Baseball Runline Freeplay From Handicapper Matt Rivers Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers Friday is on the Texas Rangers (-1.5 +130) to NY Mets.

Reasoning: It’s not like me to eat chalk like this so I will lay that extra run with the far superior team and take my chances. Mike Pelfrey at times can be very good but if you want to see a cheap price that is the Rangers here.

Matt Harrison has been really good this season and I mean really good. The lefthander has also now pitched at Arlington a bunch and is used to this hitter’s paradise unlike Pelfrey who certainly is in for it a little bit more here in this park than at spacious Citi Field. The New York righthander has been a fairly feast or famine type guy throughout his career and I can see the latter rear its head today in this spot.

Jose Reyes is a star and the Mets have been alright this season but David Wright and Ike Davis are still banged up and all in all the New Yorkers really shouldn’t be able to bang away and match the runs production of guys like Hamilton, Young, Kinsler, Cruz and Beltre. Texas always has the potential to put up a crooked number and I just don’t see the extremely mediocre Mets doing enough against Harrison in order to keep pace

Laying that run and a half with a home team is definitely scary, I readily admit that and don’t do it all that often, but at home I am all about a very good hurler in Harrison and the much better Rangers.

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Comp Pick: The Real Matt Rivers Free Play MLB Bet Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a comp pick Thursday is on the Minnesota Twins (+154) to San Francisco.

Reasoning: There is no doubt in my mind that Tim Lincecum is more than due to be lights out in one of these starts as the former Cy Young award winner is too good to be as bad as he has been at times. With that said though it’s not like this Giant offense without Buster Posey is exactly the 1917 Yankees. Lincecum may be really good and get little support in a tight low scoring defeat. Bruce Bochy’s club has started to struggle a lot of late and unless their pitching is phenomenal they are going to be in trouble pretty much every night out.

Ron Gardenhire’s Twins have played great now for about a month. The first few months to the season were horrific as this team somehow lost almost every single game. But I said then and I will continue to say how the Twinkies are a playoff type team that didn’t just all of a sudden lose it overnight. Morneau and Mauer have been injured but one has pretty much been in the mix throughout and guys like Young, Span, Cuddyer and Casilla have helped this organization get to the playoffs a bunch recently.

Things aren’t going to come easy today as I do think Lincecum looks better tonight but Brian Duensing is a solid enough lefthander who should be just fine against the punch and judy Giants and in the end to get a quality takeback like this is definitely with a shot.

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Free MLB Picks From the Real Matt Rivers Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a free winner and it is on the Minnesota Twins (+138) to San Francisco.

Reasoning: This isn’t an easy game traveling across the country and playing under National League rules but Carl Pavano has been in this league for years and with the way Minnesota has picked things of late up I’ll take a stab on the surging Ron Gardenhire’s. Plus Gardy and the Twins are as National League as an American League team could ever be so things shouldn’t be all that foreign here.

The defending World Series champion Giants are in first place and are a team that is dangerous thanks once again to their phenomenal pitching. Madison Bumgarner proved last season that he is a young and talented lefthander who can get the job done. The southpaw has been very good once again as the low 3’s era proves but the Giants’ offense is not good without Buster Posey and therefore the kid is an unbelievable 3-8 despite being great at times.

Bruce Bochy’s club just doesn’t hit the ball that much. Even with their great catcher healthy they are somewhat offensively challenged and now without such a key cog are lacking in a big-time way. Therefore to trust this team when laying some money doesn’t feel right.

The Twins had the horrific first few months to the season. I’m still not sure how this franchise lost as much as it did in that time but the last month has been much improved and right now with Joe Mauer back to go along with Young, Cuddyer, Span and a few others the Twins are once again a quality enough club.

Pavano has been a lights out innings eating beast of late and against such a weak lineup should be just that one more time. I’m sure the pitching will be ahead of the hitting in this thing and it’ll come down to that one swing of the bat or one bounce of the ball.

3-1 Twins in the end!

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2011 Vegas Odds To Win ACC Atlantic and Coastal: FSU, VA Tech Faves says that two familiar faces, Florida State and Virginia Tech are the divisional favorites in the Atlantic Coast Conference Atlantic and Coastal divisions. Miami though is also among the ACC Championship favorites.

Rot To Win ACC Atlantic Division Moneyline
301 Boston College +800
302 Clemson +500
303 Florida State -300
304 Maryland +350
305 North Carolina State +1000
306 Wake Forest +5000
Winner is team that goes to conference Championship Game.
Rot To Win ACC Coastal Division Moneyline
307 Duke +5000
308 Georgia Tech +1200
309 Miami +150
310 North Carolina +200
311 Virginia +1200
312 Virginia Tech +100
Winner is team that goes to conference Championship Game.

Stevie Vincent is the former Executive Editor of the scorephone Tailgate Parties, which were the reports every gambler flocked to in the pre-Internet days. A pro gambler since 1993, his picks went public in 2007. He is the founder of groundbreaking forensic sports handicapping.

SEC Championship 2011 Odds: Florida Gators, Alabama Crimson Tide Faves Again

It’s become an every year statement.  Vegas oddsmakers have Florida and Alabama the favorites to play in the SEC Championship game with the Georgia Bulldogs the most likely spoiler.

Here are the odds to win the SEC West and SEC East divisions:

Rot To Win SEC East Division Moneyline
363 Florida +125
364 Georgia +175
365 Kentucky +2000
366 South Carolina +250
367 Tennessee +650
368 Vanderbilt +7500
Winner is team that goes to conference Championship Game.
Rot To Win SEC West Division Moneyline
369 Alabama -150
370 Arkansas +500
371 Auburn +1000
372 LSU +200
373 Mississippi +1500
374 Mississippi State +650

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BCS Odds 2011: Alabama Crimson Tide, Oklahoma Sooners Top List

Oklahoma and Alabama top the BCS Championship odds 2011. Also of note, Florida State at (+900) appears to be back in the national championship picture according to the top college football picks website

Here are the complete sportsbooks odds.

Rot To Win Moneyline
101 Alabama +500
102 Arizona +20000
103 Arizona State +7500
104 Arkansas +2000
105 Auburn +7500
106 BYU +20000
107 Baylor +20000
108 Boise State +1200
109 Boston College +20000
110 California +15000
111 Central Florida +15000
112 Clemson +12000
113 Florida +1500
114 Florida State +900
115 Georgia +3000
116 Georgia Tech +20000
117 Illinois +20000
118 Iowa +6000
119 LSU +1200
120 Maryland +20000
121 Miami Florida +5000
122 Michigan +7500
123 Michigan State +6000
124 Mississippi State +6000
125 Missouri +6000
126 Nebraska +2000
127 North Carolina +12000
128 North Carolina State +20000
129 Notre Dame +2000
130 Ohio State +2000
131 Oklahoma +375
132 Oklahoma State +2500
133 Oregon +1000
134 Oregon State +20000
135 Penn State +3000
136 Pittsburgh +20000
137 South Carolina +2500
138 Stanford +2000
139 TCU +3000
140 Tennessee +10000
141 Texas +2500
142 Texas A&M +2500
143 Texas Tech +20000
144 UCLA +20000
145 Utah +15000
146 Virginia Tech +3000
147 Washington +15000
148 West Virginia +2000
149 Wisconsin +3000

2011 Heisman Trophy Odds

NFL draftnicks and Heisman watchers alike seem to agree that Stanford’s Andrew Luck is the top player in the country.  He tops Denard Robinson as the 2011 Heisman Trophy odds favorite according to

Rot To Win Moneyline
201 Andrew Luck +225
202 Denard Robinson +500
203 Marcus Lattimore +500
204 LaMichael James +600
205 Landry Jones +500
206 Justin Blackmon +1000
207 Ryan Broyles +1200
208 Trent Richardson +1200
209 Knile Davis +1600
210 Robert Griffen III +1600
211 Chris Polk +2000
212 Brandon Weeden +2500
213 Case Keenum +2500
214 Michael Floyd +2500
215 Darron Thomas +3000
216 Nick Foles +3000
217 Kirk Cousins +3500
218 Matt Barkley +3500
219 Aaron Murray +5000
220 Danny O’Brien +6000
221 Greg Reid +7500

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Sports Handicapper’s Best Bets Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has free winner Monday is on the Los Angeles Angels (-124) to Florida.

Reasoning: The only reason why I am not making this a paid play is because Anibal Sanchez can be really really good at times. With that said though the Marlins have played beyond atrocious baseball of late and I’ll therefore back a stud in Jered Weaver and what is right now clearly the better overall team Anaheim.

Certainly the Angels are not the team they used to be and in the end should be around that .500 mark but the way Florida has performed over the past month is as bad as they could ever come. The fish went from two games out of first place to the cellar in about the quickest I have ever seen a team perform such a feat. They have lost 18 of their last 19 games and just watched their manager Edwin Rodriguez throw his hands up and give in. This team has talent with Stanton, Ramirez, Sanchez and Morrison but they are right now a total dead team.

The Marlins bats have not done much and today face a guy in Weaver who is lights out a lot of the time against 9 regular hitters. Now throw in a pitcher hitting and I’m sure Weaver will be very very good, if not great. Sanchez has the stuff to match Weaver but in the end the fish have been floundering and it’s asking a lot to see a 180 today against a potential Cy Young award winner.

Anaheim isn’t great but Kendrick, Abreu, Trumbo, Wells and Hunter are professional hitters who combined with a horse on the mound should be too good in the end.

Top expert pick on this game: Los Angeles Anaheim

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Baseball Free Bet Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has an MLB free pick for Father’s Day on the Kansas City Royals (+175) to St. Louis.

Reasoning: Why not back the pesky Royals here? Sure Jaime Garcia at home has been beyond belief and is a legitimate stud lefthander that could dominate anybody when on but Tony LaRussa’s Cardinals have not been very good of late and at this price I’ll back the semi capable Royals. Matt Holliday did hit that eighth inning home run last night but take that away and St. Louis would literally still be winless over the last few weeks. Things are still not fully right and I can see them falling flat once again today.

Obviously Kansas City isn’t a good team just yet but they have a few players that are alright. Both Butler and Gordon are very good major leaguers and the kids that have recently been brought up in Hosmer and Moustakas could be special. Of course when push comes to shove the Redbirds at home with Pujols, Holliday and Berkman are clearly the superior team that is going farther in the end but things have not been very good of late and at this price I’m alright with young Danny Dufffy and the visitors.

It’s definitely asking a lot here as we are well behind the eight ball in most categories from the get go, including the all important starting pitching, but Garcia is overdue to give up some runs at Busch as he can’t possibly keep up this pace and with the recent shoddy play I’ll grab this number and fade the still struggling Cardinals.

Top expert pick on this game: Kansas City

For more information: Yup that’s right! 64 of the last 105 days have now been winning as I did it again yesterday. It’s once again getting really easy as I flex my muscles and prove that I am the best there is on the diamond. I am right round that plus 7 million star mark and am going to cruise past it today in yet another 2-0 sweep. 300,000* Blue Jays-Reds plus a 200,000* Brewers-Red Sox. Here we go baby! Click now to purchase

Baseball Betting Picks Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has free pick Saturday is on the Red Sox (-1.5 +115) on the runline to Milwaukee.

Reasoning: Randy Wolf has been very good, especially in that last start against the Cubs and the Brewers are a dangerous and hard-hitting club that can bash away. With that said though the Red Sox have been ungodly of late and with a stud in Jon Lester on the bump I just don’t give Milwaukee much of a chance today.

Wolf is an experienced veteran who has been there and done that. The lefty could hold his own but he is up against a ferocious lineup that just keeps on destroying pitcher after pitcher and I can’t help but back Terry Francona’s sizzling squad today at Fenway Park assuming that nothing changes. Gonzalez is the MVP to this point and Crawford, Pedroia, Ortiz, Youkilis and Ellsbury form by far the best offense in the game today and to be honest it’s not even all that close. Take out that horrific first week to the season and Boston would be heads and shoulders above everybody else. Plus the Sox have gotten next to nothing out of two key starters in Lackey and Dice-k.

Lester is a stud that can hurl a complete game shutout anytime he takes the mound. The guy has beaten Cancer and won pressure packed World Series clinching games so I have no qualms whatsoever about him here against very good hitters, if not great, in Braun, Fielder and Weeks. Milwaukee always has a chance to put up a crooked number or two with their bashers but in the end I still see this game as a mismatch and the way the Sox have been rolling I’ll continue to ride that train here.

Top expert pick on this game: Boston on the runline from Matt Rivers

For more information: A 2-1 winning Friday and I’ve now won 63 of the last 104 days for a ridiculously high quality 6.4 million* of profit. Both the Red Sox and Rangers turned the trick with ease yesterday and a pair of plays today. Another major 400,000* involving the Rangers and Braves plus a 200,000* Phillies and Mariners. 2-0? You bet your arse! Click now to purchase