Heat vs. Sixers Free Picks

OffshoreInsiders.com Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has an NBA winner Sunday is on the Miami Heat (-6) at Philadelphia.

Reasoning: It’s tough to lay half a dozen points on the road pretty much ever and that’s why I can’t make this a pay play in good conscience but the 76ers are done, absolutely done with a fork in them.

Miami has this thing wrapped up as Philadelphia just doesn’t have the horses. Doug Collins pretty much admitted that after the game two debacle and Lebron, Wade and Bosh are rested and confident and coming for the kill shot as they smell blood.

I don’t mind the 76ers and I have said that for a while. Iguodala, Holliday, Young, Brand, Williams and the boys from the City of Brotherly Love had a really nice season and are a building team that has a shot to do some good things in the future. But all hope has pretty much been snuffed out after playing very well in that last game and still falling in a non-cover

The Heat are not the perfect team and do have a few flaws at the point guard position and in the middle. Those deficiencies may come back to haunt them in the end but it’s not going to make a difference today as this thing is going to be an outclassing and probably a double digit Heat series clinching victory.

Top expert pick on this game: Miami from Matt Rivers

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