Tonight’s NFL and College Football Betting Splits

Game Predictions and Expert Picks

Today we are going to delve into some game predictions and expert picks. With the help of some key statistics and betting patterns, we can get an insight on how the odds are being placed. Let’s take a look at a couple of games – New Orleans-LA Rams and Syracuse-South Florida.

New Orleans vs LA Rams Game Prediction

Our first game on the docket is New Orleans playing against LA Rams. The LA Rams are currently favorite with a 4-point spread and a total of 46. The betting patterns also reveal some interesting insights. A whopping 84% of bets and 82% of money are on Rams. This indicates a heavy favoritism towards the Rams.

When we look at the money being placed on the OVER, it is 79% of tickets and 67% of money. This suggests that the majority of bettors are expecting a high scoring game between New Orleans and LA Rams. However, it’s always wise to consider different factors before placing a bet.

Syracuse vs South Florida Game Prediction

Moving on to the game between Syracuse and South Florida, Syracuse is the favorite with a 3-point spread and a total of 56. The betting patterns here show 68% of bets and 69% of money are on Syracuse, indicating a significant favoritism towards them.

However, when it comes to the OVER, there are 63% of wagers, but just 37% of money on it. This suggests that while a majority of bettors are placing bets on OVER, the amount of money being wagered is less. This could imply that bettors are not as confident in a high scoring game between Syracuse and South Florida as they are with New Orleans and LA Rams.

Expert Pick

Now let’s hear from an expert. Top expert pick is from Joe Duffy of

. Joe has been quite successful in his predictions, especially in NBA and college hoops. With a record of 111-76 in the NBA, including 7-2 NBA Wise Guys lately, Joe has proven his expertise.

For Thursday’s NFL prop bet, Joe has another winning pick lined up. On the docket, there are five NBA games and one college winner led by two more NBA Wise Guys. If you’re looking for some expert advice on where to place your bets, Joe Duffy is definitely someone to consider.

Remember, betting is not just about luck, it’s also about strategy and understanding the game. Be sure to do your research, consider the odds and listen to the experts. Happy betting!

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