Videos For Your Business: Commercial, Social Media, Etc.

Want to highlight great reviews from Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc? Want to show off pictures of your property you are tying to sell in a video? I can do that for you. I received some great feedback from my friend, who runs Yes Gamers, so I figured I’d push on. Here are some samples. You can get a one-minute video like this for $94 and half minute for $45. Prices are greatly reduced thanks to the world situation, so get the bargain now.

Where do you use it? It’s yours, so anywhere you want. Most use on social media platforms, but you can also buy time on YouTube as a commercial. It’s all up to you.

Price is without a voiceover, though I can do that for you. See below. Also, price is based on five or six pictures that you supply. I can do screen caps of online reviews you specify for an additional $20 for six if you provide links.

The first segment before the pictures/screen caps will be your business name and other contact info you want such as URL, phone number, logo that you supply, etc. See another sample:

Want me to do a voiceover? $10 per 20 words. A max of 75 words for a half-minute and 170 for a minute is advised. If you want to hire someone else to do a voiceover or you want to do a first person account, of course I can add that at no charge as long as the audio is “as is” and does not need to spliced or edited.

Here is a voiceover sample:

Clients have been happy with the licensed music I’ve chosen relevant to the type of business. Here is another example”

Email and will make arrangements.

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