Proline NFL Picks Browns-Bills Best Bets

By Mike Godsey

Best NFL picks are up.

Wise Guy winners on Boise State and over meant winning days in both football and basketball. We go 7-4-1 overall. Joe Duffy’s Picks your NFL Specialist went 6-1 last Sunday. Expect a better one today. We are 9-3 in college basketball and 12-6 in NBA and college combined.

We have two NFL Wise Guy winners highly corroborated. Also get four Major plays, which over 27 years have won at a higher rate than Game of the Year bets you get elsewhere. We are not done. Four college basketball bets are up led by a Wise Guy as we added CBB at 10:03 ET including upgrading the Wise Guy to the Small College Non Conference Game of the Year. That is 10 winners with three Wise Guy plays in two sports.

Yes Jim Feist’s proline TV handicapping show started it all, but Sports Betting Review and Joe Duffy have perfected the video preview

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