago,
return 17 starters.  The bad news is that they have the third most
difficult schedule in college football this year, paying top 25 teams LSU, Auburn
and South Carolina on the road
and Florida on a neutral
field.  Win three out of four and Georgia
could be in the title game.

Texas (12/1): Given a
brutal schedule that features games against Oklahoma,
Texas Tech, Missouri and Kansas,
we think 12/1 is a little light for a team that returns just 11 starters.

Tech (15/1), Missouri (15/1), LSU (18/1), West Virginia (20/1), Auburn (20/1),
Clemson (20/1), Wisconsin (30/1), Illinois (30/1), Tennessee (30/1) and Kansas
all have appeal
as college football betting future book longshots who
could surprise in what looks like a wide-open race to the BCS title.

article was written by Luken Karel


NFL Prop Betting Lines

NFL’s training camps are full steam ahead and the
pre-season’s first games are set to kick off very shortly.  Fans can feel
the buzz and players are getting pumped for the upcoming season.  The NFL
wouldn’t be the NFL however without a little controversy along the way. 
Yes, you guessed it – a host of teams have quarterback controversies to worry
about heading into the season, and speculation is rising across the country
with regard to who be many teams starting QB’s.

With fans and pundits alike looking for answers, the largest most successful
sports book on the web, has once again beaten everyone to the punch
and posted odds and predictions on who will start at QB for teams who have
training camp battles raging.

”The quarterback is seen as the face of a team, and really a franchise,” stated
BetUs Sportsbook spokesmen Reed Richards.  “He controls
the offense, and in many case the demeanor and swagger
of an entire team.  We’ve got people flooding our site looking for answers
regarding the hottest QB controversies in the league right now.”

To be Named Starting QB for Baltimore
Kyle Boller  ½
Troy Smith  3/1
Joe Flacco  4/1

To be Named
Starting QB for
Josh McCown   1/1  
John Beck  3/1
Chad Henne  3/2

To Be Named
Starting QB for NY Jets

 Kellen Clemens  3/1
Chad Pennington

To be Named
Starting QB for
 Kurt Warner 5/2
Matt Leinhart 1/3

To be Named
Starting QB for Atlanta

Joey Harrington 1/1
Chris Redman 3/2
Matt Ryan 3/1
To Be Named Starting QB for San

Alex Smith  ¼
Shaun Hill  3/1
JT O Sullivan  5/1

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Football Handicapping

The Indianapolis Colts and the Washington Redskins open up
the NFL preseason in the Hall-of-Fame Game, but as expert football handicapper Mike Godsey of
GodsTips says, “It’s the opening of the regular season for sports bettors”.
will continue to update with more information up until kickoff, but we do have
early news and notes of great interest to the sports betting community.

Though it is a “neutral” game, there is little doubt that
the Redskins will have the partisan crowd. Several thousand faithful Redskin
fans will make the pilgrimage to Canton
as two of their all-time greats Art Monk and Darrell Green are being inducted
into the Pro Football Hall-of-Fame.

The current sportsbooks
odds see Washington as a
six-point favorite with a total of 31.5 or 32.
Totals players will want to note that Redskins head coach Jim Zorn said
that his defense is way ahead of the offense and that his offensive line will
take some time to gel.

Many bettors believe first year head coaches are good to
bet with. Jim Zorn will be coaching his first game as head man anywhere for the

Zorn has made various comments that would lead one to
believe he is putting a priority on winning the game.

will be without injured quarterback Peyton Manning and wide receiver Marvin
Harrison is questionable. “Even if Harrison plays, there
is no doubt (Colts head coach Tony) Dungy will be very cautious,” says Vegas
expert Cy McCormick, head of the online betting

However, perennial backup quarterback Jim Sorgi is expected to get a lot of playing time including a
rare chance with the first-teamers.

Betting trends (all preseason) tell us that the Colts have
gone over 9-1 on grass since 1993.

Who Will Get the Dem And GOP V.P. Nominations

Gif Banners

Evan Bayh and Tim Kaine are the co-favorites in the Barack
Obama Democratic veepstakes, while Mitt Romney is the odds on favorite to join
John McCain on the Republican side according to the political betting odds.

The moderate Indiana
senator is 3/2 to “Bayh” pass other alternatives, but that is the same odds
assigned to the Virginia’s first
citizen Kaine to be the choice. Once Democratic frontrunner, not to mention
initial Vice Presidential nominee chalk, Hillary Clinton has dropped to 12/1.
In fact, Kathleen Sebelius is the favorite filly at 8/1.

Clinton also
trails Christopher Dodd at 10/1. While most of the names at the top of the list
are moderates and generally considered non-partisan, liberal attack dog Joe
Biden is just 15/2.

With the popularity of noted philanderers John Kennedy and
Bill Clinton, skirt chasing John Edwards is 16/1 to continue the tradition. That
is the same Vice Presidential betting line facing Chuck Hagel.

Military expert Sam Nunn is 20/1 to re-enter the political
circus. Odds are also posted on Al Gore, Bill Richardson, Ed Rendell, Janet
Napolitano, Jim Webb, Mark Warner, Michael Bloomberg, Ron Paul, Ted Strickland
and Wesley Clarke.

Who are the longest shots on the Democratic side? Ted
Kennedy and Oprah Winfrey each check in at 500/1.

Several relative unknowns follow Romney among the GOP
possibilities. The potential of Tim Pawlenty is
aplenty at 3/1. Sarah Palin and Charlie Crist are next at 7/1. Rounding out those
given more than a 10 percent chance includes Rob Portman at 8/1.

Two early favorites, Bobby Jindal
and Mike Huckabee, have dropped to 10/1. While Condoleeza Rice would probably get the nod for the asking,
her presumed disinterest keeps her at 12/1 alongside Chris Cox.

While the much rumored crossover ticket of John Kerry and
McCain never materialized four years ago, Democratic turned independent Joe
Lieberman is 15/1. However, it’s actually party crosser Michael Bloomberg who
is on both lists. His Honor is 30/1 on the Republican side compared to 50/1 to
be the Dems’ choice.

The GOP answer to Hillary Clinton, in the mighty have
fallen department, Rudolph Giuliani is 40/1. Conservative traitor
Bill Frist
is 35/1.

Also in the running are Colin Powell, Fred Smith, Haley
Barbour, John Kasich, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Lindsay Graham, Mark Sanford, Mel
Martinez, and Tom Coburn.

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on the political
betting line

Football Betting Services

Bet at 5Dimes

Football betting season begins shortly with the first
preseason game, the Colts and Redskins. That means the Johnny Demarco come
lately handicappers pop out of the woodwork.

We’ve seen services that go by the names of Harry Wins,
Days Best Bet, Dinero Gaming, Smart Betters (sic), SportsDr. (I think there have been
dozens), Wager4Profit, Bankroll Picks, Locksville, A.
J. Brady, Les Barry, Brian King, the Best Bet on Sports, Bookie Basher Sports,
Sports America Sports Service, Gamble2Retire and more.

It’s like the Barry Manilow
song, “The people, they all look the same. Only the names have been changed,”
and the lyrics so appropriately add, “just the names.” It’s a true blue
spectacle for sure.

Even the major sites are adding handicappers named David
Chan, Mike Scalleat and Alex Smart.

Soon we will find out who the doppelgangers of Jonathan
Stone, Bobby Ventura and the like will be.

Literally one out of about 400 will prove to be a
legitimate world class sports betting service. Of course, the which traces their
roots back to the scorephone Super Lock days will have their plays.

You can purchase plays of one of the above services before
they change their name or go with a handicapping service that has been around
since the 1980s such as Joe Duffy of GodsTips. You remember him as JD of the
ACC on the Amazing Cadillac Club when scorephones were king.

For endless and consistent winners this football season,
the one and only choice remains

Top NFL and College Football Experts Release Full Season Packages

The domain for football betting
remains The
nation’s top sports betting site
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for premier sports handicappers
Joe Duffy and Mike Godsey of GodsTips and Stevie Vincent of Bet On Sports 360.

No handicapper dominates any sport the way Joe Duffy’s
GodsTips does the NFL. Senior Football Analyst Godsey is a World Wide Web NFL
and college football handicapping pioneer going back to his GodsPicks
days. Duffy is the only American sports
ever to be designated Grandmaster sports handicapper.

Duffy is the same handicapping expert you have known for
years as JD of the ACC on the nationwide scorephones and is widely accepted as
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The college and NFL package for the Dream Team at GodsTips
is just $1,499 if purchased now. GodsTips enters on a 55-25 Game of the Year
tear in football (20-6 last season), an amazing stat considering how most
sports gamblers and sports services had a horrific year betting last football

humiliated Hawaii as Hawaii
as the Bowl Game of the Year. The football betting
experts also nailed the Bowl Moneyline Game of the Year (Miss State +130 on
Dec. 29), Regular Season Game of the Year in CFB (Nov. 22 USC 20-point winner
to ASU laying three), NFL
Game of the Year (Nov. 11 underdog Arizona beating Detroit by double digits).

Some of the other winners were: On Sept. 20, Miami
was the ESPN Game of the Year.
Laying -2, they crushed Texas A&M 34-17. On Oct.
4, it was our Thursday Game of the Year on South Carolina
-5 to Kentucky. They win by
15. October 13, it Penn State
was the Big 10 Game of the Year. Laying seven, they smash Wisconsin
by 31.

Finally on October 20, we had to sweat one.  Oct.
20 it was Florida beating Kentucky
in the SEC Game of the Year. Then on Oct. 27, Tennessee
squeaks one out against South Carolina
as our Saturday ESPN Game of the Year.

Add to that, on Nov. 11 C-USA West Game of the Year on Tulsa,
a bloodbath, while Cincinnati was a
gift as our Big East GOY. Nov. 17 Kansas
was our Big 12 edition and they win easily. But the biggest story of them all
was on Nov. 22, USC laying just three points was the CFB Game of the Year. They
win by 20!

Meanwhile, revolutionary NFL betting and college football
odds guru Stevie Vincent also has a pick pack for the entire season for beating
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British Open Betting

Champs Sports

Tiger Woods is injured, and Phil Mickelson has
never performed very well at the British Open, so that leaves South Africa’s
Ernie Els as the big Vegas favorite to win the major.
British Open odds.

Els went into The Open Championship at just 8/1 odds to grab
the trophy, which is something he did at this tournament back in 2002. Els has also had a lot of close calls at the event, with
three second-place results (1996, 2000, and 2004), two third-place finishes
(2001 and 2006), and a fourth-place finish at last year’s tourney at Carnoustie.

Mickelson falls in behind Els
on the odds list at 10/1, with Sergio Garcia at 12/1, and both Justin Rose and
defending champion Padraig Harrington at 15/1. Lee
Westwood, Jim Furyk, Adam Scott, Retief
Goosen, and Vijay Singh were all pegged at 20/1 odds
to get the win by Vegas, with Geoff Ogilvy and Luke Donald just a little
farther back at 25/1.

Other notables and their British Open odds this
week include Stuart Appleby (30/1), Stewart Cink
(35/1), Justin Leonard (35/1), K.J. Choi (35/1), Stephen Ames (40/1), and Mike Weir (40/1).
Miguel Angel Jimenez is a longshot at just 60/1 odds
to get the victory.

The start of the 2008 British Open at Royal Birkdale dominates the sports news on Thursday, but Major
League Baseball also swings back into action. There are four games on the
diamond Thursday, with the Mets at
Cincinnati, San
at St. Louis, and Pittsburgh at Colorado in the NL, and Detroit at Baltimore in the AL.

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remarkable offer of every pick in every sport from now until Sept. 28, the last
day of the MLB season. Click now to purchase

The top pitching matchup will be in St. Louis, where the Padres’ Jake Peavy
(7-5, 2.47 ERA) will take on the Cardinals’ Kyle Lohse
(11-2, 3.39 ERA). Peavy has allowed more than three
earned runs in an outing only twice this year – and it hasn’t happened since he
returned from the DL on June 12. The righthander is
coming off a strong outing against the Braves in which he tossed seven
scoreless innings and fanned seven hitters.

Lohse is 8-0 with two no-decisions over his last 10 starts,
allowing three or fewer earned runs in nine of those outings. The righthander also tossed seven scoreless innings in his last
trip to the mound, striking out three Pirates and giving up six hits in his 11th

Johan Santana, well rested since he wasn’t invited
to the All-Star Game, will start for the Mets on Thursday, and he’ll be looking
to help the team run its winning streak to 10 games. The lefthander blanked the
Giants on three hits over five innings in his final start of the first half,
but he’d gone winless over his six starts prior to that despite solid lines.
Santana is scheduled to face the Reds’ Johnny Cueto,
who lost the Cubs last time out.

There are three WNBA
games on the schedule for Thursday, with
Minnesota at Houston, Washington at New
, and Los Angeles at Phoenix. The Sparks got another big game from Candace Parker on Monday night as
they cruised to a 75-62 win over the Silver Stars. Parker tossed in 24 points
and grabbed 10 rebounds on the night.

Finally, there’s on Canadian Football League game on tap for Thursday, with
the Tiger-Cats out in Calgary to
face the Stampeders. Hamilton
is just 1-2 straight up and 1-2 against-the-spread so far this season, but the
one time they did cover was on the road. Calgary
is 2-1 SU and 2-1 ATS, and they managed to cover in their only home contest.