SportsBetting Online Sportsbook Releases Week 0 College Football Odds

Who would’ve thought? People like to bet on football.

According to a couple of online sportsbooks, the betting handle for Austin Peay vs. Central Arkansas this past Saturday was massive.

SportsBetting reported that “the total amount wagered for the game was on par with an early afternoon Saturday SEC game on national TV.” Yes, handicapper Joe Duffy nailed the winner on UCA,

The brand manager for reported on Twitter that the book saw as much action on the FCS game as a mid-range NFL game on Sunday. The game’s spread alone generated as much money in bets as the spread in the Lakers-Blazers game the same night.

Lines for this week’s college football schedule are already on the board, as well as next week, which includes opening games for the ACC and Big 12:

UAB at Miami (-16)

Syracuse at North Carolina (-17.5)

Georgia Tech at Florida State (-11.5)

Western Kentucky at Louisville (-13.5)

Clemson at Wake Forest (+32)

Duke at Notre Dame (-20.5)

Coastal Carolina at Kansas (-3)

UL-Lafayette at Iowa State (-11.5)

UTEP at Texas (-42)

La. Tech at Baylor (-17.5)

Tulsa at Oklahoma State (-21)

Trevor Lawrence remains the odds-on favorite (-275) to be the first overall pick in next year’s NFL Draft (complete odds on same link below), but which team do the bookmakers think will be taking or tanking for him?

Team to earn the No. 1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft

Jacksonville Jaguars   3/1

Washington     11/2

Carolina Panthers       8/1

Cincinnati Bengals     9/1

New York Giants        11/1

Miami Dolphins          12/1

New York Jets 12/1

Detroit Lions   18/1

Las Vegas Raiders      18/1

Arizona Cardinals       22/1

Atlanta Falcons           22/1

Denver Broncos          22/1

Los Angeles Chargers 25/1

Chicago Bears 28/1

Houston Texans          28/1

Buffalo Bills   33/1

Cleveland Browns      33/1

Los Angeles Rams      33/1

New England Patriots 33/1

Indianapolis Colts       40/1

Minnesota Vikings     40/1

Pittsburgh Steelers      50/1

Tennessee Titans        50/1

Green Bay Packers     60/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers          60/1

Dallas Cowboys          66/1

Philadelphia Eagles    66/1

Seattle Seahawks        66/1

New Orleans Saints    80/1

San Francisco 49ers    80/1

Baltimore Ravens       125/1

Kansas City Chiefs     150/1

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