College Football Scoreboard Again Great For Gamblers

To the surprise of nobody, GodsTips starts out the season 2-0 with covers as Vanderbilt stays close to South Carolina and UCF routs Akron.

The finest and most successful football betting handicapper of all-time GodsTips, sweeps again to start out college football. Here is what pro bettors got:



UCF is much better than they showed last year, while Akron is as bad as they showed. The Knights were picked to finish first place in Conference USA in a media poll. Safety Kemal Ishmael, defensive lineman Victor Gray, offensive lineman Theo Goins and kickoff return specialist Rannell Hall all secured spots on the preseason All-Conference USA team.

The Knights figure to have no trouble with Akron. In 2011, the Zips went 1-11 and have beaten just one FBS team in the last two seasons. This is also a classic example of listening to what the oddsmakers are telling us and use their knowledge against them. There is a clear-cut reason why a team that went 0-6 straight up on the road last year is laying such a big number.

Five of UCF’s six road losses were by seven or fewer points. Now they get to let the damn burst and take out frustrations on an overmatched Zips team. In each their final two losses, the Knights held fourth quarter leads only to come up short. Again, UCF is much better than the W-L record indicates.

VANDERBILT +6.5 South Carolina

Again, Steve Spurrier, who built winners with offense at Florida, has limited weapons at USC. 5’8” Ace Sanders is the Gamecocks only weapon catching the ball. Marcus Lattimore is a geniune star at RB, but it is his first game back after a serious injury and is wearing a knee brace.

Alshon Jeffery is now in the NFL with the Chicago Bears, and he had more catches (183) in his South Carolina career than all the returning receivers and tight ends combined (155).

The Commodores have senior running back Zac Stacy, who ran for 1,193 yards and 14 TDs last season. Quarterback Jordan Rodgers, whose big brother Aaron starts for the Packers, started the last seven games of 2011 and earned the job to start this season. Vanderbilt’s offense revved up once he took over in 2011, finishing with 347 points that were the most scored by the Commodores since 1915.

It’s also tough to manufacture emotion. It’s a rare national TV home game for Vandy, with a realistic chance at a statement win. They will be more than revved up for a game that has a good chance of an upset.

Grandmaster sports handicapper Joe Duffy former General Manager of the Freescoreboard scorephone network and CEO of the premier hub of world-class handicappers.


Football Picks: South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt, Washington State vs. BYU, UCF vs. Akron, Eastern Michigan vs. Ball St.

ESPN college football kicks off the sports betting picks season. ESPN3 has live streaming video and the top handicappers have winning spread picks.

The glory days of the scorephone are back with trends reports so loved by many. South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt, Washington State vs. Brigham Young Central Florida vs. Akron, Eastern Michigan vs. Ball State are among tonight’s bets.

More than $250 worth of sports service picks, if purchased separately, are yours on the Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine. Yet another winning night last night makes the MasterLockLine 620-411 going decades back to the scorephone roots. NCAAF begins winning week 33-of-38, going back to 2008.

As consistent of a winner in any sports as any service in the history of betting is Sports service out of Midwest is the No. 1 all-time CFB service in units won. Their highest rated plays are Executive Plays. UCLA/Rice Executive Play starts out another great season

Kongpop Sukhibomrong, head of the famed Pan-Asian Syndicate has overtaken Statmaven Sports as the No. 1 all-time ranked sports service in terms of plays that were re-released on the MasterLockLine based on units won. Three NCAAF totals from the top source for football totals ever. All the above are on the MasterLockLine.

Still money to be made in NFL preseason. That’s right, the 400,000* on the Redskins in the blowout led to another winning day. The Crookie is trembling in fear and I’m once again putting the pedal to the medal with the most powerful weapon in my entire arsenal, a 500,000* bomb. Three more winners including an NFL first half 500,000* in which my team covers the first 30 minutes by double digits, yes double digits! Bonus 200,000* on the full game itself along with a 200,000* on the White Sox and Orioles. I know something that you need to know, period!

GodsTips has at least two college football sides. We have a possible total (we explain why it may evolve into a premium pick). We also have isolated an NFL game Thursday night in which the oddsmakers are missing an edge. Let us elaborate.

While the Crew may not have publically won as long as other services on this site, nobody has a higher winning percentage than the wunderkinds in which square players think is meaningless. Watch and win as another preseason winds down with the NFLX Best Bet of the Week. National TV South Carolina/Vanderbilt.

NEWS FLASH! A three sports gambling alert has been issued. The Great One Stevie Vincent has two sweet collegiate gridiron winners and one NFLX. But TGO says while football is sexy and presents three strong winners tonight, baseball continues to prosper. Two more Level 5s from the diamond. It is a 5-0 sweep in all.

Angles, systems, computer simulations, sharp bettors are all pointing to the same baseball underdog. We answer who and exactly why with bullet-pointed annotation. Click now to access every sports pick needed for tonight.

NFL Fantasy Guru: Best 2012 Draft Sheet From Oddsmakers

Fantasy and sports betting have long had overlapping intel. At GodsTips, we’ve used many fantasy sites for NFL injury information and fantasy football champions verify that the best draft cheat sheets are sportsbook projections.

Here are NFL handicapper odds of great interest to the fantasy guru.

NFL regular Season Player Future odds

Wed, Sep 05, 2012 EST

Rot Most Rushing Yards Moneyline
1901 Arian Foster +450
1902 Maurice Jones Drew +500
1903 Ray Rice +600
1904 LeSean McCoy +1000
1905 Chris Johnson +1000
1906 Ryan Matthews +1000
1907 Jamaal Charles +1400
1908 Darren McFadden +1400
1909 Frank Gore +2000
1910 Steven Jackson +2000
1912 Adrian Peterson +1600
1913 DeMarco Murray +2000
1914 Marshawn Lynch +2000
1915 Matt Forte +2500
1916 Michael Turner +2000
1917 Trent Richardson +1800
1918 Shonn Green +2500
1919 DeAngelo Williams +4000
1920 Willis McGahee +4000
1921 Fred Jackson +4000
1922 Jahvid Best +5000
1923 Ahmad Bradshaw +5000
1924 BenJarvus Green Ellis +4000
1925 Darren Sproles +6000
1926 Chris Wells +6000
1927 Reggie Bush +7500
1928 Mark Ingram +7500
1929 Peyton Hillis +7500
Others on Request.
Rot Most Passing Yards Moneyline
1701 Tom Brady +400
1702 Drew Brees +400
1703 Aaron Rodgers +500
1704 Matthew Stafford +550
1705 Philip Rivers +700
1706 Eli Manning +1000
1707 Peyton Manning +1400
1708 Tony Romo +1200
1709 Ben Roethlisberger +2000
1710 Matt Ryan +2000
1711 Carson Palmer +2500
1712 Cam Newton +2000
1713 Matt Schaub +3000
1714 Joe Flacco +5000
1715 Michael Vick +4000
1716 Jay Cutler +4000
1717 Ryan Fitzpatrick +5000
1718 Alex Smith +6000
1719 Andrew Luck +6000
1720 Andy Dalton +6000
1721 Josh Freeman +6000
1723 Kevin Kolb +5000
1724 Matt Hasselbeck +5000
1725 Matt Flynn +6000
1726 Sam Bradford +5000
1727 Matt Cassell +6000
1728 Blaine Gabbert +10000
1729 Mark Sanchez +10000
1730 Christian Ponder +10000
1731 Robert Griffin III +6000
Others on Request.
Rot Top 3 Most Passing Yards Moneyline
1751 Tom Brady -125
1752 Drew Brees -125
1753 Aaron Rodgers +100
1754 Matthew Stafford +110
1755 Philip Rivers +140
1756 Eli Manning +200
1757 Peyton Manning +275
1758 Tony Romo +250
1759 Ben Roethlisberger +400
1760 Matt Ryan +400
1761 Carson Palmer +500
1762 Cam Newton +400
1763 Matt Schaub +600
1764 Joe Flacco +1000
1765 Michael Vick +800
1766 Jay Cutler +800
1767 Ryan Fitzpatrick +1000
1768 Alex Smith +1200
1769 Andrew Luck +1200
1770 Andy Dalton +1200
1771 Josh Freeman +1200
1772 Robert Griffin III +1200
1773 Kevin Kolb +1000
1774 Matt Hasselbeck +1000
1775 Matt Flynn +1200
1776 Sam Bradford +1000
1777 Matt Cassell +1200
1778 Blaine Gabbert +2000
1779 Mark Sanchez +2000
1780 Christian Ponder +2000
Others on Request.
Rot Most Receiving Yards Moneyline
1801 Calvin Johnson +300
1802 Andre Johnson +800
1803 Larry Fitzgerald +700
1804 Victor Cruz +1200
1805 Mike Wallace +1400
1806 Brandon Marshall +1600
1807 Hakeem Nicks +1400
1808 Rob Gronkowski +1400
1809 Wes Welker +2000
1810 AJ Green +1200
1811 Greg Jennings +1800
1812 Julio Jones +1800
1813 Roddy White +1400
1814 Jimmy Graham +1800
1815 Dez Bryant +2500
1816 Aaron Hernandez +3000
1817 Kenny Britt +2500
1818 Brandon Lloyd +2500
1819 Jordy Nelson +3000
1820 Demaryius Thomas +2500
1821 Steve Smith +1400
1822 Vincent Jackson +2500
1823 Marques Colston +3000
1824 Miles Austin +4000
1825 Santonio Holmes +3000
1826 Antonio Brown +4000
1827 Dwayne Bowe +4000
1828 Sidney Rice +3000
1829 Derrius Heyward Bey +4000
1830 DeSean Jackson +5000
1831 Santana Moss +5000
1832 Torrey Smith +3000
1833 Randy Moss +3000
1834 Steve Johnson +4000
1835 Jacoby Ford +6000
1836 Jeremy Maclin +5000
1837 Malcom Floyd +6000
1838 Pierre Garcon +6000
1839 Reggie Wayne +5000
1840 Percy Harvin +4000
1841 Antonio Gates +7500
1842 Nate Washington +7500
1843 Vernon Davis +7500
1844 Anquan Boldin +7500
1845 Jason Witten +7500
1846 Justin Blackmon +7500
1847 Michael Crabtree +10000
1848 Tony Gonzalez +10000
Others on Request.
Rot Top 3 Most Receiving Yards Moneyline
1851 Calvin Johnson -170
1852 Andre Johnson +160
1853 Larry Fitzgerald +140
1854 Victor Cruz +250
1855 Mike Wallace +275
1856 Brandon Marshall +325
1857 Hakeem Nicks +275
1858 Rob Gronkowski +275
1859 Wes Welker +400
1860 AJ Green +250
1861 Greg Jennings +375
1862 Julio Jones +375
1863 Roddy White +275
1864 Jimmy Graham +375
1865 Dez Bryant +500
1866 Aaron Hernandez +600
1867 Kenny Britt +500
1868 Brandon Lloyd +500
1869 Jordy Nelson +600
1870 Demaryius Thomas +500
1871 Steve Smith +275
1872 Vincent Jackson +500
1873 Marques Colston +600
1874 Miles Austin +800
1875 Santonio Holmes +600
1876 Antonio Brown +800
1877 Dwayne Bowe +800
1878 Sidney Rice +600
1879 Derrius Heyward Bey +800
1880 DeSean Jackson +1000
1881 Santana Moss +1000
1882 Torrey Smith +600
1883 Randy Moss +600
1884 Steve Johnson +800
1885 Jacoby Ford +1200
1886 Jeremy Maclin +1000
1887 Malcom Floyd +1200
1888 Pierre Garcon +1200
1889 Reggie Wayne +1000
1890 Percy Harvin +800
1891 Antonio Gates +1500
1892 Nate Washington +1500
1893 Vernon Davis +1500
1894 Anquan Boldin +1500
1895 Jason Witten +1500
1896 Justin Blackmon +1500
1897 Michael Crabtree +2000
1898 Tony Gonzalez +2000
Others on Request.
Rot Top 3 Most Rushing Yards Moneyline
1951 Arian Foster -110
1952 Maurice Jones Drew +100
1953 Ray Rice +120
1954 LeSean McCoy +200
1955 Chris Johnson +200
1956 Ryan Matthews +200
1957 Jamaal Charles +275
1958 Darren McFadden +275
1959 Frank Gore +400
1960 Steven Jackson +400
1961 Adrian Peterson +325
1962 DeMarco Murray +400
1963 Marshawn Lynch +400
1964 Matt Forte +500
1965 Michael Turner +400
1966 Trent Richardson +375
1967 Shonn Green +500
1968 DeAngelo Williams +800
1969 Willis McGahee +800
1970 Fred Jackson +800
1971 Jahvid Best +1000
1972 Ahmad Bradshaw +1000
1973 BenJarvus Green Ellis +800
1974 Darren Sproles +1200
1975 Chris Wells +1200
1976 Reggie Bush +1500
1977 Mark Ingram +1500
1978 Peyton Hillis +1500
Others on Request.


NFL Podcast: Football Picks Bengals vs. Saints

It’s the Cincinnati Bengals at Atlanta Falcons with Atlanta a four-point favorite and a total of 38. The Great One Stevie Vincent has a huge bet on this game, both the side and total on 

But just as important is the NFL podcast on sports betting preview of this game from a betting standpoint.

Click here to listen to the podcast

Rams vs. Cardinals Picks Supersede Olympic Closing Ceremony Say Gamblers


The Olympic Closing Ceremony starts at 4 ET, though won’t be televised in the United States on NBC until hours later. For American NFL predictions to spread in Las Vegas, it’s the Rams vs. Colts as has the biggest service plays on the side and total.

At press time, the men’s basketball gold medal results have Spain well on their way to a cover, if not an outright win. That would be an upset, but what is not surprising as how well of a start top NFL handicappers have already had in 2012.

We start with the NFL betting specialists at GodsTips. We have had eight plays in the NFL this preseason. Seven won, the other lost by a hook. Get another winner in yet another typical winning season. The Sunday afternoon football side is up.

Again, we allow the quality of the card to determine how many picks we have. Yesterday, we had just one—the Washington Nationals and it won for our fourth straight winning day. Today we have five four our fifth straight winning day. Have you gotten on our full-season pass (all sports or football only options) yet? Enjoy the Sunday sweep from the anchor of

The best bet on the total is from Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine.

A recent in-depth and exhaustive study extrapolated that focusing on long-term proven No. 1 services (see national ranked explanation below) has ratified our winning percentage will rise by 1.1 percent. Any gambler knows this is substantial. With said data, Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine for focus even more on proven winners.

Luther Wade is ranked No. 1 in all sports since the turn of the century. NFL Preseason Underdog of the Year covers by 16 as Houston rocks Carolina on Aug 11. Now Preseason Total of the Year Rams/Colts

Service out of the Sun Belt is No. 2 this year in MLB based on units won. 2012 Major League Game of the Year goes in the 2 o’clock ET hour!

All the above picks go for $155 if you bought them separately, but you get them all for $16.

The wunderkinds nail Houston/Carolina over 35.5 points as NFL Totals Best Bet of Month. Now Sunday Total of the Month. Friday it was NFC Best Bet of the Week on San Francisco. The Sunday NFL total is the next on the named plays domination. It is among three winners as two pro baseball cash in.

The best bet in baseball comes from Matt Rivers. I have banked right around 800,000* of profit in the last two days and will push it to more than 1.3 million stars in the last three days. One play on the diamond and one monster winner. 500,000* for all of the marbles in an absolute mortal lock. One AL play and one AL winner, period!

There is the famed Key POD. The POD has exceeded even the most unrealistic expectations this baseball season. If you are not overjoyed with the season you are having, you just don’t like winning. The more recent streak is 3-1 the last four. Get another POD winning side on baseball.

Now to the biggest total. Get a Level 5 pro baseball over/under is as at the top of the ticket today. The King of Offshore Stevie Vincent is the top pitching expert in sports betting history. That screams out big time with the Level 5. Click now to purchase



Saints vs. Cardinals Betting Odds Picks Preview

The New Orleans Saints and Arizona Cardinals have each made significant announcements of interest to NFL preseason best handicappers concerning injuries, QB rotations, and scratches.

Two starting CBs, Jabari Greer and Patrick Robinson are out for the Saints. Fourth round draft pick, WR Nick Toon is out for the Saints, while third rounder DT Akiem Hicks is a game-time decision. 

This is significant as New Orleans “Big 3” receivers are set with Colston, Henderson, and Moore, but they are not deep at that position.  Conversely, New Orleans is deep at the RB position.

New Orleans may be a bit more inspired by the fact they hit the field after the tumultuous “bountygate” offseason. They return almost all of their starters from last year’s explosive offense.  QB Drew Brees has looked very sharp in training camp says Bob Warner of, despite the fact Brees missed some workout time because of a contract dispute.

Many professional sports gamblers focus on teams with quarterback battles and Arizona has just that. Kevin Kolb will start behind center, but potential opening day starter John Skelton will take over.

Both have looked sharp in camp. Rookie Ryan Lindley will see mop up duty as the No. 3 QB. Arizona is thinned at RB with Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams both out.  The NFL betting Twitter feed will include updates.

A free baseball pick for Friday comes from the Canadian Crew.

Pittsburgh Pirates at Cincinnati Reds (-153) Friday at 7:10 p.m. ET

Wandy Rodriguez will take the mound for Pittsburgh.  Rodriquez will be making his second career start for the Pirates after getting shipped over from Houston last week.  The veteran lefty has been rock-solid this season, going 7-9 with a 3.82 ERA.  He was solid in his Pirates debut last week, holding his former teammates to three runs in six innings of work.  Rodriguez rarely dominates, but he’s consistently good enough to keep his squad in the game.  It’s usually a different story against the Reds, though, as Rodriguez is 1-1 with a 6.35 ERA in three starts against them this season.  He’s 8-10 with a 4.42 ERA in 26 lifetime starts against Cincinnati.

Matt Latos is slated to start for the Reds.  The young right-hander has enjoyed a fine first season with Cincinnati, going 9-3 with a 4.17 ERA.  He’s enjoying a very good stretch right now; Latos has allowed two runs or less in six of his past seven starts, including last week’s win over Colorado.  Latos held the Rockies to a pair or runs through eight innings, while adding eight Ks.  Latos owned Pittsburgh earlier this year, tossing six shutout innings and striking out 11 batters.  He’s 3-0 with a 2.16 ERA in four career starts against the Pirates.

Rodriguez is the more consistent of the two pitchers, but Latos is locked in right now.  He’s starting to realize his great potential, and it’d be foolish to go against him especially given his great history against the Priates.

Pick:  Cincinnati

It’s ready to get underway, but note Michael Phelps is heavily favorite to win his final Olympic swim as an individual, the 100m butterfly.

Men’s 100m Butterfly Gold Medal Winner
Fri 8/3   201 M.Phelps wins men’s 100m butterfly    -450
2:38PM   202 Field wins men’s 100m butterfly gold    +360