Spurs vs. Grizzlies NBA Playoff Lock

OffshoreInsiders.com Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers  has an NBA lock Sunday and it is on the San Antonio Spurs (-7) to Memphis.

Reasoning: It’s funny because I really do like Zach Randolph and the Grizzlies and have faded the Spurs a ton this season citing their age as a negative. I still believe both are true but I also don’t see it happening for the inexperienced visitors in this spot.

Rudy Gay is still injured and today should be a bit of a different beast for this Memphis team. It’s playoff time and I can see some jitters for the Grizzlies as they go up against a very seasoned team, with or without Manu Ginobili. Of course I hope Ginobili is able to go but I don’t think he will and I’m all right with that. Tim Duncan and Tony Parker have been there and done that and have enough in the tank right now to play at a world-class level. Throw in the likes of McDyess, Neal, Splitter, Jefferson, Blair and a few others and I just think this spot is going to be too much for the Grizz. In fact I can see the visitors be timid early and have that deer in headlights look as they fall behind in the vicinity of 32-15.

Don’t get me wrong, the series overall is not going to be a runaway four game sweep. San Antonio could have an issue or two with Conley, Randolph, Gasol and the rest of the talented 46 win Grizzlies. But game one in this particular spot is not the one that is conducive to a young Memphis team succeeding and overall this thing ends in a double-digit San Antonio victory.

Top expert pick on this game: San Antonio Spurs

For more information: Yup, that’s right, the only game I didn’t win was rained out. The 400,000* Braves minus 1 ½ runs in the first game plus 120 and the 300,000* on the 76ers once again buried that Crookie. It is truly just that easy. As I have been saying over and over and over again nothing at all changes today, nothing. Think about how large this sample has become, 30 winning days vs. 12 losing ones and a profit margin that is almost impossible to fathom!

And now to the biggest weapon in my entire arsenal, as in I’m hotter than the Burning Bush and today marks the highest rated play in the entire run. A 500,000* laugher is here in the NBA involving the Knicks and Celtics plus a pair of 200,000* on the diamond with the Mets and Braves and Marlins and Phillies. Here is what I am going to say in just a few hours, “bang, bang, bang, I did it again.” Are you? Click now to purchase

Hawks vs. Magic 2011 NBA Playoffs Preview

OffshoreInsiders.com Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has an NBA playoffs pick Saturday is on the Atlanta Hawks (+8.5) at Orlando.

Reasoning: I am not saying that Atlanta is really ready to fully compete as the last few months were not good for Larry Drew’s team but I’m also not fully buying this current Orlando team. The trades were not as successful as Otis Smith had hoped and Stan Van Gundy’s team has a lot of deficiencies and frankly too many to just lace them up and win going away. Certainly being in the Magic Kingdom is monstrous for Dwight Howard and the home squad and it should result in a victory but this thing is not going to get out of hand like the easy four game sweep a season ago.

The Hawks actually took three of the four meetings this season and even though Howard will dominate the paint Al Horford is a good enough matchup to disrupt Howard, do enough to hold his own and limit a ton of damage. Plus the Atlanta defense is the fourth best in the entire NBA in terms of defending the three point shot and we all know how the Magic will try and go small and bomb away with guys like Richardson, Arenas, Turkoglu and others.

Atlanta has scuffled at times and has regressed a bit. They have had mind scratching horrific 30 plus point blowout losses showing a lack of focus at times, which really isn’t very conducive to success when the chips are down. But I am not all in on this Magic team and still like the talent that the Hawks possess. Orlando has become one of the smaller teams in the league as it’s Howard and Brandon Bass down low and that’s about it, truly.

Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Horford and Jamal Crawford have game. Kirk Hinrich has not exactly been the answer at the point but the guy is at least experienced and good enough. In the end I do believe we are going to see a competitive game that comes enough down the wire for the visitors to grab that cash.

Top expert pick on this game: Atlanta Hawks from Matt Rivers

For more information: Another million or so stars of profit are there for the taking tonight as I continue to prove that I am the best there is in the business. The big game last night was rained out which stinks but so be it. A trio of fire hot locks today including two on the diamond and one on the hardwoods. 400,000* Mets-Braves in whichever game involves DJ Carrasco plus a 300,000* 76ers-Heat and a 200,000* Marlins-Phillies. Feeling tremendous and you will be as well pretty soon! Matt Rivers picks

MLB Vegas Lines and Sports Predictions From Handicappers

OffshoreInsiders.com Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a free pick in MLB on the Minnesota Twins (+122) to Tampa.

Reasoning: Tampa Bay is a bad baseball team right now and to not have to lay money with a far better Minnesota team is fine with me. And yes I know all about the recent wins including the Johnny Damon walk-off last night.

Yes the Rays won yesterday and the two games at Fenway Park but what the heck are the Red Sox right now? Daisuke is a total disgrace and taking those two games doesn’t impress me all that much. They have been better, I guess, but the talent level is still very low and very much lacking.

After losing Carl Crawford and Carlos Pena in the offseason and now without Evan Longoria the Tampa offense is fairly awful. Every team will have that one game where everything clicks so I do not believe that Joe Maddon’s Punch and Judy hitters have just all of a sudden found something. They are a bad bad offense right now and just cannot compare with Justin Morneau, Delmon Young, Michael Cuddyer and the Twins. Joe Mauer is on the DL which does hurt but it’s also not the end all as we saw with this team after losing Morneau. Plus I love teams off bad losses as they usually rebound and last night was the epitome of such.

I can’t say that I love the on again off again Nick Blackburn. The guy has had some quality moments but he has also had some lean times as well. In terms of upside and overall stuff Wade Davis may be on a higher level. The Tampa hurler had a very successful second half of the season last year and is good. But all in all he is not a guy that should be able to dominate the lefty bats of the Twinkies and to get Minnesota here, in some revenge, at this price is a must play in some way, shape or form.

I still do not think this Tampa Bay team is very good and I’m therefore just fine with fading them in a spot like this against the far better team.

Top expert pick on this game: Matt Rivers has Minnesota

For more information: It really is just that easy. 29 of 40 winning days now and a beyond amazing 8.4 million* of profit after another 2-0 Thursday sweep with a 300,000* on the Cardinals in blowout fashion along with the 200,000* Brewers in shutout fashion, 4-0. The biggest play I own, a 500,000*, and one of the most powerful plays in the entire industry is on display tonight. This thing is going to probably be wrapped up by the fourth inning and win in the end by 6-8 runs. My 1st 500,000* Run-Line Game of the Year! I am more times than not an underdog guy but there are those rare situations where a chalk sticks out like a sore thumb and becomes a must play laying that extra run. Today is just that.

500,000* Run-Line Game of the Year plus a bonus 200,000* involving the Padres and Astros. Feeling great and burying that Crookie as per usual! Click now to purchase

NBA Playoffs Odds 2011: Heat Still Faves to Win it All, Lakers Next

Odds are up for the 2011 NBA playoffs from BetUs. First it’s series odds.

Rot Indiana Pacers vs Chicago Bulls Moneyline
801 Indiana Pacers +1200
802 Chicago Bulls -5000
Best of Seven 2-2-1-1-1
Rot Philadelphia 76ers vs Miami Heat Moneyline
803 Philadelphia 76ers +900
804 Miami Heat -2500
Best of Seven 2-2-1-1-1
Rot Atlanta Hawks vs Orlando Magic Moneyline
805 Atlanta Hawks +400
806 Orlando Magic -600
Best of Seven 2-2-1-1-1
Rot Portland Trailblazers vs Dallas Mavericks Moneyline
807 Portland Trailblazers +165
808 Dallas Mavericks -210
Best of Seven 2-2-1-1-1

Sun, Apr 17, 2011 EST

Rot Memphis Grizzlies vs San Antonio Spurs Moneyline
809 Memphis Grizzlies +350
810 San Antonio Spurs -500
Best of Seven 2-2-1-1-1
Rot New Orleans Hornets vs Los Angeles Lakers Moneyline
811 New Orleans Hornets +900
812 Los Angeles Lakers -2500
Best of Seven 2-2-1-1-1
Rot New York Knicks vs Boston Celtics Moneyline
813 New York Knicks +350
814 Boston Celtics -500
Best of Seven 2-2-1-1-1
Rot Denver Nuggets vs Oklahoma City Thunder Moneyline
815 Denver Nuggets +165
816 Oklahoma City Thunder -210
Best of Seven 2-2-1-1-1

Now to the odds to win it all, the NBA Championship 2011. The Miami Heat edge out the defending champion LA Lakers as the faves.

101 Miami Heat +275
102 Los Angeles Lakers +300
103 Chicago Bulls +400
104 San Antonio Spurs +600
105 Boston Celtics +600
106 Oklahoma City Thunder +1400
107 Dallas Mavericks +1600
108 Orlando Magic +1800
109 New York Knicks +5000
110 Denver Nuggets +6000
111 Portland Trailblazers +6000
112 Atlanta Hawks +10000
113 Philadelphia 76ers +15000
114 Memphis Grizzlies +15000
115 New Orleans Hornets +20000
116 Indiana Pacers +20000

More playoff odds such as for each game, to win each conference and more are up at several sportsbooks.

No question the top picks against the spread will be at OffshoreInsiders.com

2011 NBA Playoff Betting Tips

We shall allow others to defend or mock the NBA zigzag theory ad nausea. For the few not familiar, it basically says bet a playoff team off a straight up loss. However, we will list which playoff teams are best against the spread off straight up wins and straight up losses in 2010-11.

The top teams to bet on off a straight up loss:

Team ATS Record Margin of cover
Chicago 14-5-1 +6.1
Boston 16-10 +2.6
Philadelphia 24-15-1 +4.1
Denver 18-13 +1.6

Now to the best teams to bet against off a straight up loss:

Team ATS Record Margin of cover
Miami 7-16-1 -5.4
Dallas 9-16 -1.8
LA Lakers 10-15 -4.4

Here are the best teams against the spread to bet on off a straight up win:

Team ATS Record Margin of cover
Miami 33-24 +2.9
Denver 25-21-4 +2.6

Perhaps, not surprising, the best teams to fade off a win failed to make the playoffs (Washington, Houston, Sacramento, Utah), but these are the best postseason teams to bet against when coming off a straight up victory:

Team ATS Record Margin of cover
Indiana 15-21-1 -2.6
Atlanta 19-25 -2.3

OffshoreInsiders.com has now added Bill Tanner to their arsenal of handicappers. Tanner is the all-time winningest NBA handicapper on Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine, tracing back to the scorephone days of the early 1980s.

“Renamed “sweat meter” in Chad Millman of ESPN’s column, Margin of Cover (MOC) is similar to scoring margin, but it is measured by how much a team covers or fails to cover the point spread.

Many sports handicappers believe MOC is invaluable in isolating under and overvalued teams.

MLB Runline Handicapping: Phillies vs. Nationals

OffshoreInsiders.com Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has the free pick winner for Thursday is on the Phillies (-1.5) to Washington.

Reasoning: Yes Philadelphia at times can have a difficult time with this Washington squad. The Nationals are a division rival and overall not a terrible team. Jordan Zimmerman is a young kid with a bright future who may hold his own for a part of this game but after 9 innings I just see Lee dominating and the Fightin’ Phils being able to take care of business.

The Phillie left-hander struggled a bit in that last outing at Turner Field against the Braves. One bad inning and one bad play by Shane Victorino did Lee in in untypical losing fashion. I see the guy getting back on the horse here and dazzling as he does more times than not. Let’s face it, Cliff Lee is a an absolute star and a guy that is extremely trustworthy. When he has a rough outing like that last one it is not a bad idea to go right back to him and expect him to be focused and ready to turn it back around because that’s what great pitchers do.

The Nats are alright and took the first game fairly easily in this series before getting shut down a bit, save the 9th inning, in the 3-2 loss last night to Roy Halladay. I have no issues at times taking back big numbers with this Washington team. But they will once again be without their leader in Ryan Zimmerman, which is a big loss and cannot be understated, and up against Lee are going to have a tough time at the plate.

I’ll take my chances with high quality lefty bats like Howard, Rollins, Victorino, Ibanez and others today against the young right-hander in Zimmerman while getting what should be a more than focused Lee who is ready to follow Halladay’s lead and twirl a gem.

I can see 4-1 in this thing in the end!

Top expert pick on this game: Philadelphia Phillies on the runline.

For more information: The numbers are gaudy and the funny thing is that on the super rare occasion that I have a losing night it’s only because my teams fall in either extra innings or by one run in the tightest of tight contests ala both the Reds and big dog Indians yesterday. When I win though it’s by a billion, like the 400,000* Brewers yesterday, and all in all that is the true sign of what a quality handicapper I am There will be a few losses but it’s the guy who is on it over and over and over again that you can trust and I have done a ton to build that trust with you for a long time now.

No hoops today but no problem, a pair on the diamond that will keep that Crookie crying. 300,000* St. Louis-Los Angeles along with a 200,000* Milwaukee-Pittsburgh. Absolutely bashing the man one more time here and now! Click now to purchase

Two Free MLB Picks

Your comp winner for Wednesday from OffshoreInsiders.com Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers is on the LA Dodgers (+135) to San Francisco Giants.

Reasoning: I liked Don Mattingly’s squad before the season and still like them now as the blue are a team that has a tremendous upside and yet are still well below the radar. The pitching staff is deep and well balanced from with high quality starters including a blossoming superstar in Clayton Kershaw to one of the better bullpens in the game anchored by Kuo and Broxton. Then you have an offense that has underachieved in recent years but also is no joke with guys like Ethier, Kemp, Loney and a few others. With all of that said I can’t help but make a play on a former All-Star in Ted Lilly and the Dodgers plus some coin here by the Bay.

The Giants are obviously the defending World Champions and Jonathan Sanchez is a guy with phenomenal stuff when he doesn’t lose that control point. But I’m just not buying the San Francisco offense and all in all I think the G-men are a bit overvalued. Let’s not forget how they lost a key cog in Juan Uribe who is now with today’s opponent and to be honest with you if this game was a pick I would still be fine with the Dodgers.

If Sanchez is on then he is going to be tough to hit but the same can be said for Lilly and overall when push comes to shove I just like Los Angeles better and believe they will get it done one more time in this series.

Top expert pick on this game: LA Dodgers

For more information: People can say they are hot, but far more than likely they can’t ever say they have experienced the run that I am currently on. I am hotter than the Burning Bush and once again I am going to repeat myself, nothing at all is going to change, nothing!

I have literally won 28 days vs. 10 losing ones and have now accumulated a beyond belief 8 million* of profit. Another monster 400,000* is here from PNC Park between the Brewers and Pirates along with a 300,000* Reds-Padres and a 200,000* Indiana-Angels. I’ve been great and will continue to be great! Click now to purchase

Meanwhile, GodsTips has:

COLORADO (ROGERS +106) NY Mets (Neise)

Colorado is 7-1 their last eight. The Mets are playing like the Mets, losing 5-of-6. The Mets are 1-7 in Niese’s last 8 starts vs. a team with a winning record and going back to last year, they have lost his last six home starts.

NBA Picks: Spurs vs. Lakers

OffshoreInsiders.com Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a free pick Tuesday is on the San Antonio Spurs (+7) LA Lakers.

Top expert pick on this game: Is it too simplistic to say that the Lakers are struggling mightily and the Spurs have the best record in the NBA therefore to get around half a dozen here with San Antonio seems silly? I am not dismissing the notion that it may just be as the visitors from San Antonio do not need this game in the slightest unlike the Lakers who are jockeying for that second seed in the west but the way the Lakers have completely lost it of late I’ll grab the points and take my chances.

I would say not to make this play until close to game time just in case Greg Popovich decides to pull a Doc Rivers and rest his main guys which quite possibly may not be known until 30-45 minutes before tip-off. If that is the case this number will certainly rise and get a lot closer to double digits.

There is no doubt that LA needs this game pretty badly for seeding purposes and for their own psyche. It is also obvious that no matter how lean the last few weeks have been Phil Jackson’s squad is still loaded with talent led by the superstar of superstars in Kobe and a trio of bigs down low. So every single thing does point in the way of the Lakers, I understand that, but I just cannot help but take my chances fading the team that is in the midst of one of their worst runs in a long long time.

LA has now dropped five in a row games and they are doing it in embarassing fashion. They lost outright at home as literally a two touchdown favorite to the Jazz last week and just the other day were completely outclassed by the Thunder at home. In between were ugly displays as well and with this still not being the quote unquote playoffs I’ll fade them and expect little improvement.

San Antonio had a great season and all in all is a borderline great and experienced team. I’m not fully sold on the Spurs though as they are getting a bit long in the tooth but if they put any effort in this thing combined with the Lakers struggles of late I will scoop up as many points as I can and expect a tight enough game.

Top expert pick on this game: San Antonio from Matt Rivers

For more information: People can say they are hot, but far more than likely they can’t ever say they have experienced the run that I am currently on. I am hotter than the Burning Bush and once again I am going to repeat myself, nothing at all is going to change, nothing!

I have literally won 28 days vs. 9 losing ones and have now accumulated a beyond belief 8 million plus * of profit. Yesterday the 400,000* Wizards took care of business along with the 200,000* on the Cavaliers outright and absolutely nothing at all can stop me as I am in the zone of all zones. Another monster 400,000* is here from PNC Park between the Brewers and Pirates along with a 300,000* late night dog that will knock your socks off. Click now to purchase

MLB Baseball Free Picks

OffshoreInsiders.com Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a free pick Monday is on the Los Angeles Dodgers (-103) to San Francisco.

Reasoning: Madison Bumgarner is certainly a good young kid but he is no Clayton Kershaw and to get Kershaw and not really have to lay much of anything in this spot is more than enough for me to give it a go. I am extremely high on the Los Angeles southpaw and think that when all is said and done this guy is going to be an All-Star and potentially in the Cy Young award discussion. Today he goes up against a San Francisco offense that frankly just does not scare me. Yes the Giants are the defending World Champions and Bruce Bochy is a tremendous manager who boasts a team that can pitch the daylights out of the baseball but I’m just not believing all that much in them and especially not in this spot.

I will admit that I don’t love how the Giants lost three of four in Chavez Ravine to start the season and are looking for a little payback today but they just do not have the horses in my opinion to do all that much against Kershaw. Of course in this one small 9 inning baseball game the home Giants can win this game but I don’t think they win it at the rate of around half the time and therefore this constitutes a deal and a must play in the end.

The Dodgers are a scary team that has a great upside. The ownership divorce is not good and the team as a whole has underachieved mightily in recent seasons. But with a high quality and well balanced staff that is led by Kershaw along with one of the better bullpens in the game with Broxton, Kuo and Guerrier and high quality hitters like Ethier, Kemp, Loney, Furcal and Uribe I will take my chances on the visitors and expect a fourth victory in the series.

Top expert pick on this game: Los Angeles Dodgers

For more information: Bang, bang, bang, I remain the hottest and greatest capper on this planet, bar none. 400,000* Rockies, 300,000* Astros and 200,000* Cardinals yesterday for just under another cool million* of profit. I’m now up 7.5 million* of profit in the last month plus. Think about it, 27 winning days vs. 9 losing days and I am up literally a full 15 times my rarest and biggest play which is a 500,000*. Plus I only release a few plays max a day so the potential to get so far ahead would seem almost impossible.

More winning today for sure including yet another fire hot 400,000* NBA Underdog that may win outright along with a bonus 200,000* pup in the Association and one on the diamond. Three plays in all, all go at night and just another 3-0 sweep! Click now to purchase

Masters Odds Secondary to MLB Free Picks

Sunday’s Masters leader board, tee times, and betting odds are up. But sports handicappers are especially profiting in MLB.

OffshoreInsiders.com Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a free pickSunday is on the Atlanta Braves (-120) to the Philadelphia Phillies.

I will readily admit that the Phillies are the superior overall team when compared to the Braves that will go farther in the end and very possibly win the World Series. In fact I even played Philadelphia in the first game of this series but Cole Hamels is an extremely streaky pitcher and when the guy is off he can be really off. That about sums up his first start and consequentially the ERA above 20 and to get a red hot Derek Lowe at home at not much more than a pick is worth a shot today.

Lowe is similar to Hamels in that he can be feast or famine himself and the righty has been great thus far in his pair of starts. Of course if that sinker isn’t sinking there could be a ton of problems against Howard, Victorino, Ibanez, Rollins and the Phils but so far things have been phenomenal for Lowe and I therefore like him in this spot.

The Braves have made some quality moves including bringing in Dan Uggla and are a legitimate threat in the NL. They are a well balanced team that overall does not have the insane pitching of the Phillies but Lowe is more trustworthy than Hamels right now and Atlanta at the Ted is definitely good enough to win this game and take the series.

Top expert pick on this game: Atlanta

For more information: I’m beginning a new winning week in style today as I deliver on a trio of plays. A couple of subpar days in the last few but still feeling great as a 14 inning extra inning one run loss along with a defeat by allowing two in the 9th in a one run loss with a big time dog won’t faze me one bit. I’m still very much on it and that’s all that counts.

Three winners today including raising that bar with a 400,000* between the Rockies and Pirates plus a 300,000* Marlins-Astros and a 200,000* Cardinals-Giants. 3-0 no doubt about it! Click now to purchase