Vincent Changes the Handicaping Landscape

By Joe Duffy

Address for site:


Website: Stevie Vincent’s

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, August 15, 2007

“Revolutionary New Sports Handicapping Site”

revolutionary new website that experts say will change the landscape of sports
betting is now live: Stevie Vincent’s Stevie Vincent is the forefather of
“forensic handicapping” based on the principal of forensic economics.

Already considered the leading authority on probability
and statistics as it applies to sports gaming, Vincent took it a step
further. Captivated by a research paper
authored by a University of Pennsylvania professor who used forensic economics
to argue a significant percentage of college basketball games were fixed,
Vincent used data mining software and a web crawler unearthing consistent
patterns of when teams were likely to cover or fail to cover the spread.

However, Vincent does not believe the anomalies are
evidence of underworld influence, but proof that not only are there distinct
patters of when a team will peak and bottom out, but forensic handicapping
exploits when oddsmakers overuse recent data resulting in “overlays” or “underlays” (bad lines) by the oddsmakers. He also believes
some off lines are intentional in anticipation of predictably inaccurate public

Vincent’s research answers one of handicapping’s great
mysteries: how to weigh long term versus short term data. “It depends, but it
is now ascertainable how and when to evaluate the fluid variables” asserts

In short, forensic handicapping evaluates data and detects
the confluence of team, oddsmaker and public
tendencies producing an end product being the most scientifically valid sports
selections ever.

Vincent is former Executive Editor of the popular
scorephone “Tailgate Parties” and has been a consultant to several top
handicappers. takes sports betting into a new age with
“forensic handicapping” using ground-breaking techniques employed successfully
in other fields.

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Big Offer From MVP Sportsbook

By Joe Duffy

Alliance Handicapping, Jimmy Ashton, Cy McCormick, and Richard Roma

Contact Information: Cy McCormick

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Thursday, April 6, 2006

“Limited Time Offer by MVP
in Conjunction with Alliance Handicapping

COSTA RICA–MVP Sportsbook (
has announced that they will purchase one month of free plays of Alliance
Handicapping (
for first time sportsbook depositors who say they were referred by Alliance

Depositors to MVP Sportsbook need only be first time
clients to MVP, but there are no restrictions to whether they are current,
former or never-before clients to Alliance Handicapping.  In fact, all current subscribers will have
the month added to their current account. 

The steps to take advantage of this limited time offer are

Set up an account at MVP Sportsbook ( by calling them
at 1-888-771-9076

Tell the customer service agent that Alliance
Handicapping sent you

Deposit at least $100

If you are a first time depositor, email with your
name and PIN number and within 24 hours you will be sent your login information
for Alliance Handicapping gives
you the highest rated plays from the highest rated handicappers in their
highest rated sports. We search our database of more than 620 handicappers from
the Internet, scorephones, television, 800 number late telephone services, 900
number handicappers, tip sheets and other sources and give you their top plays
more times than not at a fraction of the cost.




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The New and Best Source for Sports Gambling Information

By Joe Duffy

Sports Betting Experts

While other sites like Jim Feist and his Nevada Sports
Schedule, Wayne Root with Winning Edge, Vegas Insider, Covers Experts, and
others have the huge marketing budgets, it’s that has the nation’s elite handicappers Joe
Stevie Vincent’s and the which
took both the Lockline and SuperLockLine many steps

Dr. Bob Stoll was all the rage a year or so ago, but now it’s forensic
founder Stevie Vincent of He is now the
leading NFL betting, NBA pointspread handicapping expert. features such handicappers as Bill Tanner who is
the No. 1 college
and NBA handicapper combined since 1995. Stats are out of 620 services
monitored, rankings based on total net units won based on ONE unit per play.
He’s from the basketball crazed state of Indiana
and his Platinum Plays in hoops hit around 62 percent. He also hits above 60
percent in college football with “Plats”. About 10 years ago, he lapped
dinosaur “Doc’s Enterprises” as the top Big 10 handicapper in the land.

Scott Spritzer is on a few radio
shows around the country, but CEO Joe Duffy has been on the Rick Ballou Show on Sporting News
Radio, Gamblers Zoo national radio show, Pro Fantasy Sports Internet radio and
Grogan’s Fantasy Football show among several others.

Duffy was the original General Manager of the
Freescoreboard scorephone network that featured handicappers such as the
Animal, Jimmy Ashton and others.

While the scorephones were at one time the source for
handicapping information, sites like,,,,,,,,, are
each lucky to give you one quality handicapper among them.

emphasis is on quality of handicapping—winning first and foremost. The other
sites spend more money on their Proline TV show, but
Joe Duffy has twice chaired national search committees, first for then
with the sole purpose of finding the top sports services. That has been done with,

Bettors Advice recommends if
you want to know who to bet on.

Approved Sportbooks Please be
aware of all laws pertaining to online gambling in the country in which you

I have used a lot of sportsbooks and so do most of my
clients. In this day and age, a solvent and reliable sportsbook is more
important than ever. There is none better than BetUs.
They pay on time, have more proposition plays, great customer service and more.

BetUS has a reputation for
being one of the most solid sportsbooks on the internet. It has been in
business for over 10 years and is fully legal, licensed and bonded. Bettors
also receive up to 60% in bonuses. offers top quality sports betting,
casino games, and poker.

To get the endorsement of, or a sportsbook must have passed with flying colors
ALL of the following criterion: our own positive first-hand experience,
affirmative feedback from our valued clients, high marks from the respected
watchdog groups. BetUs is
hitting 100 percent


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