Baltimore Orioles vs. Chicago White Sox Free MLB Picks Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a Saturday MLB lock is on the Orioles (+120) to Chicago White Sox.

Reasoning: I had Baltimore yesterday right here in that easy underdog win at Chicago and am going to go right back to that well. I just like Buck Showalter’s team when getting money back as they are dangerous offense and good enough to beat a semi downtrodden White Sox squad.

Ozzie Guillen was just suspended and the ChiSox have not been playing very good ball of late at all. They did recently take two of three games at Yankee Stadium but have pretty much lost everything else and all in all little has gone right for the South Siders in the past few weeks. This team is not hitting the ball, the relievers at times have been atrocious and all in all is just not very good right now. At some point guys like Konerko, Dunn, Beckham and others will pick it up as there is a bunch of talent there but until they do Chicago is a must go against team for sure in a spot such as this one.

Phil Humber did have that no-hitter fairly late in that last start in the Bronx but I’m not buying it. It’s still Phil Humber, not even Phil Niekro, as he is a guy that is far from being great. The former Met draft pick has pitched well and deserves to be in the starting rotation, I admit that. He also may be a little better than the young Chris Tillman right now but I’ll take a little coin back with the much underrated and frankly really good Baltimore offense. Markakis, Roberts, Guerrero, Jones and Lee help make up a lineup that has the potential to put up a bunch of crooked numbers.

If this is the time that the Sox lineup comes together, which is always possible, then so be it. But until the “good guys” show a sign of life my jack is on a very competent O’s squad at an underdog price.

Top expert pick on this game: Baltimore from Matt Rivers

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NBA Playoffs 2011 TV Schedule TNT: Lakers at Hornets Spread Pick Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a winner for Thursday is on the New Orleans Hornets (+6) hosting the LA Lakers.

Reasoning: Every time of late the Lakers take one step forward they then seem to take one step back and I can see that once again happening today. Yes Los Angeles did come through in that last game fairly easily after the ugly first quarter and yes Phil Jackson’s squad is clearly the more talented team. But with that said I just do not trust them right now.

New Orleans is not a team that is loaded with talent, I understand that. It’s pretty much Chris Paul and a bunch of role players with David West out but those guys have stepped up beautifully a lot of the time and now back home to get half a dozen is fine with me. Guys like Aaron Gray, Jarrett Jack, Emeka Okafor, Trevor Ariza and Carl Landry form a pretty together team right now that at home should be able to compete from start to finish. Game three was a Los Angeles outclassing but then game four was a New Orleans outright. In game five at Staples the Lakers flexed their muscles once again but I can see another semi regression here.

Pau Gasol has not been very good for the bulk of the series and the Lakers haven’t been all that at all for a while now. Plus Kobe is not close to 100% and in the end at home the Hornets are going to have some sting and quite possibly extent this series to a seventh game.

Top expert pick on this game: New Orleans from Matt Rivers

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Free NBA Picks: Spurs Rout Grizzlies Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a free winner Wednesday on the San Antonio Spurs (-6.5) to Memphis.

Reasoning: I hesitate in laying half a dozen points with a team that has played as badly as the Spurs have but with their backs up against the wall I am going to do just that. Greg Popovich’ team is as experienced and professional of a team as there is out there making me feel that they will come through in this spot and at least live for one more day.

I give Lionel Hollins’ Grizzlies all the credit in the world for building this 3-1 lead. I definitely do not believe this is a fluke at all as Memphis has flat out played better basketball and right now may even be a better team. Zach Randolph is a beast and the young Grizz have manned up with guys like Conley, Gasol and others. But a closeout game is never easy no less with a young and very inexperienced team on the road. It’s just a tough tough spot for Memphis to be able to succeed in. I can see them taking care of business at home in a game six scenario but not here in this spot tonight.

Ginobili, Parker and Duncan have been there and done that. They aren’t going to panic and will not go down without a fight. The Spurs certainly have been regressing since the first 50 to 60 games of the regular season which were magical and there have been some recent leaner times for sure. But for this one night I do believe that San Antonio will reach deep and be able to muster a high quality effort as they are in survival mode.

It’s not going to be easy but the Spurs are not going down in five games and I see them being able to cover this game in the end.

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Spurs vs. Grizzlies Pick Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a winner Monday and it’s on the San Antonio Spurs (-1.5) at Memphis.

San Antonio skunked me right here in that last game as they lost by three when getting two and now trail the series 2-1 to Memphis. Is Greg Popovich’s team really going to fall behind 3-1 in the series? It’s possible as the Spurs are beatable but I just don’t see it happening in the end.

Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker are still extremely professional and still extremely capable. They are getting longer in the tooth and are a threesome that I have faded a bunch down the stretch but, in this spot in a must win game, how can I not believe they will pull it out?

Don’t get me wrong, Memphis is a very good team that will fight for everything. Zach Randolph is playing like an absolute superstar and other guys like Mike Conley, Jr. and Marc Gasol are no joke. The Grizzlies are playing at a high level, even without Rudy Gay, and it’s far from a fluke. But they are still a young squad that at some point will start to realize what they are up against. You rarely see a team make the playoffs as an eighth seed in the NBA and shock the one seed and there’s a reason for that. Talent is certainly one of the factors.  Say what you want the Spurs are still the superior basketball players and Pop’s boys have been there and done that which equals priceless experience.

This game should be tight throughout and hinge on a key play late. I can’t help but believe that the Spurs will be the team that makes that play down the stretch tonight. Oh and Zach, feel free to shoot another three in the final minute, I’m fine with that.

Top expert pick on this game: San Antonio

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Heat vs. Sixers Free Picks Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has an NBA winner Sunday is on the Miami Heat (-6) at Philadelphia.

Reasoning: It’s tough to lay half a dozen points on the road pretty much ever and that’s why I can’t make this a pay play in good conscience but the 76ers are done, absolutely done with a fork in them.

Miami has this thing wrapped up as Philadelphia just doesn’t have the horses. Doug Collins pretty much admitted that after the game two debacle and Lebron, Wade and Bosh are rested and confident and coming for the kill shot as they smell blood.

I don’t mind the 76ers and I have said that for a while. Iguodala, Holliday, Young, Brand, Williams and the boys from the City of Brotherly Love had a really nice season and are a building team that has a shot to do some good things in the future. But all hope has pretty much been snuffed out after playing very well in that last game and still falling in a non-cover

The Heat are not the perfect team and do have a few flaws at the point guard position and in the middle. Those deficiencies may come back to haunt them in the end but it’s not going to make a difference today as this thing is going to be an outclassing and probably a double digit Heat series clinching victory.

Top expert pick on this game: Miami from Matt Rivers

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Spurs-Grizzlies Free Pick Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has an NBA winner on the San Antonio Spurs (+2) at Memphis.

Reasoning: I love how hard this Memphis team is playing and do respect Zach Randolph and the Grizzlies overall. In fact I even had them in game two and cashed the ticket in a 200,000* play. But today I can’t help but grab whatever I can with what is still the far more experienced and superior overall squad in the Spurs.

I have been anti San Antonio for a lot of the season because I just felt they were not as great as their record indicated. The Spurs jumped out of the gate and pretty much never looked back but I still had no problem fading Greg Popovich’s team when the numbers were right. Here though as a dog in the playoffs is a bit to good to do anything but back Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and the rest of the high powered Spurs.

The Grizzlies are a fun young team that are doing a ton without what seemed to be their leader in the injured Rudy Gay. These guys have overcome adversity and had a nice little season and then a great opening game outright in this series. But let’s face it the Spurs are still the elite squad on the court today and that game one did not have Ginobili playing, which clearly meant a ton.

I’m sure the Memphis fans will be out in full effect and the building will be loud but when push comes to shove it’s still not having to lay anything with the most professional team in sports in the Spurs and I’m just fine with that scenario.

Top expert pick on this game: San Antonio from Matt Rivers

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MLB Free Picks: Red Sox vs. Angels Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a Major League Baseball winner for Friday is on the the Red Sox (+103) to Los Angeles Anaheim.

Jon Lester is an absolute superstar and the Red Sox are clearly better than the Angels. I have loved this southpaw for a while as he has the potential to win a Cy Young. Lester has beaten Cancer and won in high-pressurized spots including the final game of the World Series championship. This kid is a stud, plain and simple.

No doubt that Dan Haren has been on-fire this season and the Angels have been playing high quality ball of late, I get all of that. But to get Terry Francona’s 90 plus win team is too good to fully pass up today. The season has not exactly gone to plan thus far for the BoSox but don’t be fooled this team is still borderline great and with Lester on the mound they are great.

Haren is extremely due to get hit around and with all of the quality lefty bats the Sox have this could be that day. Boston’s lineup is awesome with Pedroia, Youkilis, Crawford, Gonzalez and on and on. These guys will click and they very well may do just that tonight.

The Angels have been hitting the ball and have had a nice start to the season but they are still not on the same level as their opponent tonight.

I’m really not all that worried about the Sox and the sluggish start. It’s just one of those poor runs that every team will go through. They just started the season like that which magnifies the situation that much more.

Lester plus the far superior team at about a pick constitutes a great value, period!

Top expert pick on this game: Boston Red Sox

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One play and one play only today, well sort of. I have an NBA dog that very very well may win outright. Granted there aren’t any double-digit pups out there so I’m not exactly going all that much out of my way but a win will be a win and an outright is an outright. 500,000* NBA dog that is going to take care of business with ease and for that matter a bonus 200,000* on the moneyline as well! Click now to purchase

Heat vs. Sixers Free Picks Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a free pick Thursday is on the Miami Heat (-4.5) to Philadelphia.

As I say often, laying points on the road is not the key to the mint but game two was very telling and even if the 76ers play hard and compete I’m hard pressed to believe they will stay within a handful by the end.

I played Philly plus the points in the first two games and looking back can say that I was fairly lucky to get one of them. Lebron, Wade and Bosh have really stepped up their game and appear to finally be having some fun out there. The regular season was a feeling out process and even though it at times appeared to be a disaster it still resulted in a phenomenal 58 victories.

Doug Collins made the statement after game two that the Heat are just the better team when they come to play. I like Collins and his candidness but I don’t think in any way shape or form that will help the Sixers, even back in the city of brotherly love. It’s almost a slap in the face to his franchise, even though he was being truthful and everybody knows it.

I do like this Philadelphia team and love how they improved greatly after the rough first month to the season. Iguodala, Williams, Holliday, Brand and the 76ers are all right and will fight in this thing but all right shouldn’t be enough after 48 minutes as the Heat flex their muscles once again in a win and a cover.

Top expert pick on this game: Miami

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Rays vs. White Sox Sports Picks Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a baseball pick Tuesday and for the second straight day is on the Tampa Bay Rays (-102) to the White Sox.

Reasoning: I like John Danks and the White Sox are the definite superior lineup with the bigger bashers but Ozzie Guillen’s team has gone south in a hurry and until they are able to come back up for air I’ll fade them at this price.

Chicago was embarrassed at home by the Angels in that last series and did absolutely nothing last night against David Price. The confidence level is pretty low right now and Guillen is about to blow a gasket with the way his bullpen has been performing and the team as a whole.

Tampa Bay certainly isn’t the team they used to be with Crawford, Pena and the injured Longoria in the mix but give them credit as the last week has been much much better. Joe Maddon’s team has been winning games of late and Johnny Damon has been showing some signs of life coming through in the clutch. I don’t think the home squad is going to be much of anything in the end as they can’t compete anymore with the Yankees and Red Sox but right now at the Trop there is no reason why they can’t beat the struggling and ice cold ChiSox.

James Shields has some good stuff and it’s not like this plodding White Sox club can do much on the Tropicana Field turf with their style of play. There are pieces with Konerko, Dunn, Pierzynski and others but it hasn’t amounted to much ove the last little bit and I don’t see much changing today.

Danks should hold his own as the southpaw is pretty darn solid but I don’t see him getting that much support and the surging Rays should come out on top for the seventh time in the last eight games.

Top expert pick on this game: Tampa Bay from Matt Rivers

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MLB Free Picks: Tampa Bay Rays Over Chicago White Sox Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers Monday is on the Tampa Bay Rays (-113) to the White Sox.

Reasoning: It was a rough last series for Ozzie Guillen’s White Sox against the Angels and in revenge today I’ll make a play on David Price and the somewhat improving Tampa Bay Rays.

I have been bashing Joe Maddon’s regressing squad for a while now and I am still not all that high on today’s home squad but all of a sudden Chicago has hit the skids and their bullpen is horrific.

Edwin Jackson just recently won fairly easily at US Cellular against David Price and it’s the second phenomenal Jackson outing against his former team when you include that wild no-hitter last season. So the guy does pitch very well against the Rays, I get it. But Jackson is still not the blue chip Cy Young type hurler that David Price can be and after losing that last matchup I can’t help but take my chances back at the Trop on Price and the at least improving Rays.

Johnny Damon has shown some signs of life and despite having a less that stellar offense with the departures of Carl Crawford and Carlos Pena and the injury to Evan Longoria I have a feeling that Tampa will get a very good pitching performance from Price and scratch across enough to get it done in the end.

The Sox are far from a confident bunch right now and Guillen exploding isn’t all that far off. Plus the “good guys” are not exactly a dome type team that can play some small ball on the fast turf and run the bases.

I expect both starters to look very good and the Rays to continue the recent Sox misery.

Top expert pick on this game: Tampa Bay from Matt Rivers

For more information: I’ve had 31 winning days and 12 losing days. Just think about that. Then think about 9 million stars of profit when the highest play that I release, and it is not very often, is only a 500,000*. There are a ton of clowns out there but I am the real deal and will continue to be that deal.

Both NBA plays today; 400,000* 76ers-Heat (won game one on Philly) and a 300,000* Pacers-Bulls. Bonus 200,000* on the diamond involving the Indians and Royals. Three more plays and three more winners, it’s just that easy. Click now to purchase