Jets vs. Raiders Gambling Info Will Leave You Speechless

By Mike Godsey

All Joe Duffy’s Picks does is win. The Jets-Raiders preview is demonstrative of why. The best betting previews known to man are below but first, what does the Grandmaster have?

Get picks from the best handicapper ever in the midst of the best betting season in history. Joe Duffy’s Picks says the winning does not stop. We are 66-39 with all Wise Guys. This includes 11 Dandy Dogs as it goes back to MLB regular season. Dandy Dogs are moneyline underdogs of 140 or more. People have been gambling on football for more than a half century. More concerned about just lately? That is 21-7 with Wise Guys including MLB playoff underdogs. Hoops? Oh we have nailed five straight NBA winners there too!

It is very safe to say, no gamblers have ever have and may never have a season like Joe Duffy’s Picks has had in college and NFL. It truly has only begun! AFC North Game of the Year tops five NFL winners but it all starts with the 9:30 AM side and total from London on Chiefs-Lions at

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