Sportsbook Asks Where Next Tainted Food Comes From

health officials have reported that they have now received 167 reported cases
of Salmonella from tomatos from 17 states.
Representatives from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said they are continuing to search for the
source of the Salmonella outbreak, which has hit hardest in New
and Texas
Public fear has driven speculation regarding the food they ingest through the
roof, and people are wondering if anything is safe to eat anymore.
This being the case, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, has once again beaten everyone to the punch and posted odds on all
things Salmonella related.  People are flocking to the site looking for
”When it comes to what we put in our bodies,” says BetUS
spokesman Reed Richards.  “We shouldn’t have to wait for an outbreak of
salmonella to tell us which foods are safe.  That’s why we’re providing
the public with answers regarding potentially harmful foods.”
Analysts at posted the following odds regarding possible salmonella

Which food will be reported to have a salmonella outbreak next:

Lettuce 10/1

Onions 10/1

Potato  20/1

Mushroom 8/1

Radish  10/1

Apple  30/1

Orange 30/1

Banana 30/1

Plum 30/1

Chicken 4/6

Beef 6/5

Fish 1/1

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BetUs Sportsbook Posts Odds on Next Host of Meet the Press

June 19, 2008  New
:  Tim Russert was
regarded as a beacon of truth and honesty in the American press corps and an
individual who sought out honesty in American politics with the diligence and
effectiveness of a world class lawyer.  Tim Russert
loved politics, and the American public he represented in his quest to find the

The long time host of the revered program Meet The
Press is sorely missed, and speculation grows as to who will be his successor
on the show.  Will anyone take on the role of moderator, or will the
program not go on?

With the public looking for answers regarding Meet The
Press and who likely candidates are to host the show next, the largest most
successful sportsbook on the web, once again beat everyone to the
punch and carefully analyzed all possibilities, providing interested site users
with odds on who the next host might be.

Analysts at BetUs
posted the following odds on the next Meet The Press host:

Chris Matthews     2/1
George Stephanopoulos      3/1
Brian Williams    6/1
Tom Brokaw 10/1
Andrea Mitchell  20/1
Field   5/1
Juan Williams  30/1
Andrew Sullivan  40/1
Robert Samuelson 15/11
Stuart Taylor   11/1
Thomas Mann  11/1
Tucker Carlson 50/1
Paul Begala 50/1
Barbara Walters 60/1
Billy Bush 100/1
Star Jones 500/1

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Offshore Drilling is the Best Investment

Champs Sports

Wise investors are already cashing in on offshore drilling
to beat the struggling economy. Smart Democrats and Republicans agree on how significant
financial windfalls can be drilled offshore. Offshore sportsbooks and
that is.

We are not talking about black gold or Texas
tea. Speculators are abandoning the perilous stock market and turning to the
sports market. Cy McCormick of the MasterLockLine, which has outperformed
NASDAQ every year since 1981 says this is a good time
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Referring to the scorephone origins, McCormick stated, “We
pick up the highest number of permanent clients when the economy goes sour”
because the sharpest businessperson liquidates their stocks and invests in the
more predictable sports betting marketplace.

Mike Godsey of GodsTips, anchor of,
could not agree more. “Baseball is generally a slow time for sportsbooks. Because of our prowess
with small favorites and underdogs, the low risk, high return commodity is more
precious than ever.”

When asked if he feels sympathy that tough economic times
lead to a boon in business for his sports
, Godsey wryly responds, “I only feel sorry for those who continue
to lose money gambling on stocks.”


Dale Earnhardt Jr. will be looking to continue to
race up the driver standings on Sunday when he takes to the track at Infineon Raceway for this season’s Toyota/Save Mart 350.
Check out the NASCAR
betting line

Earnhardt Jr. took the checkered flag last week in
the LifeLock 400 at Michigan International Speedway,
holding off Kasey Kahne and
Matt Kenseth for the win. Dale Junior last won a Cup
event back in 2006, and he ended a drought spanning 76 races.

Brian Vickers and Tony Stewart rounded out the Top 5 at Michigan,
while Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards, David Ragan, Elliott Sadler, and Jamie
McMurray made up the rest of the day’s Top 10. Kevin Harvick
was 12th on the day, points leader Kyle Busch was
13th, Denny Hamlin was 14th, and Jeff Burton ended up in 15th place at the

Martin Truex Jr. (17th), Jeff Gordon (18th), and
Greg Biffle (20th) also cracked the Top 20 at Michigan,
while Clint Bowyer ended up in 26th place, and Juan Montoya was 38th.

Earnhardt Jr. still sits
in third place in the driver standings, but he’s now just 84 points behind
first-place Busch. Burton is 32
points back of the leader in second place after 15 events. Edwards, Johnson,
Hamlin, Kahne, Biffle,
Gordon, Harvick, Stewart, and Bowyer also sit in
Top-12 positions in the standings and above the Chase’s cutoff line.

Ragan is only 10 points behind Bowyer for 12th place, while Kenseth moved up one spot into 14th with his result at Michigan
(14 points behind Bowyer). Truex Jr. and Vickers sit
just behind Kenseth, while Ryan Newman dropped three
spots into 17th place after running into engine troubles on the weekend and
finishing well back in 42nd.

Former Formula One driver Montoya picked up the victory at the Infineon road course last year, after starting way back
from the No. 32 spot on the grid. Montoya sits back in 22nd place in the
current standings, and he will be hoping for a solid result this weekend.

Gordon has five career Cup wins on the Sonoma,
track; he visited victory lane
there in 2006, 2004, 2000, 1999, and 1998. The only other active driver with
multiple Infineon wins is Stewart, who took the
checkered flag there in both 2005 and 2001. Robby Gordon won this event in the
2003 season, and Mark Martin got the win in 1997.

And the Vegas oddsmakers have Jeff Gordon and Stewart pegged as the 5/1
co-favorites to win at Infineon this weekend. Robby
Gordon, Montoya, and Scott Pruett are next at 7/1, with Kyle Busch and Harvick at 8/1, and Boris Said and Ron Fellows at 10/1.

Biffle begins the next tier of contenders at 12/1
odds, with Hamlin at 15/1, Bowyer and McMurray both at 18/1, and each of Earnhardt Jr., Truex Jr., and
Kurt Busch at 20/1. Burton, Newman,
and Patrick Carpentier are all at 22/1 odds, with
Johnson, Edwards, Kahne, and Dario Franchitti sitting just back of that group on the current
list at 25/1 odds.

Points leader Kyle Busch is still the oddsmakers’
choice to win the Sprint Cup this year – he’s pegged as the 5/2 favorite. Earnhardt Jr. is next at 3/1, with Edwards at 7/2, Johnson
at 5/1, and Hamlin at 7/1. Jeff Gordon is currently listed at 10/1 odds to win
the championship this season, with each of Stewart, Burton,
and Biffle sitting at 12/1 odds.

After racing at Infineon the drivers of the Sprint
Cup Series will move on to New Hampshire Motor Speedway for the LENOX
Industrial Tools 301 on June 29. July’s schedule then features the Coke Zero
400 at Daytona International Speedway, the 400 at Chicagoland, and the Allstate 400 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

John Morrison, Sports Betting Champ

We have gotten a few emails about Haralabos Voulgaris,
a professional poker player, who also bets basketball. Our clients wondered if
he was one of the NBA sharpies featured as MasterLockLine exclusives that have
led to unprecedented heights.

We also get a lot of questions about John Morrison, who calls
himself the Sports Betting Champ and others who use betting systems.
Previously, we’d get questions about radio advertisements featuring Bobby
Ventura, Larry Dukehart, AKA Duke Wins, Tom Kennedy

Our partner sportsbooks don’t often like to mention by name
the players on their “winner’s lists” and often with sports
plays, we cannot always give the source by name for various
legal reasons.

But be it top sports betting services or professional
gamblers, it’s not likely anyone has or will sneak under the radar of

Sportsbook Posts Lines on Who Will Hold Out in the NFL

June 16, 2008 New York:  With some of the NFL’s teams
starting minicamps and training camps and pre-season
a little more than a month away, grumblings have already begun on behalf of
some the league’s players about potential hold-outs during pre-season. 

Additionally, some disgruntled stars have been talking
about sitting out training camp for one reason or another.  Most notably
this season complaints have come from Chad Johnson, Plaxico Burress and a few
others.  The possibility for hold-outs and trained player-front office
relations during the pre-season seems to be at an all time high as the summer
rolls toward the start of the season.

That said, and with fan speculation growing at a fever pitch regarding whether
or not their teams will see pre-season strife, BetUs Sportsbook posted odds on which NFL player is most likely
to hold out or sit out prior to the start of the season.

”Passion for the NFL, teams, and players on the part of fans is always high,”
stated spokesman Reed Richards.  “What doesn’t seem to be such a
constant is a return of the adoration and respect on the part of players. 
Fans are extremely intuitive when it comes to their favorite players and teams
and they can sense when something is amiss.  As such, we saw it as our
duty to provide them answers and relieve some of their speculative angst
regarding any pre-season blow-ups between players and their team’s front

Analysts at BetUs
posted the following odds on player who might sit-out or hold out:

Titans DT Albert Haynesworth 3/1
Ravens OLB Terrell Suggs  2/1
Lions WR Roy Williams     
Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin   5/1
Giants TE Jeremy Shockey     1/1
Dolphins DE Jason Taylor     2/1
Eagles CB Lito
Sheppard       10/1
Rams RB Steven
Jackson        15/1
Bears LB Brian Urlacher        15/1
Bucs QB Jeff
Garcia            7/1

Additional sports and newsworthy odds can be found at:  BetUs Sportsbook

Tim Donaghy: Truth or Fiction?

Champs Sports

As always, we will allow others to engage in rampant
speculation about Tim Donaghy’s latest bombshell finger pointing. We will
continue to give our fair
and balanced

Mind you, in lieu of a smoking gun, we are all engaging in
conjecture, but unlike others, I only claim to have educated theories, not the
definitive rejoinder.

Let’s rid of one apocryphal contention. I have heard enough of this “we didn’t believe
Jose Conseco either” balderdash. This is not to say I accepted every name and
detail from the get-go. However, the before/after comparisons of sundry players
girth, corroborated by rapidly ascending power statistics, had me long previously
convinced of MLB’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” steroid policy.

Whether or not such circumstantial evidence would hold up
in a court of law is irrelevant. The
visual and statistical evidence that existed long before Conseco’s casebound is infinitely more damning than any so-far undocumented
innuendo Donaghy has thrown against the wall.

Until Donaghy presents supporting evidence, here is my
learned take. The rogue criminal merely cherry-picked several high profile NBA
officiating controversies and decided to retro fit insinuation with the intent to
intimidate the NBA from aggressively seeking punitive action.

Yet he is fortunate enough to possess likely legitimate,
though irrelevant to his criminal charges, tattletale scuttlebutt that
conspiracy theorists will accept as proof that the more salacious
whistle-blowing (pun unintentional) is valid.

As an example, the jailbird alleges, “Team 3 lost the
first two games in the series and Team 3’s Owner complained to NBA officials.
Team 3’s Owner alleged that referees were letting a Team 4 player get away with
illegal screens. NBA Executive Y told Referee Supervisor Z that the referees
for that game were to enforce the screening rules strictly against that Team 4
player. Referee Supervisor Z informed the referees about his instructions. As
an alternate referee for that game, Tim also received these instructions.”

Coaches and players make game-to-game adjustments. The
fact that officials also view game film in order to correct errors, even on a
night-by-night basis, is every bit as commendable as it is believable. Nice try
convict, but thanks for the big “so what”.

He also alleges that in violation of league policy,
officials at times socialized with team hierarchy or solicited players for
autographs. While it’s quite plausible a referee requested a star player’s John
Hancock for their grandson, this is the equivalent of proving a person
jaywalked as evidence he is guilty of murder.

Okay Tim, we are sure officials didn’t obey the NBA’s
overbearing guidelines infallibly, but even if said squealing proves accurate,
it only demonstrates your fellow zebras human, not illicit. Score another “so
what” for the inmate.

Sadly though, early returns of the court of public opinion
suggest Donaghy’s indoctrination has been met with
initial success. While Donaghy skillfully planted confirmation bias to put the
NBA on the defensive, the burden of proof is on him to substantiate, not the
league to negate.

“Innocent until proven guilty” may not a burden of proof
that applies at the collective water coolers around the country, but the
desperado seems to be given a lot more credibility than he has earned.

In the bookPropaganda and Persuasion, authors Garth
S. Jowett and Victoria O’Donnell define propaganda as
the deliberate, systematic attempt
to shape perceptions, manipulate cognitions, and direct behavior to achieve a
response that furthers the desired intent of the propagandist.”

In lieu of a
scinitlla of even an air of reality, it appears window dressing is all Donaghy
can deliver.

Joe Duffy is
the top sports handicapper in
America and CEO of



Belmont Stakes Race Day


It could be a historic day at Belmont
on Saturday, as Big Brown
tries to become only the 12th horse ever and the first in 30
years to win the elusive Triple Crown in the Belmont Stakes.

The big story is Grandmaster sports handicapper Joe Duffy has
the first through fourth places finishers, plus the baseball card, for just
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Either due to his own dominance or to the questionable strength of
the field around him, Big Brown is a huge favorite to win the Belmont
at 2/5. It looked like Big Brown’s run at Affirmed – the last Triple Crown
winner – might be in jeopardy a few weeks ago after a crack was discovered in
his left front foot. However, the crack was found to be very minor and Big
Brown went through his regular training regimen without any problems leading up
to the Belmont. For added safety a
synthetic patch was applied to the hoof on Friday which should all
but erase any doubts regarding Big Brown’s health.

Judging by the rest of the odds for the 140th running of the Belmont,
the only horse the oddsmakers think has a real chance to upset Big Brown is Casino
, listed at 7/2. In his very short racing
career Casino Drive is undefeated in two races, both of which were impressive
victories. In his maiden, which took place in Japan, Casino Drive utterly
destroyed the rest of the field, winning by 11 ½ lengths. In his first race on American
soil, Casino Drive won the Peter Pan Stakes by 5 ¾ lengths.

Following Big Brown and Casino Drive on the Belmont odds is a former
challenger of Big Brown, Denis of Cork at 12/1. Denis of Cork last raced in the
Kentucky Derby and finished third behind Big Brown and the late Eight
Belles. Also returning from the Derby field to take another shot at Big Brown
is Tale of Ekati at 20/1 and Anak
Nakal at 30/1. Tale of Ekati
finished fourth in the Derby, while Anak Nakal was seventh.

There will also be two horses from the Preakness
Stakes field running in the Belmont. They include Macho Again, a 20/1 Belmont
underdog, and Icabad Crane, also listed at 20/1.
Macho Again finished as runner-up to Big Brown, while Icabad
Crane followed him in third place.

Odds to win Belmont Stakes

Big Brown 2/5
Casino Drive 7/2
Denis of Cork 12/1
Icabad Crane 20/1
Macho Again 20/1
Tale of Ekati 20/1
Anak Nakal 30/1
Da’ Tara 30/1
Ready’s Echo 30/1
Guadalcanal 50/1


Euro 2008 Betting Odds


North American gamblers are most concerned about the NBA Finals odds
and the Belmont
Stakes morning line
but internationally football punters, also known as
soccer bettors, are abuzz about Euro 2008.

and the Czech Republic
kick things off, with the Swiss a modest -115 favorite. Much like American
sports bettors can wager on the baseball run line, there is a goal line to bet
on with Switzerland
laying -1/2 at +175.

The second contest sees Portugal
and Turkey,
with Portugal
an overwhelming -335 chalk, but also options for adjusted lines at -.5 or a
full goal.

Sunday sees Austria
and Croatia,
with the Croatians laying a half-goal. The next game will be broadcast in ESPN
as Germany is a
goal favorite to Poland.
Do you think the Poles will upset them outright? The money line will pay you

Game 2 of the NBA Finals is not until Sunday, but at press
time Boston is a one-point favorite
at NewBodog.

For those who believe Big Brown will win the Triple Crown,
but the odds are too steep, gamblers can bet a parlay and match Big Brown with
the English Derby. The double sees him paired with Casual Conquest at 6/1, New
Approach and Tantan Bearer each at 7/1.

Belmont Stakes, NBA Finals and Plenty to Bet On

The NBA Finals continue this weekend (NBA line), while
the Belmont Stakes (Belmont Stakes
morning line
) gives bettors another option on top of MLB, AFL, WNBA, NASCAR and Formula 1.

The NBA Finals between the Lakers and Celtics tipped off on Thursday night
with a 98-88 win by the Celts, and after two days off the series resumes in Boston
with Game 2 on Sunday. Game 3 is scheduled for Tuesday night back in Los
. Get the best sports handicappers picks from

The 140th running of the Belmont Stakes goes on Saturday night with Big
Brown looking to snap a 30-year Triple Crown drought. Big Brown is a huge
favorite to make history at 1/3, while Casino Drive
is considered to be his biggest threat at 5/2.

In the Major Leagues this weekend Cleveland
takes on Detroit in what was
supposed to be a matchup of the top contenders in the American League Central.
Other AL divisional matchups include Baltimore
at Toronto, Minnesota
at the White Sox and the Angels at Oakland.
The rest of the AL weekend
schedule sees Seattle at Boston,
City at the Yankees and Tampa
at Texas.

In the National League this weekend the only divisional matchups
on tap are Philadelphia at Atlanta
and St Louis at Houston.
Some other interesting matchups include Cincinnati
at Florida, Milwaukee
at Colorado and the Cubs at the
Dodgers. Rounding out the rest of the NL series are Arizona
at Pittsburgh, San
at Washington
and the Mets at San Diego.

On the gridiron this weekend Week 15 in the AFL kicks off on Saturday with a
very busy day that includes six games. Starting things off on Saturday night is
New Orleans at New
(-1.5), Chicago at Cleveland
(+4.5) Colorado at Grand
(-6) and Georgia
at Columbus (+4). The rest of the Saturday schedule includes Orlando
at Tampa Bay
(-3.5) and Philadelphia at Dallas

Sunday’s AFL schedule includes only one contest, as Arizona
takes on Kansas City (-3).

In the WNBA, the weekend gets started on Friday
night with six games. They include Minnesota
at Connecticut, Chicago
at Atlanta, Houston
at New York, Washington
at San Antonio, Detroit
at Sacramento and Phoenix
at Los Angeles.

There are three more games on Saturday, as Houston
battles Indiana, Atlanta
takes on Chicago and Detroit
travels to Seattle. Three more
games finish off the weekend on Sunday, as Washington
faces Connecticut, Sacramento
drops in on New York and San
clashes with Minnesota.

The drivers of NASCAR return to the track on Sunday at Pocono Raceway in the
Pocono 500. Jeff Gordon won at Pocono last season, but Kyle Busch will be the
favorite heading into the race, as the points leader goes for his fifth win of
the season.

Formula 1 also takes to the track in North America on
Sunday with the Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve
in Montreal. Lewis Hamilton is the
defending champion of this event and he should be one of the favorites to top
the podium again coming off a win in the Monaco Grand Prix two weeks ago.