Sportsbook Posts Lines on Who Will Hold Out in the NFL

June 16, 2008 New York:  With some of the NFL’s teams
starting minicamps and training camps and pre-season
a little more than a month away, grumblings have already begun on behalf of
some the league’s players about potential hold-outs during pre-season. 

Additionally, some disgruntled stars have been talking
about sitting out training camp for one reason or another.  Most notably
this season complaints have come from Chad Johnson, Plaxico Burress and a few
others.  The possibility for hold-outs and trained player-front office
relations during the pre-season seems to be at an all time high as the summer
rolls toward the start of the season.

That said, and with fan speculation growing at a fever pitch regarding whether
or not their teams will see pre-season strife, BetUs Sportsbook posted odds on which NFL player is most likely
to hold out or sit out prior to the start of the season.

”Passion for the NFL, teams, and players on the part of fans is always high,”
stated spokesman Reed Richards.  “What doesn’t seem to be such a
constant is a return of the adoration and respect on the part of players. 
Fans are extremely intuitive when it comes to their favorite players and teams
and they can sense when something is amiss.  As such, we saw it as our
duty to provide them answers and relieve some of their speculative angst
regarding any pre-season blow-ups between players and their team’s front

Analysts at BetUs
posted the following odds on player who might sit-out or hold out:

Titans DT Albert Haynesworth 3/1
Ravens OLB Terrell Suggs  2/1
Lions WR Roy Williams     
Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin   5/1
Giants TE Jeremy Shockey     1/1
Dolphins DE Jason Taylor     2/1
Eagles CB Lito
Sheppard       10/1
Rams RB Steven
Jackson        15/1
Bears LB Brian Urlacher        15/1
Bucs QB Jeff
Garcia            7/1

Additional sports and newsworthy odds can be found at:  BetUs Sportsbook

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