Football Picks: South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt, Washington State vs. BYU, UCF vs. Akron, Eastern Michigan vs. Ball St.

ESPN college football kicks off the sports betting picks season. ESPN3 has live streaming video and the top handicappers have winning spread picks.

The glory days of the scorephone are back with trends reports so loved by many. South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt, Washington State vs. Brigham Young Central Florida vs. Akron, Eastern Michigan vs. Ball State are among tonight’s bets.

More than $250 worth of sports service picks, if purchased separately, are yours on the Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine. Yet another winning night last night makes the MasterLockLine 620-411 going decades back to the scorephone roots. NCAAF begins winning week 33-of-38, going back to 2008.

As consistent of a winner in any sports as any service in the history of betting is Sports service out of Midwest is the No. 1 all-time CFB service in units won. Their highest rated plays are Executive Plays. UCLA/Rice Executive Play starts out another great season

Kongpop Sukhibomrong, head of the famed Pan-Asian Syndicate has overtaken Statmaven Sports as the No. 1 all-time ranked sports service in terms of plays that were re-released on the MasterLockLine based on units won. Three NCAAF totals from the top source for football totals ever. All the above are on the MasterLockLine.

Still money to be made in NFL preseason. That’s right, the 400,000* on the Redskins in the blowout led to another winning day. The Crookie is trembling in fear and I’m once again putting the pedal to the medal with the most powerful weapon in my entire arsenal, a 500,000* bomb. Three more winners including an NFL first half 500,000* in which my team covers the first 30 minutes by double digits, yes double digits! Bonus 200,000* on the full game itself along with a 200,000* on the White Sox and Orioles. I know something that you need to know, period!

GodsTips has at least two college football sides. We have a possible total (we explain why it may evolve into a premium pick). We also have isolated an NFL game Thursday night in which the oddsmakers are missing an edge. Let us elaborate.

While the Crew may not have publically won as long as other services on this site, nobody has a higher winning percentage than the wunderkinds in which square players think is meaningless. Watch and win as another preseason winds down with the NFLX Best Bet of the Week. National TV South Carolina/Vanderbilt.

NEWS FLASH! A three sports gambling alert has been issued. The Great One Stevie Vincent has two sweet collegiate gridiron winners and one NFLX. But TGO says while football is sexy and presents three strong winners tonight, baseball continues to prosper. Two more Level 5s from the diamond. It is a 5-0 sweep in all.

Angles, systems, computer simulations, sharp bettors are all pointing to the same baseball underdog. We answer who and exactly why with bullet-pointed annotation. Click now to access every sports pick needed for tonight.

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