Free MLB Picks From the Real Matt Rivers Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a free winner and it is on the Minnesota Twins (+138) to San Francisco.

Reasoning: This isn’t an easy game traveling across the country and playing under National League rules but Carl Pavano has been in this league for years and with the way Minnesota has picked things of late up I’ll take a stab on the surging Ron Gardenhire’s. Plus Gardy and the Twins are as National League as an American League team could ever be so things shouldn’t be all that foreign here.

The defending World Series champion Giants are in first place and are a team that is dangerous thanks once again to their phenomenal pitching. Madison Bumgarner proved last season that he is a young and talented lefthander who can get the job done. The southpaw has been very good once again as the low 3’s era proves but the Giants’ offense is not good without Buster Posey and therefore the kid is an unbelievable 3-8 despite being great at times.

Bruce Bochy’s club just doesn’t hit the ball that much. Even with their great catcher healthy they are somewhat offensively challenged and now without such a key cog are lacking in a big-time way. Therefore to trust this team when laying some money doesn’t feel right.

The Twins had the horrific first few months to the season. I’m still not sure how this franchise lost as much as it did in that time but the last month has been much improved and right now with Joe Mauer back to go along with Young, Cuddyer, Span and a few others the Twins are once again a quality enough club.

Pavano has been a lights out innings eating beast of late and against such a weak lineup should be just that one more time. I’m sure the pitching will be ahead of the hitting in this thing and it’ll come down to that one swing of the bat or one bounce of the ball.

3-1 Twins in the end!

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