MLB Free Picks: Red Sox vs. Angels Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a Major League Baseball winner for Friday is on the the Red Sox (+103) to Los Angeles Anaheim.

Jon Lester is an absolute superstar and the Red Sox are clearly better than the Angels. I have loved this southpaw for a while as he has the potential to win a Cy Young. Lester has beaten Cancer and won in high-pressurized spots including the final game of the World Series championship. This kid is a stud, plain and simple.

No doubt that Dan Haren has been on-fire this season and the Angels have been playing high quality ball of late, I get all of that. But to get Terry Francona’s 90 plus win team is too good to fully pass up today. The season has not exactly gone to plan thus far for the BoSox but don’t be fooled this team is still borderline great and with Lester on the mound they are great.

Haren is extremely due to get hit around and with all of the quality lefty bats the Sox have this could be that day. Boston’s lineup is awesome with Pedroia, Youkilis, Crawford, Gonzalez and on and on. These guys will click and they very well may do just that tonight.

The Angels have been hitting the ball and have had a nice start to the season but they are still not on the same level as their opponent tonight.

I’m really not all that worried about the Sox and the sluggish start. It’s just one of those poor runs that every team will go through. They just started the season like that which magnifies the situation that much more.

Lester plus the far superior team at about a pick constitutes a great value, period!

Top expert pick on this game: Boston Red Sox

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