Few “Over” Teams in NBA; Best Teams to Bet on/Against So Far This Season

Who have been the best teams to bet on in the 2021-22 NBA ranked by sweat barometer AKA margin of cover? The now-healthy and rebuilt Golden State Warriors top the list by a fairly large margin at books such as Bovada

Team       ATS Record                                           ATS margin
Golden State15-4-17.7
Cleveland 13-5-25.2
Miami 13-73.5
Chicago 13-82.1

  Not all the best teams to bet against based on margin of cover have losing ATS marks. However, proponents of sweat barometer would assert the Grizzlies have had good fortune and would be overvalued. Worst ATS teams:

Team       ATS Record                                           ATS margin
Memphis 11-9-5.3
LA Lakers7-15-5.1
New York 9-11-3
Dallas 8-10-2.6
Orlando 8-13-2

 Best over teams at MyBookie and other books?

Team       OU Record (overs-under)                                         OU margin
LA Lakers14-85.5
Charlotte 12-103.7

Suffice to say, there have been a lot more under teams, though Joe Duffy, CEO of OffshoreInsiders.com notes that oddsmakers are adjusting and after dominating books with so many under bets, the Grandmaster’s computer software is now spitting out a lot more over bets as sharp computer moves. The top under teams:

Team       OU Record (overs-under)                                         OU margin
LA Clippers8-12-10.1
Oklahoma City 6-13-9.1
Denver 8-11-7.3
Golden State 6-14-6.6
New Orleans 7-15-4.7
Dallas 7-9-2-4.1
Chicago 9-12-4
Houston 7-12-3.2

 Stevie Vincent is widely accepted as the best NBA handicapper since Curt Thomas retired early in this century. His personal bets are posted exclusively at OffshoreInsiders.com    

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