2011 March Madness Sports Handicapping Picks Information

By JoeDuffy.net Administrator

2011 promises to be among the best March Madness yet for sports players. Conversely, it may be the worst ever for linesmakers and sportsbooks thanks to OffshoreInsiders.com continuing the famed scorephone “Tailgate Party” cyber style.

Starting with the March Madness 2011 conference tournaments through Selection Sunday, Big Dance NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament through the Final 4, OffshoreInsiders.com will supply readers with wise guy free sports handicapping information.

Now fully multi-media, the famed sports handicapping website will combine exclusive podcasts, videos, and articles with Chalk Gaming and Stat Fox syndicated databases.

“Top that off with our proven, veteran handicappers and OffshoreInsiders.com will be a one-stop shop,” says General Manager Stevie Vincent.

Broadcasts and online articles will focus on injuries, against the spread trends, margin of cover often now called the “sweat barometer” breakdowns, matchups and mismatches, depth charts, coaching tendencies, motivation factors, travel, and literally every key indicator utilized by the professional sports gambler.

In addition, free March Madness college basketball picks to the Vegas spread from OffshoreInsiders.com handicappers will be included.

Among the sports services and handicappers:

It takes place daily and around the clock at OffshoreInsiders.com

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March Madness Spread Picks 2011 From Best Handicapping Services

By JoeDuffy.net Administrator

March Madness 2011 has officially begun with the smaller conference tournaments. While Selection Sunday is still more than a week away, there is plenty of money to be made before the NCAA Tournament 2011.

Today, some of the elite sports services at OffshoreInsiders.com have large sports betting picks.

Starting out with the founder of forensic sports handicapping, Stevie Vincent, the NBA odds are going to be exploited.

Yesterday, bettors were assured, “Make no mistake about it. Tuesday is one of the biggest days of the season in pro basketball for Stevie Vincent clients.” The Great One Stevie Vincent delivers with a sweep of Lakers and under plus Golden State as Level 5. The founder of forensic sports handicapping added Toronto under as a Level 4.

Get two Level 5 plays in collegiate basketball and one in pro basketball. Now to the famed The Canadian Crew.

The Crew Plays keep winning. Yesterday, the wunderkinds told you that the Tony Parker injury created a dream for bettors and that’s why it was the All Sports Best Bet of the Week.

There are some special motivational reasons why tonight’s Texas A&M at Kansas game is one that must be exploited. This game isn’t close when it comes to the coaching staff recently, motivation, depth and won’t be close spreadwise. Find out why. Oh and a nice analysis on the Connecticut at West Virginia game in which the Crew Plays exploit a soft line there.

The MasterLockLine has the top plays from the top sports services in their highest ranked sports. Today’s menu is a historic one.

It is very rare when two Top 5 services have a Game of the Year in the same day, but it happens today.

Las Vegas service is No. 1 for 2010-11 season in college basketball and also No. 1 the last two seasons combined. Their highest ranked plays are “four weight,” though both three and four-weight plays are hitting above 68 percent the last two years. Four Weight NCAAB Play of the Year SMU/Central Florida

Service out the Hampton Roads finished No. 1 this year in college and pro football combined in 2010-11. Stats are out of 620 services and syndicates monitored, rankings based on total net units won based on one-unit per play. Though every play wins at a remarkable rate, their highest rated are 10-Dime Plays and they are on fire in college basketball, hitting seven straight. Since Dec. 27, they are 42-20. Two 10-Dime NCAAB plays today Cincinnati/Marquette, Maryland/Miami Florida

The No. 3 overall service 2010-11 has hit all five of their all-time “College Basketball Whale Winner of the Year” plays. It’s their top play of the college basketball season on Tulsa/Rice

Kal Elner is without any question the top small college basketball and football handicapper ever. Almost nobody disputes that. Big West Game of the Year Long Beach State/Cal Riverside

Now to the greatest of all-time, GodsTips. It is very rare when two Top 5 services (see definition at bottom of page) have a Game of the Year in the same day, but it happens today. All the winning picks from the top sports betting services are at OffshoreInsiders.com

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Blowout Winners, Adam Zinn, Wayne Lennox, Tom Kennedy

By JoeDuffy.net Administrator

Adam Zinn, Wayne Lennox, Tom Kennedy, Jim Feist Proline, Ray Carbone, the Ray Palmer Group. Well none are ranked in the Top 100 in any sports by Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine.

For the best sports betting picks to beat the scores and odds it’s not Stu Feiner, Jeff Allen, Paul Nolan or Bobby Esposito. The football bet picks are at OffshoreInsiders.com Network.

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Other MasterLockLine Sports Service Picks Free in Football

By JoeDuffy.net Administrator

BettorsAdvice.com in conjunction with the Power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine will pass along some free sports service picks that do not rise to the level of “biggest plays from the best handicappers in their highest rated sports.”

They are generally picks from handicappers whose hype exceeds the actual record such as Right Angle Sports, Mark Lawrence, Wayne Root, Brandon Lang, Doc’s Enterprises, Dr. Bob Stole.

These are bonus picks and only premium picks count on the MasterLockLine’s record. They will continue to base premium picks on performance only and the likelihood to win, not on potential sales from bigger named handicappers.

Get the premium MasterLockLine picks

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Free Sports Picks

By JoeDuffy.net Administrator

Open up a new account at JustBet Sportsbook, tell them OffshoreInsiders.com sent you and get free picks from either forensic sports handicapping founder Stevie Vincent or power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine.

$300 deposit: get a free week

$500 deposit: get two free weeks

$1,000 deposit: free month



  1. Open a new account at JustBet
  2. Fund it with at least $300
  3. Email us at via the Contact Us form on OffshoreInsiders.com with your user name (don’t give us your password)
  4. Tell us whether you want Stevie Vincent or the MasterLockLine premium service
  5. Once we verify, we will send login info

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Forensic Sports Handicapping

By JoeDuffy.net Administrator

A revolutionary sports service that experts say will change the landscape of sports betting  is celebrating three plus years of unprecedented winning: Stevie Vincent’s BetOnSports360 which is exclusively part of OffshoreInsiders.com   Stevie Vincent is the forefather of “forensic handicapping” based on the principal of forensic economics. 

Already considered the leading authority on probability and statistics as it applies to sports gaming, Vincent took it a step further.  Captivated by a research paper authored by a University of Pennsylvania professor who used forensic economics to argue a significant percentage of college basketball games were fixed, Vincent used data mining software and a web crawler unearthing consistent patterns of when teams were likely to cover or fail to cover the spread.

However, Vincent does not believe the anomalies are evidence of underworld influence, but proof that not only are there distinct patters of when a team will peak and bottom out, but forensic handicapping exploits when oddsmakers overuse recent data resulting in “overlays” or “underlays” (bad lines) by the oddsmakers. He also believes some off lines are intentional in anticipation of predictably inaccurate public perception.

Vincent’s research answers one of handicapping’s great mysteries: how to weigh long term versus short term data. “It depends, but it is now ascertainable how and when to evaluate the fluid variables” asserts Vincent.

In short, forensic handicapping evaluates data and detects the confluence of team, oddsmaker and public tendencies producing an end product being the most scientifically valid sports selections ever.

Vincent is former Executive Editor of the popular scorephone “Tailgate Parties” and has been a consultant to several top sports handicappers

BetOnSports360 on OffshoreInsiders.com takes sports betting into a new age with “forensic handicapping” using ground-breaking techniques employed successfully in other fields.

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Sports Bettors Can Cash in Their Clunker Sports Handicapper

By Mike Godsey

The top sports
site in America,
OffshoreInsiders.com has announced Cash for Clunkers program for sports bettors
who purchased a lemon from inferior sports betting services.

“There are about 650 sports touts, handicappers, and
sports services out there. Only 40-50 or so turn a profit per season and less
than a dozen will for an entire year, all sports combined” explains
OffshoreInsiders.com CEO Joe Duffy, America’s
only Grandmaster sports handicapper.

He continues, “We are going to allow the disenfranchised
bettor to get cream-of-the-crop selections without having to invest anymore

It’s pretty simple. Gamblers will trade in their login
information from their sports service and in return get MasterLockLine or
Stevie Vincent picks for the same duration or until Aug. 31, whichever comes

“It’s win, win for everyone but the sportsbooks,” explains Senior
Handicapper Stevie Vincent. Gamblers turn losing plays into winning plays and
we know once bettors see our product, we will develop a mutually profitable
relationship for years to come,” says Vincent matter-of-factly.

To trade their clunker handicapper for their choice of
world class services, the MasterLockLine
or Stevie Vincent’s BetOnSports360,
gamblers simply follow these steps:

Email info@offshoreinsiders.com
with the login information to the clunker handicapper

Specify whether which sports service
MasterLockLine or Stevie Vincent it is being cashed in for


Often within minutes, receive login info for elite service


Vincent or MasterLockLine password will last
until “cashed in” password stays active or Aug. 31, whichever comes first

Offer only good for current subscription. No
additional days are given for renewing “clunker” handicapper

There is no catch whatsoever. No credit card or payment
information is needed. OffshoreInsiders.com is confident enough “Cash for
Clunkers” beneficiaries will happily renew at the end of their subscription.

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MLB Handicappers

By Mike Godsey

The 2009 MLB season is here and the best baseball handicappers are at the
premier betting site OffshoreInsiders.com

The founder of forensic sports
, Stevie Vincent is without any debate the king of the
over/under in all sports, MLB betting included. Professional gamblers the world
over consider his baseball totals bets must-reads.

Long time gamblers remember Joe Duffy as “JD of the ACC”
when he became the top scorephone handicapper to ever live. When the telephone
scoreboards became a dinosaur, Duffy made the transition and teamed with
established Internet gambling pioneer Mike Godsey to form GodTips.

GodsTips is the king of the underdog and the small
favorite in mastering the MLB odds,
exactly as sharp bettors remember from the scorephone days. Duffy is also
founder of the top sports betting blog.

All the top MLB sports
plays are part of the power of 620
sports services
behind every selection at MasterLockLine. This
consensus sports service has all the top sports service plays from all the top
handicappers in their highest rated sports. They monitor every single top sports service pick so you don’t
have to. Best of all you get these same highly anticipated plays for pennies on
the dollar.

Of course ScoresOddsPicks.com has baseball
scores and odds and the best free betting databases.

The combination of OffshoreInsiders.com
baseball handicappers and reliable sportsbooks
will mean gamblers no longer have to wait on the NFL betting odds to rake in
the money.

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Poker Betting Systems

By Mike Godsey

Here are the best poker betting systems on the market
without any question.

Whether it’s playing Online Poker,
playing contests at sports bars or hosting your own poker and casino nights, we
have great instructional material. And if you do host, check our Guy Store for
great poker tables and sets.  

PokerStars Secret System – Guaranteed Chips! – Never Lose!
This Is The Hottest Secret Poker System To Ever Hit The Internet! This System
Will Show You How To Make Ps Real Money With No Risk!

Amazing Video
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Introducing Online Poker Riches, The Fast And Easy Way
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How To Beat No-Limit Hold Em 6-max
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The Complete Guide To Beating The Most
Popular Online Poker Game, No-limit Hold Em 6-max
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From Beginning To Advanced Players, There Are 170 Packed Pages On How To Win
Big Money From Online

Online Poker
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Why are wasting YOUR time using poker strategies
that don’t work? “Discover The Secret Strategies That Are
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NBA Handicappers

By Mike Godsey

Even if you use Comcast.net email, there is no stopping sports bettors as it’s yet another
spectacular year of NBA betting and as per usual it’s OffshoreInsiders.com
at the forefront making the sportsbooks
barf with fear and sweating blood. The top sports betting service in terms of
units won all-time is GodsTips, anchor of OffshoreInsiders.com.

Led by scorephone legends Curt Thomas and Joe Duffy, as
well as Internet handicapping pioneer Mike Godsey, the gap between GodsTips and
every other sports service is

Thomas is the world’s only full-time NBA handicapper and
was the winningest NBA and top selling pro basketball handicapper in scorephone
history, back when the telephone scoreboards ruled the gambling roost.

GodsTips has two full season packages to suit needs of
basketball bettors. Every play, every sport from GodsTips, from now until the
end of the Final 4, April 6, 2009 is just $1769. The same option until the end
of the NBA playoffs, June 18, 2009
is just $2499.

For those who have yet to experience the unprecedented
winning of GodsTips, the daily plays are just $17. Once you purchase, the rest
of your gambling life has begun. Your losing days of subsidizing the bookmakers
are gone. Enter the world of professional gambling and be triumphant beyond
your greatest financial goals. Click now to

While GodsTips is the runaway champion with units won, the
victor in winning percentage is Stevie Vincent, the founder of the
groundbreaking forensic sports
. Vincent is without debate the greatest totals tipster ever as
is a huge facet of his historic domination.

For the best of the rest, it’s the power of 620 sports
behind every selection. Rest assured if there is a handicapper
selection worth betting, the MasterLockLine is well aware of it. From Jim Feist
to James Woods, get them on MasterLockLine. There are no exceptions.

In NBA and college
basketball, Bill Tanner and Castlegate Sports are
beyond debate the top 2 services.  They
rank 1-2 in ROI, total net units won, and winning percentage in the NBA and
overall going back any time period of at least three years.  Only Statmaven Sports has a higher ranking in
college. To say the least, we will ride these services for your benefit again
this basketball season as we have in previous years. You need to take up
fractal geometry at
Sarah Lawrence College to keep up with your winnings.

MasterLockLine plays
are also available at OffshoreInsiders.com.
For those who bet on your own, no problem.
Get NBA Live Odds,
Chalk Gaming NBA
, StatFox NBA Matchups, NBA Game Report,
NBA Game Previews,
and NBA Trends.

Don’t just focus on the high
profile teams like the Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics, and Cleveland Cavaliers
as the bottom feeders have great money making opportunities as well.

Jeepers creepers, forget the
Charlie Brown characters that scream on the radio to call their 800 numbers for
coin flips. Those great pumpkins won’t win your peanuts. Have your citation
machine bookmark OffshoreInsiders.com
for permanent winnings. Dominating sportsbooks is the house trade of our

In other betting news, Julianne Hough is getting surgery and is leaving
Dancing With the Stars. How will that affect the Vegas
odds? Check out the Hollywood and
entertainment betting
. The baseball World Series should resume Wednesday. MLB
has interesting prop bets for the
completion of the contest.

We also have some fun at the site taking your nominations for top hottie such as Joan Holloway, AKA Christina Hendricks of
Mad Men. It’s all at OffshoreInsiders.com   

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