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By Mike Godsey

Free picks betting expert Joe Duffy is back on fire and has a free pick for final week of the NFL.

Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy says it is all right we are going home. We are right back where we started from with a nice 5-2 football Wise Guy run, sweeping last Sunday led by Oakland +230 as the Money Line Game of the Year. We win for you yesterday led by a sweet 2-1 in the bowls. We are 12-7 in football, but remember that includes a more than 2-1 money line puppy!

This Sunday the Grandmaster has a loaded portfolio with eight winners in all. Six are in the NFL led by a Wise Guy. It is all at

Yes Phil Steele is solid. Wayne Root, Jason Jordan, Jonathan Stone, RJ Bell are well marketed, but Joe Duffy is the best

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Phil Steele

By Mike Godsey

We have no compunction whatsoever giving attaboys to our competitors and have done so in previous
articles many times over. Another example is Phil Steele of Northcoast Sports. Their preseason publication is part of our research and a major reason
why GodsTips enters the football season as the most prepared sports service in the world.

They correctly state that a favorite source of ours, declared Phil Steele to have the most accurate publication in comparing preseason predictions to the end-of-season polls.

What is falsely presumed is that the other periodicals draw no distinction between “preseason polls” and “postseason predictions”.

This season is a perfect illustration. Though we rate no not rank teams, our preseason ratings agree with the USA Today preseason poll that has Georgia No. 1. Does this mean as per Stassen’scriterion, we are projecting that they will be No. 1 at the end of the season? Absolutely not. Just wait a Dawg gone minute.

In the dog eat Dawg world of the SEC, the Bulldogs schedule includes back-to-back games against two other serious BCS Championship contenders, Floridaand LSU. The game against the Tigers is in Baton Rouge and of course against the revenge-seeking Gators, it’s in the so-called “neutral” state of Florida.

They also travel cross country for a brutal non-conference test at No. 16 Arizona State, play at dangerous South Carolina (27thranked based on “others receiving votes”) and at cross-divisional Auburn. Even if by some miracle they go undefeated in SEC play, their reward would be giving rival Georgia Tech golden opportunity to play BCS spoiler, then a trip to the SEC Championship game, which would likely be a rematch to the Tigers of LSU or Auburn.

For 2008, if GodsTips converted our ratings to rankings, we would have Georgia our preseason No. 1. In looking at the Dawgs schedule however, Steele’s prediction that they will finish 9th is more likely.

Putting side by side one magazine’s preseason Top 25 to another publication’s projected post-bowl Top 25 is comparing apples to oranges. Or perhaps more accurately, it’s comparing Sugar, Rose, and Fiesta to Oranges.

GodsTips is smart enough to acknowledge the difference, just one of the many reasons why we are the football betting specialists and the anchor of

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Are Any Radio Touts Real Football Handicappers?

By Mike Godsey

Joe Wiz is joining Jonathan Stone, Freeplays,
Jeff Allen, Bobby Ventura, Sebastian, Duke Wins, Mike
Wynn as screaming on my radio that he never loses. Does anybody beat Joe Whiz?
He is ranked No. 461 in
units won this year, so the answer is yes. For the top picks from the top
handicappers visit has the top plays from the top sports service in
their highest ranked sports. Yes we monitor the touts with huge marketing
budgets or high profile such as Jonathan Stone, Jeff Allen, Wayne Root, Jim
Feist, Bobby Ventura, Brandon Lang, Steve Budin and the
current tout de jour Adam Zinn. But we also get the quality
picks from Doctor Bob, Norm Hitzges, Sean Michaels, Bo Eason, Docs
Sports, Matt Fargo, Luther Wade, Scott Sprietzer, Phil Steele Northcoast
Sports and others. It’s all daily at
part of the Network

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