John Morrison, Sports Betting Champ

We have gotten a few emails about Haralabos Voulgaris,
a professional poker player, who also bets basketball. Our clients wondered if
he was one of the NBA sharpies featured as MasterLockLine exclusives that have
led to unprecedented heights.

We also get a lot of questions about John Morrison, who calls
himself the Sports Betting Champ and others who use betting systems.
Previously, we’d get questions about radio advertisements featuring Bobby
Ventura, Larry Dukehart, AKA Duke Wins, Tom Kennedy

Our partner sportsbooks don’t often like to mention by name
the players on their “winner’s lists” and often with sports
plays, we cannot always give the source by name for various
legal reasons.

But be it top sports betting services or professional
gamblers, it’s not likely anyone has or will sneak under the radar of

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