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Beat Fanduel With Pro Betting System That Wins

This is the system: Advanced analytics angle that applies for the first time this year as it involves multiple pitcher starts is +183.45 units and 8.2 percent. Most importantly, it also holds up on runline and wins every year. That is the MLB Wise Guy among two MLB winners. Unlock it now. As of press time, indications are no more boycotts, so look for another winning portfolio.  Get the picks now


PHILADELPHIA (WHEELER -1.5 +140) Atlanta (Erlin)

Another example of using oddsmakers knowledge against them is going with fairly big favorites despite a substantially worse record is +105.72 on runline for 8.6 ROI. Wheeler decent 2.76 ERA, 1.10 WHIP. Though Braves offensive numbers are competitive, generally better than Phillies, and Erlin’s numbers are pretty good, Wheeler is better pitcher and Phillies have upside oddsmakers tell us. They are right more than wrong.