Offshore Drilling is the Best Investment

Champs Sports

Wise investors are already cashing in on offshore drilling
to beat the struggling economy. Smart Democrats and Republicans agree on how significant
financial windfalls can be drilled offshore. Offshore sportsbooks and
that is.

We are not talking about black gold or Texas
tea. Speculators are abandoning the perilous stock market and turning to the
sports market. Cy McCormick of the MasterLockLine, which has outperformed
NASDAQ every year since 1981 says this is a good time
to invest with the elite sports

Referring to the scorephone origins, McCormick stated, “We
pick up the highest number of permanent clients when the economy goes sour”
because the sharpest businessperson liquidates their stocks and invests in the
more predictable sports betting marketplace.

Mike Godsey of GodsTips, anchor of,
could not agree more. “Baseball is generally a slow time for sportsbooks. Because of our prowess
with small favorites and underdogs, the low risk, high return commodity is more
precious than ever.”

When asked if he feels sympathy that tough economic times
lead to a boon in business for his sports
, Godsey wryly responds, “I only feel sorry for those who continue
to lose money gambling on stocks.”

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