Roxy Roxborough Inspired Free Pick

Free winner from Joe Duffy


PHOENIX -5.5 Minnesota

Now wait just a damn minute here. Minnesota is 8-2 SU and getting more than the normal home court advantage number of points to a team 4-6 SU, including 1-4 at home? Again, so many of our systems say use the oddsmakers’ knowledge against them. Legendary oddsmaker Roxy Roxborough always said, “Handicap the lines, not the teams.” That is essentially the secret to my success over the decades. 

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Perhaps the biggest football weeknight portfolio is tonight, with two college football sides and a total. I upgraded one side to a Wise Guy.Must see why.I sweep NBA again, 4-0 and I’m now 45-28 for the season! I’m on a 13-5 basketball run overall, off yet another winning night in college. 

Five NBA led by a Wise Guy, three college hoop winners.

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