Black Lives Matter

I was raised to judge people by content of character and never by the color of one’s skin. When my son and I attended a peaceful protest, I’m not saying I agreed with everything written on every sign. I’d love to spend a few hours on Charlamagne tha God and talk some things out. But when it comes to George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Christian Cooper, there are no gray areas about the grave injustices done.

Most importantly, after seeing and hearing comments from African Americans, it became apparent that many believe white guys are apathetic, or worse yet, may even approve of what happened to the above. I hope I was able to take a petite stride towards dispelling that myth by showing my support. Most importantly, a photo-op or a hashtag is dandy, but if that’s all you have, then you are part of the problem.

I have always deemed education is the greatest equalizer in an imperfect world. I completed my fourth year as a volunteer at my hometown’s STAR House, where I help at-risk children with their homework. More times than not, it’s been four times a week, I’ve given my time. Because of Covid, the ending of the year was of course abrupt, but I have every intention of returning for I hope decades to come. In their impact report, you can see where I was quoted if you scroll down a few pages. Also, just a page or so down, I am given a brief feature in their newsletter. I’ve contributed money as well. I do practice what I preach and always will as health permits.

I have looked inward to examine if I am guilty of sub-consciously judging somebody by the color of their skin. I can recall moments going back to my childhood where I’m culpable of not having spoken up louder to deplorable things I heard people say.

I concur with 82nd Attorney General of the United States that we are a “nation of cowards” when it comes to talking about race. I think we need to listen more and shout less but I’m not sure we are any closer to having that honest discussion.

But I will continue to listen, preach, and practice equality.

Joe Duffy




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