Innovative Analytics Sports Betting Intel For Thursday Night Football and NBA Prop Bets

Daily betting intel from for Thursday, November 30, 2023. 

🏈Seattle at Dallas (-9,47.5)

💵82 percent of bets, 79 percent of handle on Dallas

💵53% of tickets, but just 34 percent of cash on OVER 

 🖥️Duffy Amazon Prime Total of Year; 99-63 NFL this season

🏀Top NBA prop trends for today:


Victor Wembanyama over 12-4

Evan Mobley over 13-5

Jerami Grant under 12-5

Josh Giddey under 12-5

Klay Thompson under 12-5

Cameron Johnson over 8-2


Mikal Bridges over 13-4

Kvon Looney over 12-3

Josh Giddy over 13-4

Andrew Wiggins over 13-5

College Football Betting Trends: Revenge Games and Rematches

According to recent statistics, college football teams seeking revenge in the same season have a 16-10 ATS record and 17-9 record to the UNDER since 2019. Based on this data, New Mexico State, Oregon, and Miami Oh are currently favored. In addition, over the past eight years, rematches have gone under 32-19-1.

Best Teams This Season to Bet on and Against in the NFL

Bill Belichick, the defensive mastermind, is having a rough time without the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady. The New England Patriots have struggled to cover the spread this season, earning the title of the NFL’s worst team based on the “sweat barometer” metric. Meanwhile, the Dallas Cowboys, aka America’s Team, are crushing it.

Without further ado, here are the top NFL teams of 2023 in terms of covering the spread and the teams that you might want to bet against.

Top ATS teams:

Team      ATS Record                                           ATS margin
Baltimore 8-46.7
San Francisco 6-55.4

Take note, my sports-savvy friends! Here’s a nugget of info: The Eagles are the kings of the spread, winning 7 out of 11 games with two pushes, but only covering an average of 1.6 points per game. The Jaguars are also no slouch, winning 8 of their matches but only covering by 1.3 points per game. Keep these figures in mind when placing your bets for the 2023 NFL season!

Team      ATS Record                                           ATS margin
New England2-9-7.5

Fun fact alert: Did you know that New Orleans is having a tough season with a 2-8 record and an average point difference of -2.1 per game? When it comes to sussing out the reliability of ATS and OU records, veteran cappers use the trusty margin of cover tool. It’s like margin of victory, but with a twist! It measures the margin compared to the point spread or OU because sometimes, those tricky bets can be a real sweat-inducing ride.

Thanksgiving Weekend Free Football Pick Georgia-GA Tech

Please check out the main menu at for the latest jaw-dropping digits, but Joe Duffy continues to slay in every sport with the power of AI and human intelligence behind every portfolio. We have an actual premium bet from Joe Duffy’s picks, bet at Bovada

GEORGIA -24 Georgia Tech 7:30

One of the biggest betting myths ever, though it has died down a bit over the years, is going with double-digit dogs in rivalry games. Literally the opposite is true. The bigger the favorite, the bigger the rivalry, the stronger the bet. The double-digit fave is 8-4 in this series, but again this is indicative of rivalries in general, so I am not basing on a 12-game sample size. Laying at least three TDs is 2-1 in this series. 

Roxy Roxborough Inspired Free Pick

Free winner from Joe Duffy


PHOENIX -5.5 Minnesota

Now wait just a damn minute here. Minnesota is 8-2 SU and getting more than the normal home court advantage number of points to a team 4-6 SU, including 1-4 at home? Again, so many of our systems say use the oddsmakers’ knowledge against them. Legendary oddsmaker Roxy Roxborough always said, “Handicap the lines, not the teams.” That is essentially the secret to my success over the decades. 

💰💰💰Top expert pick is from Joe Duffy at

Perhaps the biggest football weeknight portfolio is tonight, with two college football sides and a total. I upgraded one side to a Wise Guy.Must see why.I sweep NBA again, 4-0 and I’m now 45-28 for the season! I’m on a 13-5 basketball run overall, off yet another winning night in college. 

Five NBA led by a Wise Guy, three college hoop winners.

Week 10 NFL Free Pick Exploiting a Vegas Mistake

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Free NFL Pick From Best Handicapper

Las Vegas-NY Jets UNDER 36.5 at Bovada  

Since 2017, low totals go under 25-6-1. With widespread legalization of gambling, squares play a bigger factor than ever and hate betting unders, especially with a very low total. It’s no coincidence the value is in such situations.

Public Betting Splits, Contrarian Betting, Pros vs. Joes College Football November 4

Who is the public betting on Saturday, November 4, 2023? Get contrarian betting, betting splits, sharp versus square moves and more. 

🏈Biggest bets in terms of percentage of wagers: LA Tech, SMU, Iowa State; Missouri OVER

🏈Biggest bets based on percentage of money: SMU, LA Tech; Missouri OVER, Old Dominion UNDER, Minnesota UNDER

🏈Biggest splits. Teams listed have the highest percent of cash compared to bets: Southern Miss, Tulane; Old Dominion UNDER 

🏈Largest line moves, opener to current: GA Southern -1.5 to +2.5; Old Dominion +2 to -1.5

💰💰💰Top expert pick is from Joe Duffy: All Wise Guys 2 ET or later! The Grandmaster has dealt the first wave of winning cards for this week’s gridiron cash-grabbers. Friday night will be even more thrilling with a Game of the Year and a college football Major. Get ready for a wicked weekend as Saturday brings you a whopping 10 Wise Guys including 9 sides (the highest in nine years!) backed by a system that’s been acing it for ages. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also snag five college football Majors on Saturday!

Correcting BetQL Fake News: Which College and NFL Teams Best and Worst Game After?

I caught a soundbite promo on BetQL that made me chuckle: “I noticed that teams who play Ohio State this year end up not covering the next week.” Surprise, surprise, the same catchy phrase was spouted about the Philadelphia Eagles as. But, hold up, where are the receipts? No data or evidence to back up this fake news. Sorry, buddy, but that “brilliant observation” is just pure fiction.

Um, ATS records in ’23 after playing:

OH State 3-3 

Eagles 3-3-1

But, it got me thinking, which teams have been slaying and which ones have been slacking at least insofar as how foes do after clashing with them? Let’s kick things off with the NFL, and of course, let’s keep our focus on ATS records.

Worst records after playing:

Dallas 0-6

Tampa 1-4-1

New Orleans 2-5

Detroit 2-5

Las Vegas 2-5

Best records after playing:

Jacksonville 6-2

Minnesota 5-2

Atlanta 5-2-1

Onward to the college gridiron.

Worst after playing:

UNLV 1-5

Old Dominion 1-5

James Madison 1-5

Clemson 1-5

Best after playing:

Bowling Green 6-0-1

Mississippi 6-0

Utah State 6-1

Charlotte, Iowa State, Northwestern, Tulsa, and Washington State all: 5-1.

The takeaway? Starting with evidence-based data is always a smart move. And that’s precisely what you’ll find at